Growing up I was always around something in the horror genre. From games, to books; to movies and TV shows, it was the one and only genre my family liked. There are many hidden gems in the horror genre for video games, and some games on this list are those hidden gems worthy of one’s time. A few of these games have been remastered, while others are held high as rare finds. Regardless, these horror games have left their mark and impressions on me. These titles go from sad stories, jump scares only, FPS shooters, and spooky ghost towns. If you like a specific type of horror game, then there is probably something in here for you.

1. Fatal Frame

You play as Miku, and start out with your brother, who is on the hunt to find a professor who went missing. You learn about a deadly ritual that took place inside the mansion, and why the missing professor went there for information. The gameplay, atmosphere, and smart placements of puzzles leaves gameplay feeling immersive.

2. Resident Evil Remastered

In Resident Evil, you may pick between Chris and Jill, and each of their stories are slightly different with different endings. You’re trying to find Alpha Team who went radio silent in a mansion in the middle of the woods, only to discover rabid dogs, and weird undead humans. Throughout the game you come across other mutants like Tyrant, Lisa, and Crimson Heads, all of which are equally terrifying. You learn a lot about your fellow Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) team members, and more about why these creatures are the way they are. 

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3. DreadOut

While on a school field trip, everyone ends up at a dead end in a ghost town. You play as Linda who gets separated from her teacher and classmates, and you have to try to save who you can, and discover why the town is abandoned. Your best friend becomes possessed and the demon who possessed her is pretty funny, and provides a bit of comedic relief in a dark, jumpscare setting. You have a ghostpedia, and all ghosts you capture are in the ghostpedia. The gameplay style is similar to Fatal Frame, but you use a cell phone camera instead of an old Camera Obscura.

Horror Games: DreadOut

DreadOut features some nightmarish creatures. (Digital Happiness)

4. Clock Tower 3

This PlayStation 2 entry is a classic for most childhoods, if you are a fan of the horror genre. Alyssa comes home from private school to see her family is missing, and something strange has happened. You learn about the ritual every female teenager has to go through; and you encounter ghosts, and other monsters trying to kill or kidnap you for Lord Burroughs, your grandfather who hosts this ritual. The most iconic enemies to chase you around are the Scissor Twins, Ralph and Jemima. The health bar of enemies is based on how many years they were sentenced.

5. Pacify

Pacify is best played with other people because its puzzles, house layout, and item searching requires a full team. You must collect dolls and burn them, cleansing the house and the girl of the curse. However, throughout the game the girl gets more aggravated, risking yourself being turned into a doll. This is where co-op is good to help revive and find items. There is also a PVP mode, where you have to risk it and team up, or sandbag each other entirely.

6. Silent Hill

In Silent Hill, Harry Mason is on the search for his daughter, Cheryl. He winds up in Silent Hill, a ghost town that just doesn’t seem to actually exist. He learns the truth behind his daughter’s disappearance, as well as the town and the rituals that take place there.

Horror Games: Silent Hill Pyramid Head

The iconic Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. (Konami)

7. Dark Deception

This horror game has a mix of Pacman and Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion. You have different themed levels, orbs to collect, and enemies to avoid. Each level has special abilities for you to use, and each ending unlocks a piece of the story. Collect as many orbs as you can to get as much XP as possible, and the XP earned is your currency to upgrade your abilities. The base game is free, and you can buy the full game with all levels unlocked. 

8. Haunting Ground

Fiona wakes up in a big mansion, and is eventually greeted by her canine companion for the rest of the game, Hewie. Similar to Clock Tower 3, you are chased throughout the game by various enemies. Unlike Alyssa, Fiona can only tackle enemies, utilize Hewie’s attacks, and use the environment to attack enemies who chase her. Running, backstepping, and tackling reduces stamina and once your stamina is too low it will cause exhaustion. Hewie isn’t immediately friendly, but his trust is gained over time.

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GTFO is an atmospheric, terrifying 4-person co-op FPS. Work together to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and survive as long as you can. Teamwork is crucial for survival. The game is pretty difficult if you solo play, but if you are a hardcore FPS player, you may fair better than other players. This game isn’t casual because the action is constantly happening.

Horror Games: GTFO

GTFO’s oncoming Striker hordes presents a challenge. (10 Chambers Collective)

10. Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person zombie open world survival game. The game has a few notable features, like a crafting system and it’s heavy reliance on parkour to survive the hordes of zombies that roam the streets. At night, the game gets scarier; you eventually meet up with a special infected called the Volatile, which is sensitive to UV light. There are human enemies as well with a man called Rais. You fight to take Harran back for your group’s survival, no matter what.

What do you think of this list of horror games? Are there some games that you enjoyed? Mention them in the comments!


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