When it comes to playing games, there are lots of choices out there. Maybe you like to play sweepstakes online for money at internet casinos or games with friends playing the latest online console titles. Or perhaps you are using the coolest mobile apps to have fun virtually with the people you know. Gaming has taken off in recent months with the COVID-19 lockdown measures many people around the world have to endure.

With around three billion of the world’s population under lockdown restrictions, it is easy to see why gaming apps are becoming so prevalent. They let you interact with those closest to you within the letter of the law and also give you a great way to kill time when at home. If you have not yet discovered the joy of using online app games to connect virtually with your family or friends, they are a fabulous idea. Not only will it make you all feel better, but it gives you a break from checking out top TV shows like ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ on Netflix!

But which ones should you be downloading first?


 This app first launched in 2016 and did not make much of a splash – until coronavirus lockdown hit the planet. Since then, it has picked up lots of new users who love the fun and the simple way it allows you to interact with those closest to you online. Once you try out this app, you will understand just how groovy it is to use to hang out with your friends. But what exactly does it offer to users? Along with simultaneous video call tech, it also contains exciting games to play together and the ability to drop into a pre-arranged party for a chat. You can also zip between different in-app rooms in the party to mingle with different people that are taking part. Even better, it is free to download!

Facebook Gaming

Another app that is perfect for helping you catch up with family and friends virtually is Facebook Gaming. Of course, it needs no introduction, with there being around 1.69 billion Facebook users globally, and the company has a reputation as being one of the world’s leading social media platforms. This innovative gaming app is well worth a look as it allows you to play exciting games with the family and friends you are connected to on Facebook. Classics like Space Invaders are always a good laugh to enjoy together, while more modern titles like Farmville are also ideal for playing. Available on iOS and Android, it is easy to use and means you can game online via a brand you can trust.

Quiz Up

Online quizzes have taken off in lockdown, and you may be looking for an app that lets you battle it out with your friends or family. Quiz Up is probably the best quiz app to download and allows you to virtually test your knowledge against others from the comfort of your own home. It is the largest game app for trivia, with over 1,000 topics from which to select. Also, it has over 600,000 questions, which means you will not get the same ones popping up all the time. Whether you go head to head against one friend or you set up a virtual tournament for lots of you to enjoy, this is a real blast. Available on iOS and Android, you can even create your very own quizzes to catch your buddies out.

Words with Friends 2

Another excellent game app that is ideal for bringing you together with family or friends online is Words with Friends 2. Essentially, it is a little like Scrabble  – this makes it fun if you all like to stretch your vocabulary a little! Once downloaded, you can compete in word games that can last for hours or even weeks. With an easy to use interface, it also looks fantastic, which makes it even better to play. As with other online titles that mimic classic board games, this also gives a pleasing hit of nostalgia that will make you all feel better until the lockdown is done.

Finding online game apps to enjoy is worthwhile

Everyone knows that lockdown is tough, and much of that is down to not being able to see family or friends in person. That is where using gaming apps to connect virtually comes in very useful. By playing games virtually with those you are missing, you can still catch up with them and have fun together. If you need a few ideas on the best apps to get going with, the above should help.