Only two episodes left – and it’s getting heavy, man. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this episode’s title, Dios y Federación, is the state motto of Venezuela and is on the country’s coat of arms.

Sometime in the middle of the night in the Catia barrio in Caracas, two random guys in hoodies drive up to one of the many slums, firebomb the houses and drive away. No idea who they were or why that particular place was targeted.


Meanwhile, Jack (John Krasinski) and Mike November (Michael Kelly) have made it to a safe house outside the city. They go over the info about Vogler Industries and the tantalum deposit in the jungle (just in case we all forgot about it). But Jack says Vogler still has to figure out how to extract the tantalum, as the mining process is extremely toxic. That means regulations – lots of regulations. Jack says that’s why Vogler needed a local partner in Cinco Palmas – aka President Reyes (Jordi Molla). Only problem is they still can’t prove any of that. And if Reyes loses the election, then both he and Vogler are out of a fortune. Jack says that’s why Senator Moreno was killed – he would have exposed the whole thing.

November then gets a call from Ambassador Calabrese (Susan Misner), who’s just landed back in the states at Andrews AFB. November tells her he wouldn’t have stayed behind if it wasn’t important. She says he’s in for it with the OIG (Office of the Inspector General), but November tells her to talk to Greer, he’ll explain everything. She says Greer’s not with them and it only takes November a few seconds to figure out that their ol’ buddy Jose Marzan (David Norona) sold them out. He and Jack grab up their gear and head out – but the piece-of-sh*t car stalls out again. Just as Jack gets out to check under the hood, he sees a vehicle approaching – Venezuelan Army. They open fire on them and it’s not looking good for the guys until November busts out an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) and takes out the whole truck. Woo! Even November’s impressed with himself. Then they get back in the piece-of-sh*t car, which magically starts running fine. I guess it just needed to be shot full of holes first.

Patricia Maldonado, Francisco Denis in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

In the morning, General Ubarri (Francisco Denis) rides safely in a government SUV with bodyguards through Catia. They pull up to the firebombed slum and get out to see the damage. Ubarri’s horrified to see grieving parents and the bodies of the dead – including kids – out on the pavement all lined up with sheets over them. Ubarri goes into one of the houses and sees a torched room with a bassinet in it. Ubarri then runs outside, sickened and overcome. Then one of the residents rushes him, an old woman, calling him a murderer and saying it was Reyes’ people who did it. Ubarri tries to comfort her but she pushes him off, and as his bodyguards drag her away, she calls him a traitor.

At the prison camp, Greer gets taken to a room where Mateo Bastos (Eduar Salas) greets him with a few hard slaps and a punch in the face. Then he spits some cheap rum on him, and he and the guard waterboard Greer with a towel and the rum. Bastos demands to know where the SAD (Special Activities Division) guys are – but once Greer gets a chance to breathe again, he just laughs at Bastos and says Reyes must be pretty desperate to be relying on him. Bastos responds by punching Greer a few more times in the face until he falls over, unconscious. Bastos gives him a kick in the gut to make sure he’s out and then leaves.

Paula Castano, Cristina Umana in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

At Bonalde HQ, Gloria (Cristina Umana) and her staff watch another press conference by Reyes, announcing that due to the fear of tampering, the election will be moved up to the next day. Everyone starts freaking out but Gloria keeps it cool, saying that it’s just more of Reyes’ typically unfair tactics. She tells her people that they have to get out and spread the word to as many people as possible, and tell them where they can go to vote and when the polls close. Just then, a detachment of Venezuelan police shows up, saying that Reyes has sent them to protect her. Gloria says thanks but no thanks – but the Captain (Leonardo Marmolejo) says it’s an order.

Meanwhile, at the popular beach community of Macuto, Jose Marzan comes in from a refreshing swim only to find November and Jack waiting for him. Jack asks about Greer and Jose says he took him to the airport as instructed. But then November pulls a gun on him (why he didn’t lead with the gun is a good question, but whatever) and Jose quickly changes his story, saying he turned Greer over to Bastos, and that they’ve probably taken him to the prison camp. Jack demands that Jose take them there, but Jose says he doesn’t know the coordinates. November then asks Jose if he was the one who killed Capt. Ramos, but Jose doesn’t even have to answer because it’s kinda like, well, duh, at this point. Jose says that Bastos would’ve had his family killed if he didn’t do what they asked.

David Norona, John Krasinski, Michael Kelly in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Jack says they can’t just leave him – they should bring him along. Jose promises not to tell anyone where they are, but it’s a pretty useless thing to say. Jose hands over his car keys – but November sees a gun in the same bag and makes up his mind. As soon as Jack walks away, November shoots Jose. Aww. That sucks. I liked Jose. As November and Jack drive away, November says they’ll rendezvous with the SAD guys and make their way to Colombia. Jack asks what about Greer, and November says he’ll rally for a rescue mission once they’re safely out of the country. Jack says no way, they can’t wait – and then he tells November about Greer’s heart problem. But November says they have no other options – they’re five guys against maybe as many as forty. But of course, Jack has a plan.

