Why does it make sense to watch divorce movies when you are preparing your divorce papers? How will they help you get over your breakup faster? Truth be told, when you watch how other people are going through a divorce, even if these are actors playing their roles, you get a great chance to understand your situation better and realize what kind of life you are likely to have after separation.

Just like with other films, some divorce-themed movies are better than others. While there are those packed with popular actors and top-class scenes, there are also those that you would rather even not hear about. No matter how complicated your situation is, there probably is a movie that will resonate with your drama. Below, there are top 10 divorce-themed films that can teach you a few valuable lessons:


Mrs. Doubtfire

Divorce is hard for everybody; however, when children are involved, it is even harder. If a judge has restricted your parenting time to once or twice a week, you can either continue fighting to see your little ones more often or you can dress up like a nanny and start spending much time with your kids every day. Watch this legendary film to see how great the lengths to which we can go to be with those who we love are.


Kramer vs. Kramer

It is a very good movie to watch when you are going to file for divorce online, especially when you are about to resolve your custody issues. This movie is about a woman who decides to leave her workaholic partner and their little son only to come back a few years later and start a child custody battle. There are lots of film scenes that will make you both laugh and cry.


War Of The Roses

Things are not always what they seem. Such is the case in this movie that was screened in 1989. This dark comedy is about two spouses that are currently dealing with divorce. Their main problem is that they cannot resolve their property issues. Watch this movie to see how each party falls back on various crooked means to oust each other from their living quarters in this messy property battle.


Under the Tuscan Sun

In this film, a single woman, who has been recently divorced, takes a trip to Tuscany. There, she falls in love with the local landscape and thus decides to buy a house in this place and move in it. This film discovers all known stages of grief and thus is filled with lots of feelings. If you are currently looking for the best divorce website while trying to cope with your grief, watch this movie to learn a few lessons.


It’s Complicated

The film revolves around two exes, who have reunited on their child’s college graduation. Although they are in new relationships, they continue sleeping together. Their affair makes their lives even more complicated; however, this fact doesn’t stop them. Watching this movie will probably make you believe that you and your ex may get back together one day. But be honest with yourself – there is a huge difference between what is shown in movies and what happens in real life. So, weigh all the pros and cons of divorce carefully before you get to fill out your first online divorce form.


Mr. Wonderful

Another movie that may give you hope to get back together with your ex in the future is Mr. Wonderful screened in 1993. It revolves around a man who strives to own a bowling alley but cannot afford to pay for it. The only way out for him is to stop paying alimony. To make his dream come true, the man starts pairing his former spouse with other men so that she enters into marriage, and he can start setting some money aside as soon as possible. However, to his surprise, he starts falling back in love with his ex. How do you like such an unexpected turn of events?


The Way We Are

Often, being deeply in love with each other is not enough. Two loving people can mean a lot to each other but still cannot make their relationship work. Watch this American drama to see how two adults who love each other struggle to be together simply because they have different views on many things. 


Crazy, Stupid Love

This movie tells about a man who lives a seemingly perfect life with a highly paid job, a beautiful house, and a happy family. However, that is until he discovers that his significant other cheated on him and thus now asks for a divorce. While trying to get back to normal life, the main character meets Jacob who is going to give him a few dating lessons. The movie is all about laughter and comedy moments to enjoy either yourself or with friends.


The Parent Trap

It is one more film about a second chance in our top-ten list. It revolves around two twins who were separated in their infancy after their parents decided to break up. When they first met in summer camp, they decided to make their parents get back together by switching their homes and making their mom and dad meet each other again. How do you think how long it took them to reunite the family?


Eat Pray Love

The movie tells about a woman who is not happy with her marriage and thus eventually leaves her spouse. She decides to travel around the world to reinvent her true self. The woman finds peace in praying in India, pleasure in tasting Italian cuisine, and new flame in Bali. This movie will encourage you to break out of your comfort zone to discover your true self and finally meet another person.