Classic games are relatively easy and enjoyable to play. These games also come with the least requirements, which means they’re supported by almost any modern gadget. But most importantly, they provide fond memories of our childhoods when traditional gaming was an experience of its kind. It was just so immersive despite the absence of smartphones, tablets, laptops, or sophisticated gaming consoles available today. A lot of players will reconnect to their childhood selves through retro gaming and we think you can as well. Try out the top 5 classic games highlighted below and see how they take you back to those good old days virtually;

1. Solitaire Games

Solitaire games are good classic games that no one would feel bored playing. These card-based or domino-based video games will remind you of the good old days when you were growing up playing them. Surprisingly, they have remained immersive and addictive up to date, effectively competing with modern games like Resident Evil Village and Far Cry. When you discover a good Solitaire game such as Mahjong or FreeCell believe it or not, you’ll always find yourself wanting to play it whenever you are idle.

You can find over ten incredible classic Solitaire games that will keep you away from boredom here. From Solitaire Turn 1 to Solitaire Turn 3, from Double Solitaire Turn 1 to Double Solitaire 3, and from Canfield to more, there are almost fifty games of this type that you can play for free on this website.

2. Snake

One of the reasons why the Nokia classic phones sold quite well was an interesting snake game called “Snake Xenzia.” Of course, other phones also came with different versions of this game, which people equally enjoyed playing. Playing the games involved making sure the moving snake that grew in length each time it swallowed the prey would not crash into itself or any side of the screen.

Snake games were many people’s favorite childhood games even though they gradually faded away with the arrival of smartphones that paved the way for modern games. Today a lot of people still want so badly to play them but the impediment is that they don’t have a feature phone. The good news is that you don’t need to have a feature phone to be able to play a classic snake game. After all, these games are readily available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. As such, you can download them on your phone without any trouble whether it’s an iOS or Android handset. You can as well access these retro games online and play them for free.

3. Tetris

Would you like to taste the ultimate retro gaming experience that some games from the past few decades have to offer? If yes, try out Tetris, another top-rated classic game and you can give us your feedback.

Playing this timeless game entails arranging a set of falling blocks of different shapes into gapless lines. Scores are awarded each time you accomplish a line.

A unique benefit of Tetris is that it improves your concentration skill. You’ll learn to concentrate on the falling blocks so that you can successfully create as many gapless lines as possible, over time.

Now, you can play Tetris on the web for free. Alternatively, you could download it on your smartphone so that you can enjoy the fun offline. If it’s an Android phone, you can download it here. For an iOS smartphone, on the other hand, use this link.

4. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is another major classic game with loads of fun. In the original game, the gameplay involves the player fleeing from ghosts in mazes full of puzzles and obstacles. Over the years, many companies have released various adaptations of this timeless game slightly, changing the storyline. Though it sounds like a console game, Pac-Man is available for mobile, tablet, and PC devices, as well as on the Web for free. To download the game from Google Play Store, go here and if you are using an iOS smartphone, follow this link to do the same.

5. Aladdin

Released in 1993, Aladdin is one of the classic games with the most interesting storylines. Based on the traditional Aladdin story, the gameplay involves the player meeting a beautiful princess called “Jasmine.” While at the exotic palace, the player chances upon a magic oil lamp that hides a powerful genie. The player becomes friends with this supernatural creature and they both decide to embark on a dangerous mission to eliminate an evil sorcerer called Jafar who is out to overthrow the king.

This is an interesting adventure-horror game from many years ago that is available for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Keep in mind that you can get it from the App Store or Google Play Store for free. You can also get a Windows version of it by following this link. Alternatively, you can play it online conveniently on any internet-enabled device.

Final Thoughts

They say old is gold, which means that anything old is valued. This is especially true in the gaming realm where people have a special liking for retro games. A lot of people are going back to older games due to a very specific and valid reason.  

Classic video games can be a great way to reconnect with our childhood selves as adults who grew up playing these games. No words can sufficiently explain the fond memories that these games have to offer.

If you want to taste that, we encourage you to try out the top 5 classic video games highlighted above. Not only will these games entertain you, but they will also reconnect you to the authentic fun that older games used to offer. And since all of these games are available for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, you will not have to invest in a new device on which to play them.

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