“Dear Santa” TTS

TaeTiSeo, or TTS, is a subunit of the girl group Girl’s Generation and features members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun. The song was recorded in Korean and English and was released last year. Normally I would hate a song like this, but I absolutely love it. I don’t care for original Christmas music at all and prefer the classics sung by the classics, but this song has become the exception. It captures the spirit and feeling of Christmas time and kind of brings me back to when I was young and actually got excited about the holidays. It’s delightful.

“Memory” Mamamoo 

Mamamoo does it again with this soulful, jazzy Christmas song. To me, Mamamoo can do no wrong. They are freaking phenomenal. 

“Miracles in December” Exo

I have no idea what this song is about because the video is sad, the tone of the music is sad, but it’s called “Miracles in December” which sounds optimistic. Exo has three main singers that are featured in this song: Chen, D.O. and Baekhyun. The other nine members play out the story of sad guys who are trying to find their loved ones but seem to have been stood up. Regardless of how much of a bummer this video is, the song is really lovely.

“All I Want for Christmas” Bom and Hi 

Park Bom (of the now disbanded group 2NE1) and Lee Hi are/were artists under label YG Entertainment. They joined up as a subunit and released this version of the Mariah Carrey classic, “All I want for Christmas”. I love this song and video because it turns a usually happy song into something dark and sinister. The room they’re in is wrapped in clear plastic, someone’s dragging a dripping burlap sack across the floor, they’re cooking a stew with hair, robe and glitter, and someone is hacking at what looks like a block of ice with an ax. It’s like a mini bleached out horror film. The more I watch it, the more I love it.

“Lonely Christmas” Crayon Pop 

Crayon Pop is weird, but they are absolutely fantastic. Crayon Pop is what I imagined Kpop was before I knew anything about Kpop. Initially the weirdness and synchronized styles turned me off, but I learned to love them. In these dark times, I think the message of this video is on point: “You! You! Don’t Worry! Be Happy!”


In a bit of sad Kpop news, one of my favorite Kpop groups, 2NE1, is officially no more. Minzy had left earlier this year, and Dara and CL will still be working under label YG Entertainment doing solo projects, but they seem to have kicked Park Bom to the curb, possibly due to a controversy that happened back in 2014. It’s a real shame because Bom has an amazing voice. I’ve only been following Kpop since this past April, but it got me through a bleak period and gave me something new to learn about and to fall in love with. Exo was the group that got me interested, but 2NE1 was the group that got me hooked.

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