You’ve traveled thousands of miles to have your wonderful down-home American meal with your family. Now it’s time for the long road/flight/bus ride home. You need to unwind and let go of Uncle Drew’s weird political rant, Aunt Irene’s over-personal questions about body-sculpting, Mom’s violent tales of her excursion on Black Friday that will NEVER end. Well, now you can let those go with the top ten downloaded Geek Girl Authority podcasts of 2014! Breathe in, let go and enjoy.

10. Kneel Before Aud with Legion of Leia founder, Jenna Busch

9. Kneel Before Aud with Mediocre Films’ Greg Benson

8.  Kneel Before Aud with Actor/Comedian/ Improvisor Guy Stevenson

7.  Kneel Before Aud with Actress/Comedian/Improvisor Edi Patterson

6. Kneel Before Aud with Actress/Comedian/Improvisor Jenny Flack

5. Poll Cats #5 – BEST SCI FI FEMALES with Jenna Busch, Claudia Dolph, Jenny Flack and Audrey Kearns

4. Kneel Before Aud with Superego’s Jeremy Carter

3. Kneel Before Aud with acclaimed Sci-Fi author Hugh Howey

2. Poll Cats #6 – BEST SCI FI TROPES with Brian Bradley, Claudia Dolph, Jenny Flack, Audrey Kearns, Matt Key and Brittany Walloch

1. Kneel Before Aud with Fargo’s Kelly Holden

Audrey Kearns