Twenty years ago, a woman in movies or television was served as a delicious dish: a beautiful, airy, elegant picture for advertising. Roles much like Bond’s girlfriend, secretary, lover, cheerleader, or a model. The choice of roles and options for the development of a female character in the movie was small. Years passed, and the ideas of feminism slowly but surely crept into Hollywood, and in the new decade, the number of women in the industry has literally rocketed, although not yet equal to their male counterparts.

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Now, finally, let’s take a look at this list of 6 excellent TV series in which women not only played the leads but also performed as screenwriters, producers, and directors. Beware that you may get hooked on some of the shows! In this case, be prepared to seek for some help from Paperial that can write papers for students who struggle academically.

  1. Russian Doll

Showrunners: Amy Poehler, Natasha Lyonne, Leslie Hadland

The 8 episode mini-series was a hit of the winter season of Netflix created shows. It talks about Manhattan resident Nadia Wołwok – the lady as far as possible from the world of glamour. She develops video games, smokes a lot and does not chase branded items. Of course, she wants to find love, but purposefully she is not looking for hers, although, frankly, she suffers from loneliness. On her 36th birthday, Nadia throws a party, and then she dies. But a new day comes, and the heroine wakes up in her bed to experience the same day again. Yes, the plot is similar to “Groundhog Day” and two parts of the “Happy Day of Death,” only in “Russian Doll” through a series of ridiculous deaths the heroine learns to take responsibility for her own destiny and build relationships with loved ones.

  1. Grace and Frankie

Showrunners: Martha Kauffman, Howard Jay Morris

The main characters of the comedy series are the elderly ladies Grace Hanson and Frankie Bergstein. Their husbands are business partners, so women are forced to meet periodically, although they don’t tolerate each other. Once during a dinner together, the men tell them that they leave the family to enter into same-sex marriage. Now sworn friends need to somehow survive this shock. They have to search for understanding, willy-nilly, from each other. The humor in the series is sometimes quite cynical. However, the show itself is full of youthful cheerfulness.

  1. Golden Girls

Showrunner: Susan Harris

The heroine of the popular American sitcom of the 1980s brings together a chic house in Miami. The widowed landlord Blanche finds two lodgers through an ad named Rosa, also a widow, and Dorothy, who is divorced. After some time, the resilient Sophia, mother of Dorothy, also joins them. The idea of ​​the series belonged to the screenwriter, who once visited her elderly aunt as she communicated with her neighbor. The ladies argued endlessly, but these conversations made them happy and only strengthened the friendship. The fact that even actresses from “Friends” were joking that they would not refuse after some time to play in such female TV shows as “Golden Girls” speaks about the popularity of the series.

  1. Orange Is The New Black

Showrunner: Jenji Cohen

The series begins with the fact that the main character named Piper Chapman is jailed for complicity with her ex-lover in drug smuggling. This fact Piper managed to hide from justice as much as 10 years. Now the verdict violates the prosperous course of her life with her fiancé, relatives, and friends. Once in jail, the heroine encounters a whole bunch of women with complex fates and her very former lover. The plot of the comedy-drama series is builds around the relationships of this motley group of female inmates.

  1. 30 Rock

Showrunner: Tina Fey

Liz Lemon leads a team of writers for an evening comedy show in New York. At some point, they get a new boss in the person of an eccentric Irish drinker Jack Donagi obsessed with corporate culture, who decides to replace the main star of the show with a capricious comedian Tracy Jordan. From this point on everything turns into a complete mess. The old cast cannot get along with the brawler Tracy. The writers are rioting against Jack and Liz running between all these blazing conflicts, trying to make the next episode. Hilariously funny series created by Tina Fey collected a huge number of awards and ran for 7 seasons, managing not to slip into a dull gum with toothless jokes.

  1. Gilmore Girls

Showrunner: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Gilmore Girls is a television series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino that was featured during seasons in the years 2000-2007. The show focuses on the life of a mother and a daughter and how they aspire to their dreams, build relationships and settle everyday issues. The show takes place in a small town in Connecticut, where very colorful people live. The series covers issues of family, friendship, the conflict between generations and representatives of different social strata. Basically, in this show anyone could find something to relate to – and that what made it so popular.