Movies and Hollywood have use gambling as a theme for decades now thanks to everyone can win big mystique surrounding the culture . Because both gambling but also the film industry are about entertainment, the two had a great collaboration so far.

However, since the gambling world presents itself as male-forward, female characters were often missing from these movies. Even if that might be the case, there’s a large number of solid female characters with essential roles featured in movies, and we’re trying to showcase a few of them in this article.

Julia Roberts in “Ocean’s Eleven”

Ocean’s Eleven is the first movie from the Ocean’s franchise and it sets up some essential plots that were further developed in the other movies. The film was released in 2001 and it has an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and, of course, Julia Roberts.

At first glance, the movie might appear to be about a group of eleven people, masters in their fields, led by Clooney’s character Danny Ocean. But, if you look a bit deeper, the movie really is about Danny Ocean trying to get back together with his ex-wife Tess, played by Julia Roberts.

Julia’s character is at the center of the storyline since all of the plots start and end with her in mind. Her character, Tess is dating Terry Benedict the owner of three massive Vegas casinos. Thanks to Ocean’s elaborate plan, the two of them manage to get back together.

Julia manages to have an outstanding performance that landed her the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress in 2003.

Sharon Stone in “Casino”

“Casino” is a cinematographic masterpiece from 1995 directed by the brilliant Martin Scorsese with an outstanding cast. Robert De Niro is playing the main character, Sam Rothstein also known as “Ace”, Sharon Stone is playing Sam’s wife, Ginger, and Joe Pesci is playing Sam’s friend, Nicky.

The whole storyline gravitates around the three characters mentioned above. Ace becomes the manager of a big casino from Vegas. Because of this Ace has the opportunity to meet and interact with new people while managing the casino.

With this opportunity he stumbles upon his future wife, Ginger, who will play a key role in his life. Even if Ginger was not the main character, Sharon’s role was essential for the plot. Her performance won her a Golden Globe award and a nomination for an Oscar.

Kate Bosworth in “21”

The movie “21” is a blockbuster from 2008 about six MIT students and their teacher learning how to play blackjack at the highest level possible. The movie is inspired by real events, and it’s based on Ben Mezrich’s book. However, the Blackjack that is happening in the movie is happening in a land-based casino. If you felt thrilled by watching the movie, you can learn the game at an online casino, like Stargames Online Casino.

The movie’s main character is Ben, played by Jim Sturgess. Besides Ben, there’s another essential character to the whole story, and that’s Jill, played by Kate Bosworth.  The character is based on a real person, Jane Willis, a math genius that graduated Harvard roughly 30 years ago.

Because of the complexity of the character, Bosworth has the opportunity to play a fascinating role. Her character has to learn how to improve her gambling skills as part of a team while making sure to be the voice of reason for her teammates. Her epic performance earned Bosworth a Teen Choice Award nomination in a drama.


Even if women are often not depicted as the main characters in gambling movies, the three actresses above managed to have outstanding performances. Without their roles, those three cinematographic masterpieces wouldn’t be anything more than just some other average movies.

There are more great actresses in gambling movies, of course, but, we decided to narrow our list down just to the three from above. However, there are a handful of other honorable mentions, such as Eva Green in “Casino Royale”, Jodie Foster in “Maverick” and Cameron Diaz in “What Happens in Vegas.”