Ready for round 5? Let’s go!

So it’s chaos outside the restaurant in London and inside, the emergency crews prepare to wheel out a most-sincerely-dead Rupert Thorne (Anthony Head at the end of his blink-and-you-miss-it-role). MI-5 Agents are interviewing Harry (Noomi Rapace) on one end of the room while Agent Bright (Neil Stuke) questions Jack (John Krasinski) on the other – but Harry and Jack are telling very different stories. Jack identifies Faceless, One-Eyed Max (Tom Wlaschiha) as a BND Agent, while Harry just says he’s a German citizen who kills for money. Jack tells the truth to Bright, saying he just met Harry in Caracas a week prior – but Harry tells the MI-5 guys that she’s known Jack for 3 ½ years and that they’ve worked several inter-agency ops together. Knowing Harry pretty well, Bright asks Jack what else she’s not telling them. Jack just says he asks himself the same thing every day.

Neil Stuke, John Krasinski in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

The other MI-5 guys take Harry out to a waiting car. When Jack gets up to leave, Bright stops him, saying he’s got to give up his weapon. He says Harry’s on the next flight back to Germany and Jack’s done too. He warns Jack to steer clear of Harry, because she only ever does what’s best for her. Jack leaves his gun with Bright and then walks out – but he makes sure to take Thorne’s keys out of the property bag before he disappears into the crowd.

Back in the Venezuelan jungle, Marcus finds his way to some rocky high ground. He spots smoke not too far away and climbs down, heading toward it. And just an hour or so later at the embassy in Caracas, Mike November (Michael Kelly) shows Greer (Wendell Pierce) and Ambassador Calabrese (Susan Misner) satellite footage via CENTCOM (US Central Command/Dept. of Defense) of Marcus standing on the rocks. November says he’s sent the coordinates to Not-John-Clark/Matice (John Hoogenakker). Greer says he thought they didn’t have any air support – and Calabrese says they have drones only, via the USS Peralta that’s stationed off the coast. Both November and Greer give her these “say what?” looks and she says she called in a favor. The guys are still curious, so she adds that she had drinks with a JSOC (US Joint Special Operations Command) Colonel. November’s a tad put out, since it was just after they broke up. But Calabrese doesn’t look sorry at all, saying “I like a man in uniform.”

John Hoogenakker, Victor Rasuk, Allan Hawco in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Then they widen out the satellite shot and see the same smoke Marcus saw. Greer tells November to give Matice the new coordinates. Out in the jungle, Matice gets the new numbers and tells Disco (Victor Rasuk) and Coyote (Allan Hawco) that they’ll save time if they walk the creek bed – which means giving up the high ground, which none of them are thrilled about. Coyote says when they find Marcus he wants to shoot him for all the hassle he’s putting them through, just in the leg or something. But Disco says they should shoot him in the hand he jerks off with – and everyone seems to like that idea better. Meanwhile up ahead, Marcus has found the source of the smoke – a prison camp. Guards with dogs patrol the fence line and seem to be picking up on his scent, so Marcus ducks back into the weeds to hide.

Back in England, at King Edward University, a female student walking through the grounds spots a sign on a post. She smiles as she tears it off and circles some letters – it’s a code, telling her to go to the chapel. When she gets there, Faceless, One-Eyed Max is sitting there waiting for her. Turns out the girl is his daughter, Annabelle (Àine Rose Daly), and she’s immediately worried when she sees his injured eye. She asks what happened, and Max says it was a wood splinter – just a stupid accident. Annabelle doesn’t look like she believes him, but doesn’t say anything else. Then Max gives her a gift – a hair stick he bought in Caracas. They take a walk and Annabelle asks how work is. Max says he has to leave for longer than usual and wanted to make sure she has everything she needs. He gives her a burner phone and she asks if everything’s alright. Max shrugs it off, saying he can take care of himself.

Tom Wlaschiha, Àine Rose Daly in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Meanwhile in London, Jack’s found out where Thorne’s place is and gets in with the keys he stole. He checks out the swanky pad and starts rifling through the stuff on his desk. He finds a gun in the top drawer and Thorne’s laptop – but of course, he needs the password. So Jack calls Xander (William Jackson Harper) back at Langley, who immediately starts bugging Jack about that used (sorry, vintage) sneaker business proposal. Jack says he’s been busy, but he promises to look at it the next day. Xander’s like, well, why not now? And Jack’s like, dude, I really need to break into this OS right now. So Xander’s like, oh, fine, and he hacks it for him. Jack asks him to look for any banking information – and they come up with a Swiss bank (is there any other kind?) statement addressed to Faceless, One-Eyed Max. The next thing they find are cell phone records that include calls to a number in Philadelphia (maybe Thorne was having cheesesteaks overnighted via FedEx. Don’t laugh. I’ve done it). And the last thing of interest that they find is an e-mail labeled “Caracas File,” and all it says is “#1 Resolved, #2 Pending.” Gee, I wonder what that could possibly be about?

