We’ve had a bit of time to breathe since seeing The Last Jedi, haven’t we? I still need to see it again (as I’m sure some of you also need to do). There is just so much to unload and take in, especially from the Force side of the story. And while this film has split the Star Wars fandom, there were a few moments that really just make the story memorable. Here are just 10 of those moments. Just in case you need a reminder – SPOILERS!

10. Porgs guilting Chewbacca

Right off the bat, I’m going to admit that I am a Porg fan. Yes, I love those silly little bird-creatures and you can’t stop me. But we saw that Chewbacca needs to eat, and with small creatures around, they’d make a fine meal. He’s roasted two of them up but he notices something. Some porgs have come over, pouting at the loss of their friends (or family). Chewbacca shoos them away. He goes to take a bite and one remains, wobbling his lower lip. The whole theater (myself included) “awwwwwww”‘d really loud. The poor Porg! Maybe it was his mate or his children. Either way, Chewie scares him off but seemingly loses his appetite. I know the scene was there purely to make us awww but it worked, damnit! 

9. Meet Rose

Rose is a character we’d all be, let’s be honest. She doesn’t have any powers but she has all the heart she can muster. So when we first meet her, she’s crying over the recent loss of her sister. She was a hero, but as Leia said, a dead hero. But in walks Finn and her world changes. This was a Resistance hero! The former stormtrooper turned sides and joined them – she was in awe. Fangirling, even. Until she realized that he was trying to escape like the others she had been guarded to prevent against. She tazes him, literally dragging him back to the Resistance. And even after the death of her sister, she remains loyal to the cause. And her actions through the rest of the film are guided by her loyalty and love.


8. Rey training with Luke

It gets a lot more complicated from here, people. But Luke very briefly teaching Rey about the Force and its wonder was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. After Rey’s chased him all over the island (and watches him aggressively drink milk from a sea creature…), he relents and teaches her. His training is much different from ones we’ve seen in the past. It’s not all about moving rocks! Force-wielders just reach out and feel it all around them. Life, death, balance. It not only brings the myth back to the Force, but these moments also showed us Luke’s fear of the Dark and him shutting the Force out completely. It was some of the more compelling bits of the film.

7. Rose Saves Finn

Finn is doing the whole “hero” thing. He’s going to sacrifice himself for the greater good, helping the Resistance escape. Rose, however, has other plans. She smashes his ship out of the way, nearly killing herself to do so. Why would she stop him? “We’re going to win not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love”. It’s a beautiful message about approaching things with love rather then hate. And while I think the scene was played out fairly poorly, that message was too wonderful not to include.

6. The Opening

While Luke tossing his lightsaber over his head into the ocean is hilarious (and a bit off the mark with humor), we had a bit more to chew on right afterwards. Poe “calls” Hux and pranks him, trying to delay time. Saying he’ll “hold” while waiting for Hux to get on the line even though Hux had already delivered an impassioned reply. After that we’re treated to a great space battle which introduces Resistance bombers, seemingly adapted B-Wings which house a great number of bombs. Rose’s sister Paige, a bomber pilot, makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to destroy a large First Order ship. The film blasted us with fantastic imagery, crushing blows and laughs all at once.

5. Yoda

What was great about Yoda’s appearance to Luke was that it showed us that Luke is still learning. The master helped Luke see the Light once more with his great wisdom. The scene was slightly off-putting since he was acting like crazy Yoda from his first appearance in Empire Strikes Back, rather than being the wise Jedi Master. But that all changed when he began to show Luke that failure is one of the greatest teachers. It was nice to see Yoda once more. “Missed you, I have.” May they find each other in the Force.

4. Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo’s sacrifice

While it can be said that her silence caused the side quest known as Canto Bight, this scene alone shows that we didn’t have enough time with her. The long time friend of Leia takes it upon herself to stay behind and guide the ship, letting the Resistance get away. When she realizes that The First Order has found out their plan and firing upon the barely there Resistance, she springs into action. She sets the ship to hyperdrive, slicing through the Supremacy like butter. The silence of the moment is just breath taking, watching the ship break. It’s a painful loss for Leia, but she helped keep the spark alive, inspiring Poe to mature as a leader.

3. Force Conversations with Kylo and Rey

Also known as Force Skype, these two Force wielders were able to see and talk to one another through the Force. This was something we saw the very slightest of between Luke, Leia and Vader in the original trilogy. This just amplifies it to 11. They’re so connected in fact, that at one point, Kylo shakes the water off his hand from the rain on Ahch-To. And they physically appear to one another and touch, letting them see into each other’s minds. his leads Rey to help save Kylo and Kylo to destroy Snoke. Kylo then asks Rey to be by his side. It was deeply intriguing bits of Force power.

2. Rey and Kylo team up

One of the biggest things coming out of the film was this scene. The characters who fought in their first meeting then teamed up to take down the elite warriors of Snoke’s Praetorian Guard. Even people who hated the film enjoyed this fight scene. Both Rey and Kylo fight back to back at one point, taking the bright red guards down among all the black of Snoke’s throne room. Rey even tosses her lightsaber to Kylo at one point to help him out. It was a wonderfully choreographed scene and would be the top banana if the next scene didn’t come along…


1. Luke vs Kylo

When I walked out of the theater, I knew the scene of Luke facing off against his nephew would be on every wallpaper, recreated in every style. The scene was straight out of a samurai movie. Luke calmly approaching the fight with Kylo loses his marbles at just his presence. It plays out so wonderfully and the attention to detail is intense. When Kylo realizes he’s not actually facing his uncle, the confusion and rage in him is just so fun to watch. And when Luke tells him that if Kylo strikes him down in anger, he will only haunt him, like his father – chills! It’s just the best. Sadly it leads to Luke passing from all the effort but he went in peace and that’s what matters.
What did you think of our list? There are just far too many scenes to talk about so let us know your top moments! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars fun.
Erin Lynch