Remember when we first saw that photo of the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens together for the first table read? Yea, it was pretty amazing to see the original cast members with the newbies coming together for the most anticipated movie in a long time. The movie did not disappoint and neither did the press tour. Seeing Harrison Forddare I say giddy, the enthusiasm of the newest cast members and of course the woman who stole the show, Carrie Fisher….and her dog Gary. Oh, Gary Fisher! Here are some favorite moments:

5. The Cast of Star Wars: TFA Singing The Theme On Jimmy Fallon

4. Harrison Ford Breaks A Collectable Lego Millennium Falcon On Conan

3. David Beckham & John Boyega In a Lightsaber Battle On The Graham Norton Show

2. Carrie Fisher Can’t Keep A Secret On The Graham Norton Show

1. Carrie Fisher On Good Morning America…With Gary Fisher

There’s oh so much more and you can get lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube with all the interviews and it’s totally worth getting sucked in. Now back to my postpartum depression now that I’ve seen the movie, several times. Ugh another year until Rogue One!

[via Conan, Graham Norton, Jimmy Fallon, GMA]

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