Is it possible for a robot to show the emotional complexity necessary to give an effective acting performance? Director Tony Kaye (American History X) thinks so. He wants an A.I. actor to star in his next film.


The film that this A.I. actor would be employed in is called 2nd Born. It’s a sequel to an indie comedy, 1st Born, starring Val Kilmer, Tom Berenger, Greg Grunberg, Jay Abdo, Taylor Cole, Reza Sixo Safai, William Baldwin, Denise Richards and Robert Knepper. That movie will be released this year, and is about two families overcoming their differences for the sake of a new addition… a human baby. Kaye has had no involvement in 1st Born. It was directed by Ali Atshani, but many of the actors are slated to return for the sequel.  

According to Deadline, who reported Wednesday, the A.I. would “be trained in different acting methods and techniques.” The idea being that having an actual robot do the acting would forego the need for CGI. Our assumption is that the plot of 2nd Born must involve a newer addition to the family… a synthetic one. Perhaps the best ‘person’ to represent an A.I. character is an A.I. actor. Strange? Very. Possible? Yes. We live in the future. But, as all good sci-fi asks… just because we can; should we?  


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