No matter what age you are, we all have a romantic association with sci-fi video games we know and love.

As the gaming and Esports market continues to develop, more sci-fi games than ever before have burst onto the scene, giving gamers today more options than ever before.

Whilst technological advancements continue to take the gaming scene to the next level, the blueprint of sci-fi gaming that was formed in the 1990’s is still present today.

With so many different spheres represented within sci-fi gaming, it has become an increasingly diverse world and gamers truly are spoilt for choice.

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Here is a rundown of the top 4 sci-fi video games of all time:

Mass Effect

Having first launched on Xbox 360 back in 2007, Mass Effect has gone on to capture the hearts of gaming fans the world over.

Set in the year 2183, sci-fi fans are in their element as they encounter many trials and tribulations and look to overturn the threat to civilisation posed by reapers.

With multiple combat gaming features and real-time third person shooting interface, Mass Effect set the blueprint for subsequent sci-fi games over the past decade.

Whilst the sequels in the Mass Effect series have failed to live up to expectation, it has a place in the heart of every Sci-fi gaming fan and it still remains a very playable game to this day.


Similarly, to Mass Effect, Halo revolutionised the gaming sphere for Sci-Fi fans and it was the principal reason many gamers transformed from PlayStation to Xbox back in the late 00’s.

With an engaging and believable subtext and innovative gameplay, Halo became one of the biggest-selling games of all time on the Xbox 360.

It revolutionized first-person shooters with a more balanced weapon set and a shift toward multi-player – a blueprint that is still replicated in the sci-fi gaming world today.

Halo continues to sell to the masses, as it has evolved over time, but the original game will always leave a legacy with sci-fi gaming enthusiasts.

System Shock

PC play was many players’ first introduction to the enthralling world of gaming and System Shock was a sci-fi game well ahead of its time.

Launched in 1994 by little known developers Looking Glass, the game took the PC gaming sphere by storm and was played the world over.

Graphics and a 3D playing engine ensured geeky gamers had plenty to go with whilst the relatively simple gameplay appealed to rookie and experienced gamers alike.

Set to the backdrop of a cyberpunk universe in 2072, the narrative that supports System Shock appeals to many and the success of the game was underlined by how the subsequent evolutions of the game continued to perform on the gaming market.

Fallout 3

As Bethesda Gaming Studios has developed into one of the biggest Esports operations on the planet, Fallout 3 was integral to their emergence back in 2008.

Having used previous relatively unsuccessful incarnations of Fallout within the development of the game, Fallout 3 went on to become one of the biggest games in the history of Esports.

Central to the appeal with Fallout 3 was the post-apocalyptic setting within Washington DC that made the gameplay so relatable for all levels of gamer.

The first-person perspective of Fallout 3 made it particularly engaging and subsequent games have developed on the theme as the game and Bethesda have continued to go from strength to strength.