Sometimes you want to have a big gaming session with friends or alone, and the only thing stopping you from seeing it through until the end is a lack of focus and energy. We’re going to look at how you can keep your focus during a long bout of gaming with some practical tips and suggestions. Of course, there are many factors, like exactly HOW MANY hours of gaming you intend to do and which game you’ll play. Some games are definitely more mentally tiring than others – especially if there are high levels of skill involved. We’ll discuss some tips for keeping those fingers agile and the brain nimble.

Boost Your Energy

Having some nice snacks at hand will keep your energy levels high. Some nuts, grapes and bananas will be brilliant for natural sugars and some other treats like dark chocolate and chips will be great to add to the party vibe whilst you’re enjoying your full-on gaming. If you’re a smoker, taking regular smoking breaks to get those nicotine hits can slow you down and get you out of the flow. Perhaps you’ll consider switching to nicotine pouches ( instead. You won’t have to go outside for a smoke, and you won’t risk annoying your gaming buddies by making the room smoky.

The Gaming Session Itself

So the curtains are drawn, the sounds are balanced and the visuals are brilliant. You’re so deep in the gaming world you’ve forgotten your real name and your avatar is now your identity. It’s important that all phones are off and you’ve made sure your schedule is clear for that night (and maybe even the next day!) If you share a house, make sure nobody is going to disturb you as it will definitely get you out of the zone. With the planning you’ve done to make sure that you’ll be able to lose yourself in the gaming world, this will be the adventure of a lifetime.



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