Is the force with you?

Clearly, Star Wars, a $68 billion franchise, tapped into the power. The writers of this empire took world-building to a whole new dimension, creating planets full of unique species, cultures, languages, and prodigious characters.

The good guys stole our hearts while the bad guys took our breath away with iniquitous evil. In a world of such epic proportions, Darth Revan casts a shadow so dark that he shines as the most legendary villain.

Read on to learn why this Dark Lord makes the best villain in the entire Star Wars Universe.

Both Force and Shadow

Before taking the name Revan, he trained as a Jedi. His power and charisma made him a renowned knight who served as the Supreme Commander of the Jedi and the Galactic Republic forces.

Once he left the light side, he studies the old, dark ways of the Sith. This Star Wars villain mastered the dark side without succumbing to it, which makes him pretty formidable. In fact, he actually fed off of the dark power that attacked him on Malchor V.

Between shadow and force, Revan can sense and manipulate his surroundings. He possesses empathic and psychic abilities which allow him to read others and see their future. This gives him an edge against even the strongest opponent because he can understand them completely.

His healing abilities make him extremely difficult to defeat. He moves objects through telekinesis, making him powerful in battle and able to wield the double Revan lightsaber with his mind alone.

But, Revan’s most impressive skill controls natural forces. His rediscovery of Force Storm makes his powers unmatched.

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Revan’s Roles

Revan carries a host of names that reveal his complexity as a character. Because of the many roles he played, others knew him by:

  • The Revanchist
  • The Revan
  • Revan the Butcher
  • The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan
  • The Prodigal Knight

His apprentice, Darth Malek, said, “Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, Revan… and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.”

The Revanites followed The Order of Revan as if he were a God. Revan used entire planets as bait to defeat the Mandalorians.

He protected the Republic and then later led an attack on them that slain so many. Conquering every role he ever took on makes him the ultimate Star Wars villain.

Bastila and Vaner

Bastila Shan brought out the lighter side of Revan while bringing out an arguably darker side of the Jedi’s. Shan saved Revan and then created a force bond, wiping his mind.

He loved her deeply and hid his philosophy of love as it appeared blasphemous to the Sith. So he hid it, but that does not take away that he was capable of feeling it.

The best villains hold redeeming qualities because it creates complexity. While some may argue that Revan leaving his pregnant wife behind to raise Vaner alone seems monstrous, he did it to save them.

Darth Revan Prevails

Darth Revan looked in the face of defeat and prevailed. This villain mastered every role ever taken on while staying true to himself, making him the greatest of the loathsome.

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