Playing Spider-Man brings a number of physical challenges.  Tom Holland has met them with ease.  I think we can all agree that he’s physically very talented… especially after seeing him on Lip Sync Battle.  The kid can dance!  But he got a whole new challenge from Graham Norton and Andy Serkis on The Graham Norton Show.

Graham Norton enjoys a bit of fun with his guests, and Holland being the youngest on that particular episode, you could guess that he’d be put on the spot.  Serkis pulled out some arm extensions and challenged the panel to a little ape-off.  After a short lesson in gorilla and chimpanzee, Serkis put Holland in the hot seat.  Though Holland was charming as ever, I think everyone watching expected to have a good laugh at poor Tom falling on his face.  But that didn’t happen.  He did a pretty kick a** gorilla!  And he threw a little Spidey in at the end!  

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Watch the amazing Spider-Man ape it up right here! 

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