At the Ubarris’ house, Cassandra (Marcela Vanegas) complains to her sister Claudia (Coraima Torres) –aka Mrs. Reyes – about her daughter and her millennial friends. All they do is talk about Gloria Bonalde and how great she is. Claudia says if Gloria wins, at least they’ll get their husbands back. Cassandra says she doesn’t know how Claudia could possibly manage to live in a regular house again after living at Miraflores. Claudia says they probably won’t have to find out as Gen. Ubarri arrives. Claudia takes her leave and Ubarri takes his wife outside where he knows they won’t be heard. Ubarri tells Cassandra about Reyes firebombing Catia – that he had dozens killed, including kids. He tells her he’s scared for their safety, but Cassandra won’t accept it – she and Claudia are sisters after all, and Reyes would never hurt his own family. But Ubarri says that he knows Reyes – and that he’s murdering or imprisoning anyone who gets in his way. Then he tells her about November’s offer to evacuate them to the US. All Ubarri has to do is help them take Reyes down. Cassandra’s understandably upset – though she seems to be more worried about giving up their wealthy lifestyle than their safety.

Wendell Pierce, Jhon Alex Toro in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Stopped at a gas station, November calls Calabrese and asks for her help to get Greer out, but she says there’s no way anyone will approve another mission. November suggests that they call it a humanitarian mission. Can she get them some helicopters to evacuate the prisoners at the camp? Calabrese says she’ll see what she can do, but that November has to promise that there won’t be any military action. November’s like, yeah, okay, sure – oh, and by the way, could she get somebody to knock out that satellite? Calabrese responds by cussing him out.

Greer wakes up in the prison barracks, where one of the prisoners (Jhon Alex Toro) feeds him some water. Turns out the guy, named Porfirio, is a literature professor. Greer introduces himself and Porfirio says he must’ve really screwed up to land in there with them. Greer says he pissed off Pres. Reyes and asks what they’re all in for. I would think that’d be pretty obvious, but Porfirio does the info dump, saying they’re all there because they spoke out against Reyes – journalists, politicians, even artists – including a sculptor who made a piece portraying the Angel of Justice f**king Pres. Reyes’ wife. Yikes. Then Porfirio asks Greer if more Americans will be coming to rescue him.

Jack and November get to the river and November says he’s going with Jack to get Greer – but Jack says no. If it all goes wrong, November has to put all the pieces together and prove what Reyes did. Then the boat pulls up with Marcus (Jovan Adepo), Disco (Victor Rasuk) and Coyote (Allan Hawco). They load up and November tells Jack, “don’t die” – and Jack just says he can’t promise anything.

Arnold Vosloo, John Krasinski, Kevin Kent in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Later on, at the mining camp, Jost Van Der Byl’s (Arnold Vosloo) shaving while trying to calm his guys down. They’re all spooked after hearing about the death of Rupert Thorne in London. Van Der Byl says everything’s getting sorted out and that if the guys want to leave they’re welcome to, but they’ll forfeit their shares. Then Van Der Byl spots Jack wandering into the camp. The guys surround him and Jack tells Van Der Byl he wants to hire him. He’s brought a bag full of cash, and Van Der Byl pulls a gun on him and says maybe he’ll just kill Jack and take the money. Jack says sure, you can do that, but then you won’t get the other five bags just like it. Van Der Byl’s like, okay, go on, and Jack tells him they need to get one of their guys out of the prison camp. Van Der Byl’s like, oh – you mean the guy who chopped off my finger? And Jack just says, “focus on the money.” Van Der Byl’s like, okay, sure, and apologizes for the hostility. Jack’s like, no problem – and then Marcus, Coyote and Disco close in around them. Van Der Byl’s impressed.

At the prison camp, Porfirio tells Greer that they get no information about what’s going on outside. Greer asks if they know about the election – I think they already answered that, but the clueless looks on their faces is his answer. Greer mentions Gloria Bonalde and all the prisoners exchange surprised looks and look toward a white-haired man in the corner. He stands up and we can all see – it’s Sergio. He tells Greer that Gloria’s his wife. Aww, man. My Greer/Gloria ship just sank.

Coraima Torres, Jordi Molla, Marcela Vanegas, Francisco Denis in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Meanwhile back in Caracas, a huge rally’s going on for Pres. Reyes. People are getting bussed in and the Venezuelan police give out T-shirts and signs. Reyes greets the roaring crowd and gives a speech saying how the country was suffering from corruption, crime and economic ruin when he was first elected. He says it’s been his job to guide Venezuela toward “more prosperous times” and that his job isn’t done yet. And the crowd goes wild, even though it’s obvious that Reyes hasn’t done anything but make things worse.

