Summer is in full swing. It’s the season for creepy summer camps, slashers, road trips gone bad and the occasional monster. If you’re really lucky it also means a few extra days off work, we suggest spending at least one of those days on a good old fashioned marathon. Specifically, a horror movie marathon with some iconic thrillers sure to give you summer nostalgia. With careful consideration, I’ve managed to compile a list of five personal favorite horror movies with a summertime theme which are perfect for an all night marathon with friends. Or, if you’re brave, by yourself. 

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5.) Sleepaway camp 

Get your summer camp experience from home with the insanely underrated cult hit, Sleepaway Camp, where we see our main character Angela having a miserable time at Camp Arawak. Between all the taunting from her peers and not having anyone to talk to – except her cousin, Ricky – it’s enough to make any kid want to write home and beg their parents for some sort of rescue. But it could be worse! At least she hasn’t turned up dead like some of her fellow campers. A classic slasher flick with a fascinating psychological angle as well as a major plot twist ending. A genuine 80’s gem worth a watch.

4.) Friday the 13th Part 2 

Normally I wouldn’t recommended squeals, since nine times out of ten they’re awful, but Friday the 13 Part 2 will always be the exception to this notion. Taking place two months after the Camp Crystal Lake massacre, the only survivor Alice turns up dead in her apartment. With that surely that must be the end of the body count, right? Obviously not; years later a new group of unlucky counselors find themselves at the abandoned camp,  not knowing another crazed killer is lurking in the woods. But that’s just a rumor…isn’t it?

3.) Anthropophagus

Declared one of the “Video Nasties” by the UK in the 1980’s, the Italian gore fest Anthropophagus follows a group of travelers on their trip to a remote Greek island. Everything is going well and why wouldn’t it? The gorgeous scenery and solitude practically screams the perfect getaway. That is until two members of that group are ripped to shreds by a disheveled figure who emerges from the ocean with a sick appetite for human flesh. If you can stomach the violence, it’s a fun look into glory days of Italian horror. We recommend not watching if you’re pregnant. Or eating. 

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2.) I Know What You Did Last Summer

Probably one of the cheesiest films to crawl out of the 90’s was I Know What You Did Last Summer, a severely stereotypical slasher film that put a clever twist on the urban legend about the killer with a hook for a hand. Without having to go out in hellish heat, watch a group of teenagers become the object of someone’s bloody revenge after they accidentally kill a man while driving drunk. This is the perfect film to throw on while hosting a cookout for its easy dialogue and dreamboat cast. 

1.) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Nothing quite says summer like a road trip with your buddies. The open road, the promise of an amazing concert and a chainsaw wielding manic hoping to add your face to his mask collection. In this case both the original and remake are as good as the other. Both show a road trip to hell that results with our group of ne’er-do-well’s ending up in the house of the rural town’s family of cannibals. With creepy Leatherface and beautiful cinematography The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the perfect movie to help beat the heat!


Fallon Marie Gannon