Even with the arrival of two new consoles, the humble PC remains many a gamers’ go-to. From supervillain simulators, to cyberpunk free-running and multi-player madness, our PC’s are platforms for some of the most futuristic, paramount gaming experiences to date…


Fabricating a medieval siege engine, in a puzzle game that surrounds the fundamentals of physics, may not sound too appealing, however, Besiege is guaranteed to change your gaming perspective. Described as one of 2020’s most entertaining distractions, this incredibly challenging video game promises hours of fun. With genres to suit all levels, including both ‘silly’ and mentally challenging games, Besiege is a must try if you’re a strategy fanatic.

Chivalry 2

Few gaming experiences have attempted to capture the magnificent multiplayer medieval combat of Chivalry 1, said to be one of the most surprising games to come out of the last decade. The follow on pickups where the original left off, offering players insight into battle action normally reserved for the big screen. Chivalry 2 is a great option for those looking for a multiplayer game similar to that of the Braveheart simulator.

Evil Genius 2

Another release from Rebellion Developments, this PC game invites players to step into the shoes of various characters, including every persona from Saturday morning cartoon cackling madmen to James Bond villains. It’s predecessor, Evil Genius 1, helped us envision these dreams through a spellbinding, if somewhat distorted, strategy management experience allowing players to take the rule of supervillain empires and immerse themselves in villain battles, a theme often adopted by Marvel slots at online casinos. You can find plenty of casinos offering Marvel slots at www.slots.xyz.

With the advent of heightened grand strategy elements, improved mechanics and an advanced henchman management process, Evil Genius 2 takes the original supervillain simulator to new heights.


Similar in style to a Pokemon MMO, Temtem is one of 2020’s most surprising video game successes to date. Gameplay isn’t flawless, but that doesn’t seem to prove a problem for those partaking in this vast multiplayer creature-collection adventure, which warrants the description ‘a reasonable approximation of a dream video game concept’. The aim of the game? To capture every Temtem, whilst encountering tussles with other tamers. Whether you choose to explore the dynamic world alone or join a friend’s adventure, this popular pastime promises hours of entertainment.

Phantasy Star Online 2

One of the most played games in Japan, Phantasy Star Online 2 has only just been introduced to the Western Hemisphere. Now available on PC and Xbox One, supporters of the original game and gamers searching for a brand new MMO experience will not be disappointed. 

Resident Evil 3 remake

Following in the successful steps of the Resident Evil 2 remake, developers Capcom has launched a third, and equally thrilling, installment. The surroundings and narrative remain the same but include new features such as tweaked controls and a fast-paced multiplayer side quest. This fascinating transitional title restored to greatness comes in the shape of a modern upgrade of a survival horror classic –  a welcome escapism from our lockdown lives.

Crusader Kings 3

With its grand strategy gameplay, the Crusader Kings series is somewhat of an Internet sensation. The challenge? To construct a medieval kingdom via sabotage, trickery, bargaining, and good old-fashioned warfare. Minus the fire breathing dragons, it has been likened to a Game of Thrones simulator. 

Crusader Kings 3 captures everything its rebellious predecessor did, whilst ironing out some of the second series’s cumbersome features. On top of attracting diehard fans, this title is certain to warrant a few new admirers.

Songs of Conquest

The original Heroes of Might and Magic focused on a unique combination of role-playing and turn-based strategy, extremely novel for its time. Thanks to a surprising lack of significant impersonators, Songs of Conquest is still going strong today. The developers behind this classic aren’t shy when it comes to complimenting their newly revamped version. With the promise of Total War scale and the revival of much-loved design concepts, it’s easy to see why.