If you enjoy smoking a joint and doing your errands, then you might already know oh how good it feels to do it. But in case you’re sort of a new stoner and you’re not really sure what I’m talking about, allow me to explain myself. 

Let’s set an example, you have to do your grocery shopping for the week, so you get your shopping bags ready, the shopping list, a couple of things more, and then your rolling gear. Now as you walk or drive to your usual go-to store, you take the moment to roll yourself a nice and personal joint that you later burn as you’re on your way to the market. Being high off your brain, you walk into the store, even better if you’ve got your earphones on you, and turn a normal everyday shopping duty into a fun time with yourself. In summary, doing chores while you’re high is fun, (try cleaning the house, never fails).

So imagine, if doing chores as you’re high feels right, what if you went shopping for stuff you love, such as comics? Barcelona is a city well known for its premium quality marijuana, there are several cannabis clubs and even seed companies such as Fast Buds based in this stoner spot. As we wait for the next Saló del Comic, a.k.a. Barcelona International Comic Fair, check out the top 3 comic book stores in Barcelona to visit while you’re high.

1. Norma Comics – Dreta de l’Eixample

Norma Comic is the place for you if you’re a comic aficionado. In this paradise, you’ll be able to find any genre, character, or artist you are a fan of. Are you leaning more towards the cinephile side? No worries, there is a whole other floor aimed for your movie’s taste. Roll yourself a tasty joint and head over to Norma Comics to make yourself a lil present, you deserve it!

2. Continuarà Comics – El Gòtic

Now, El Gotic, or Barri Gòtic in Barcelona already looks slightly out of the Batman’s saga. But nestled in this hood you’ll be able to find Continuara Comics, one of the two biggest comic store classics in the city, along with Norma. 

Stroll along its Spanish and European specialized first floor, or the Japanese and American second one whale you let your stoned instinct find the next comic you should read. 

3. FatBottom – El Raval 

If you’re looking for anything from the classic comic book as we know it, to pure artistic illustration the Fat Bottom might be your place. This small shop is great for those looking for a more cozy feeling. Get lit and head over to this little store and chat up with the staff members to get some extra reading advice. 

Now that you know what are the best comic book stores in Barcelona you can plan out a nice comics shopping-high day around the city. While you’re at it, don’t forget to watch out for weed supplies stores, who knows, you might even find somewhere you can buy cannabis seeds as well.