Back in Caracas, after commiserating about their respective alimony situations, Greer shows November the rock Gloria Bonalde gave him. He’s had it analyzed and it turns out that it’s columbite tantalite – the ore that produces tantalum, an essential metal for all things tech. The only current sources are in China and the Congo, and it’s also known as “blue gold.” Greer says he thinks it’s why Sergio Bonalde went missing – because a new deposit of the stuff was found in the Venezuelan jungle. Greer fills November in on the satellite launch, and the whole Flash LiDAR thing and Vogler Industries. November asks how much the stuff is worth and Greer says, “Trillions.” Yep. Trillions with a T.

Wendell Pierce in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Greer says China currently has the monopoly on tantalum – but Vogler Industries could break that stranglehold with the new Venezuelan source. And that would be a global game-changer. November praises his work and then gets up to leave. Greer catches up with him and asks if he can take some of his guys to train Gloria Bonalde’s mostly-volunteer security team. He tells November about Reyes’ threat with the bullet, and November says he can take his assistant, Jose Marzan (David Norona) – but it’s gotta be off the record.

Greer and Jose head over to Valentina’s (Paula Castano) apartment and she lets them up taking the stairs – much to Greer’s annoyance as there’s a perfectly good elevator right there. When they get upstairs, Greer introduces Jose to Gloria – who’s none too pleased that Greer’s idea of “help” means one guy. Jose politely ducks out to go talk to her head of security and leaves them alone. Greer says Jose can spend a couple of days training her team so they can better protect her and her family. Given the touchy political situation, that’s all he can offer – but he wishes he could do more.

Wendell Pierce, Cristina Umana in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Gloria says she didn’t mean to sound ungrateful, and Greer asks why she asked him for help. I thought we already covered that – you know, the whole giving-her-daughter-a-bullet thing? But whatever. Gloria tells him she needs “someone Reyes can’t buy off” – and, she says, she thinks she’s a pretty good judge of character. Aww. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m starting to ship these two.

Back in London at the hotel, an MI-5 Agent walks Harry to the elevator. She asks if he’s going to help her pack too – he just says his orders are to not let her out of his sight until she’s on the plane. They get on the elevator and head up – but as soon as the doors open on her floor, the poor MI-5 guy takes one right in the head courtesy of Faceless, One-Eyed Max. He pulls the stop button and corners Harry, asking if she’s working with Jack. She says yes, but only to save him. Max says she ruined his plans. Harry tries to caress his face, but he turns away, saying she needs to stay out of his way.

Harry asks Max to let Jack go, and Max laughs at her as he presses the gun into her side, saying he means something to her. But she says no, he “taught her better than that.” He says, “obviously not well enough,” and tells her to go home – with the gun still pointed at her. Then he takes off, and a visibly shaken Harry takes the MI-5 guy’s gun and makes a run for it before anybody discovers the poor dead dude in the elevator.

Tom Wlaschiha, Noomi Rapace in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

Jack calls Greer from Thorne’s swanky pad and tells him about finding Max’s bank account. He tells him Thorne lied about just making introductions and that Cinco Palmas made a huge deposit into Max’s account the day before the hit on Sen. Moreno. Jack reiterates that they have to find the lawyer, Monica Hererra – but then he cuts Greer off when Harry calls him.

Jack meets up with her at the Tate Modern Museum and Harry tells him about Max’s daughter, Annabelle. Jack’s pissed that she didn’t mention her before, but Harry says there are some lines she won’t cross – like using kids as bait. Of course, that’s exactly what she’s doing now, but she tells Jack it’s either this or he dies. Jack asks why Max didn’t just kill her when he had the chance. Harry says that despite what he says, Max cares about her – her and Annabelle. Jack asks what she cares about, and she just says, “I learned from his mistakes.” Jack asks how they’re supposed to find Annabelle – Harry tells him where she’s going to school, and that they can get there fastest by train.