Afterwards, in the huge dining room at Miraflores, the Reyes and the Ubarris eat their supper that’s served to them by perfectly in-sync wait staff. Reyes talks about how great the rally was and asks Ubarri why he wasn’t there. He says they had drama to deal with at home, that their daughter broke up with her boyfriend. From the looks going back and forth, it’s clear that Reyes doesn’t buy it. Cassandra tries to redirect and asks Reyes how he can remain so calm the night before the election. Claudia says that nothing ever bothers him, but Reyes says it’s not true. He says the time before an election is always emotional and that it makes people do stupid things – as he looks right at Ubarri.

Francisco Denis, Jordi Molla in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

One of Reyes’ guys comes in then and whispers in his ear. Reyes tells the ladies that they’ll have to finish dinner without them. Everyone looks worried as Reyes and Ubarri leave. And as they head downstairs, Ubarri notices that the guards are flanking him. Then they meet two more of Reyes’ guys, who tell him that the satellite’s down – and that Bastos thinks the Americans have taken it out remotely. Nah, you think? They ask for orders and Reyes tells them to tell Bastos to kill the prisoners at the camp and bury them in the jungle. Ubarri flips out on him then, telling him he’s gone too far – but Reyes insists on it.

Meanwhile, Jack, Marcus and the crew along with Van Der Byl and his guys arrive at the camp. Jack opens up the satellite laptop but there’s no information coming through. Coyote says the last time they saw it working was two days ago. Van Der Byl asks Jack how reliable Ambassador Calabrese is and Jack’s like, I don’t know her that well. She’s my friend’s ex-wife. Van Der Byl’s like, ohh-kay – then he says, well, f**k it. Let’s do it. They split up and take separate approaches to the perimeter. Marcus makes sure to kiss his dad’s ring before they advance – then they hear gunshots. They rush inside only to find the camp deserted – but they still hear more gunshots. Jack and the SAD guys check all the rooms while Van Der Byl and his guys check the guard towers. Still nothing.

Arnold Vosloo, John Krasinski in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Then they hear voices and more gunshots close by – and they realize it’s a firing squad. At least a dozen men lie dead in a shallow grave while the next victims get lined up – including Sergio and Porfirio. But Jack and the guys bust it up just in time. A panicked Jack yells for Greer but no one answers. He jumps down into the grave and looks through the bodies but none of them are Greer. Then he grabs one of the guards and asks where the American is. He’s about to shoot the guy when another guard pipes up and points off to a spot nearby. Jack, Marcus, Disco and Coyote all go running over and start digging. And it’s not long before they find “the American” – but it’s not Greer. It’s Matice. Then Sergio speaks up, saying if they’re looking for “Jim,” that he was taken away not long before they got there.

At Miraflores, Ubarri’s outside enjoying a cigar when he sees Bastos bringing Greer in and taking him to the lower levels. Ubarri goes running to Reyes’ office, where the President’s watching several news feeds at once – and none of them are particularly flattering. Ubarri asks why he had Greer brought there. Reyes says the US is trying to overthrow him and Ubarri says he’s making it easy. Then he tells Reyes about going to Catia – how could Reyes have done that, killed all those people and destroyed their childhood home? Reyes says Miraflores is their real home and that he’s always been the one to do the dirty work, not Ubarri. Reyes says he’s doing what he must for both of them, but that Ubarri doesn’t trust him. He goes over to the bar and pours them both a drink while Ubarri turns his back – but when Reyes comes up behind his friend, it’s not with the drinks. It’s with a knife. He slashes Ubarri’s throat and catches him as he falls, setting him gently down to bleed out all over the floor. And meanwhile, down below, Greer does some major praying while his chest starts aching again.

Jordi Molla, Francisco Denis in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN


Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I’m pissed about them killing off Ubarri. I mean, why bother spending so much time building up the character if all you’re gonna do is kill him off? I mean, I know the answer is – besides it being the end of the season and there just has to be a lot of major stuff happening – so that we’ll feel terrible when he dies, and be horrified at how off-the-rails psycho Reyes is. But they could’ve accomplished the same end without killing him. Ubarri was a terrific character who was completely wasted. And as for Reyes being the one to kill him, that really just didn’t seem true to his character. All this time we’ve been seeing Reyes doing all this dirty work by having someone else carry out the actual deeds while he kicks back in the palace. So it just seems kinda out of left field that he would all of a sudden be the one to commit murder like some kind of mafia thug.

But there was some cool stuff going on in this episode – Mike November, for one. The thing with the RPG, the confrontation with Jose (sorry to see him go, he was cool too) and especially all the bantering back and forth with his potty-mouthed ex Calabrese was awesome. Also having Van Der Byl working with Jack and the whole attack on the prison camp was great – and finding Matice’s body was rightly sobering. His death continues to be deeply affecting, as was Jack going down into that mass grave to search for Greer. Now it’s down to one more episode – we’ll see how it all shakes out.


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