Disney Plus is available in more than 55 regions, and people worldwide access their favorite movies and TV shows on the streaming platform.

Whether you are a fiction fan and crazy after the Marvel Universe and the Star Wars franchise or you want to get nostalgic watching your favorite childhood shows, Disney+ has all that you need in its library.

Is Disney Plus not available in your country? Don’t worry! You can easily access Disney Plus with a VPN and unblock it in any region in the world.

With a library of 7500+ episodes and 500+ films, Disney Plus offers a good variety of content to its subscribers. We have shortlisted the top 10 movies to watch on Disney Plus in 2021 in our list below. Our list features the films that have been released or are scheduled to release in 2021.

#10 Flora & Ulysses (Released on Feb 19, 2021)

Flora and Ulysses revolve around the story of a 10-year old little girl and her adventures with her squirrel. She had never imagined that her little squirrel would reborn with magical powers and will have the desire to help others in need. See how the things unlock for the little girl and her magical squirrel as the story takes a different turn.

#9 The Jungle Book (Releasing on May 30, 2021)

The Jungle Book is a fantasy film about Mowgli, an orphaned boy who grew up in the jungle surrounded by animals. Brought up by wolves, and under the training of a bear and panther, how will the boy face the tiger (Sher Khan)? The 3D version of the famous story is coming on Disney Plus in May.

#8 Raya and the Last Dragon (Releasing in June 2021)

Do dragons fascinate you? If yes, then you can’t miss this movie. It is not about the usual ferocious dragons, but it takes you to a world where the humans and the dragons live together peacefully. The dragons sacrificed themselves for their people while fighting the monsters known as the Druun. The Drunn are back now, and Raya has to save the world with his buddy Tuk Tuk (the last surviving dragon).

#7 Mary Poppins Returns (Released on March 5, 2021)

A fantasy tale of Mary Poppins, the magical nanny, tells her story as she returns to help the Banks siblings (Michael, Jane, John, George, and Annabel), as they go through a tough time in their lives. The whole scene is set during the time of the Great Depression in London. The Academy Nominated movie got released on Disney Plus on the 5th of March, 2021, and was available for exclusive streaming for premium subscribers.

#6 Tomorrowland (Releasing in September 2021)

Tomorrowland is about the shared destiny of a genius man and an optimistic teenage boy who is curious about his surroundings. The young guy attempts to sell his jet pack at the 1964’s New York World’s Fair; however, his prototype gets rejected. To save the Earth, a young girl, a brilliant middle-aged man (who was thrown out of Tomorrowland), and a girl robot try to get to and uncover what actually occurred to Tomorrowland, a fictional planet that resides in an alternate universe.

#5 Stargirl 2 (Releasing in late 2021)

A coming-of-age story is based on the best-selling adult novel about the life of a high school guy who gets interested in a free-spirited girl. The romantic musical drama finds mixed emotions and how the teenagers express their first love in their high school days. With its first part released in March 2020, the sequel is expected to release at the end of 2021.

#4 Gnomeo & Juliet (Released on March 26, 2021)

The two elderly neighbors, Mrs. Montague and Mr. Capulet, share mutual hate between each other. When they leave their gardens, their gnomes and lawn ornaments become alive. The garden of Montague is full of blue-hat gnomes, and red-hat gnomes are in the Capulet garden. The gnomes also hate each other, just like their gardeners. The story takes a turn when the blue Gnomeo and red Juliet fall in love with each other. Will they be able to unite despite the hate between the two gardens? Watch the movie on Disney+ to know more.

#3 Cruella (Releasing in May 2021)

A crime comedy live-action feature film is based upon Cruella de Vil’s evil forces, who happens to be a villain in “101 Dalmatians”. Cruella is scheduled for a simultaneous release in the theatres and on Disney Plus in May 2021.

#2 Own the Room (Released on March 12, 2021)

Own the Room is about five students from different parts of the world to participate in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards when they go to Macau, China. Every one of them has faced considerable obstacles to their dreams, from hurricanes to poverty and civil unrest, in the intriguing movie. As they represent their nations, they all try their best to get global attention and the grand prize worth $100,000. Watch the movie on Disney Plus to see what happens next.

#1 Black Widow (Releasing on July 9, 2021)

Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, is given to the Committee for State Security, whose goal is to groom her so that she will become their best operative. As the circumstances change, the government plans on killing her, as she works as a freelance operative in New York. Black Widow is one of the most anticipated movies of 2021 and is gearing up for a simultaneous release in the theatres and on Disney Plus in July.

Final Words

Looking at the list of the movies scheduled to release and the ones that have been released so far in 2021, the whole year looks quite promising in terms of entertainment. Disney Plus is surely giving the best movies this year.


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