Cristina Umana in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

In the Catia barrio, Gloria does another round of meet-and-greet with the locals as she makes her way to her next speech, this time in front of an even bigger crowd. Gloria talks about her parents and their working-class jobs, that they were humble but proud. But, she says, in the current situation it’s impossible for the people just to feed their families. Inflation makes their money worthless, even though the country is rich in natural resources. Gloria says the people aren’t seeing any of that wealth, because Pres. Reyes has sold them out. She says he must be held accountable. And the crowd goes wild with cheers and chants of support.

Back in England, Jack and Harry head for the train at Liverpool Station – followed by Max, who spots Harry as soon as they’re on board their train. Harry sees him too and makes a quick decision – she grabs Jack and gives him a kiss. Aww. Then she ducks out of the train as it’s departing, telling Jack to find Annabelle. Then she takes off, leading Max away – she jacks some poor dude’s car, but before she can drive off, Max catches up and shoots her in the shoulder. Max yanks her out of the car and demands to know where they were going. She says, “F**k you.” And Max is like, no, f**k you and shoots her in the foot. Ouch. He grabs her phone and her ticket – to King Edward University. He takes off, leaving Harry alive and hurting.

John Krasinski, Àine Rose Daly in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

At the university, Jack finds Annabelle in the library. She asks to see his ID and he gives her his passport. She takes a wild guess and says he must work for the US government. Duh. Jack says her dad’s in serious trouble – but Annabelle says if that were true, the BND would be helping him. Jack says Max has info the government can use, so he can help him. Annabelle says she doesn’t know where he is and tries to leave. Jack grabs her arm and she whips that hair stick out and stabs him in the hand. Ow.

Annabelle runs and he chases her – and when Jack catches up, he pulls out the gun to scare her. He says he just wants her to call him. Annabelle’s like, “or what?” Jack says Max isn’t who she thinks he is – that he left BND 2 years ago and now kills people for money. She says he’s lying – but Jack says, “I think you know I’m not.” Then Jack’s phone rings – the ID says it’s Harry, but it’s Max. He demands to speak to Annabelle. Jack says Max doesn’t get to set the rules. He says he needs to know who hired him to kill Sen. Moreno. Max says they need to meet in person, and Jack’s like, “you know where I am.”

Wendell Pierce, Cristina Umana in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

At Bonalde HQ, Gloria and Valentina are checking a map, trying to see where to concentrate their attention. Greer comes in and says she should focus on some other areas known to be strongholds for Reyes. Social media shows the tide is turning in her favor. Gloria thanks Greer for Jose’s help and that there haven’t been any new threats. But she says she’s still scared that her kids will pay the price for her decision to run for office. Greer says that her kids must also be the reason she’s running. Gloria guesses he has kids too and Greer tells her about his son and daughter. She asks about his wife and when Greer says he’s divorced, Gloria says at least he has some closure. Greer says he can’t imagine being in her situation. She says she doesn’t know if it’s better to hold onto hope, or move on. Greer looks like he’s about to say something not-so-encouraging, but then he just says hope isn’t a bad thing. He leaves then, saying the people deserve a leader like her. Aww. Yeah, I’m definitely shipping it.

Greer then gets a call from November, who says they’ve intercepted a call from Gen. Ubarri to his wife. Sounds like the whole audio surveillance tactic worked – he’s spooked. November says he’s going to pay him a visit, and that night as the family arrives at a restaurant for dinner, we see November sitting in the bar. Ubarri heads for the restroom and he follows, meeting him by the sinks. November says Reyes is starting to doubt his loyalty – then he asks if he’s ever been to Miami, saying it’s one of the better cities to live in “if your English isn’t so bueno.”

Michael Kelly, Francisco Denis in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

November says the US can protect his family in exchange for his cooperation. They can fly them to the US from Curaçao (an island off the Venezuelan coast). All he needs is information on the mining operation and how it connects to the hit on Sen. Moreno. Ubarri says there’s another option – he could just go to Reyes and tell him that CIA’s trying to get to him. November just smiles at him and says, “Who said anything about the CIA?” and leaves him with a burner phone. And back in the jungle, Mateo Bastos (Eduar Salas) uses the laptop Reyes gave him to track Not-John-Clark and the crew as they make their way toward Marcus’ location. Bastos says they can catch up to Matice by morning as he and a bunch of guys head out after them.

Back at King Edward U, Jack, Annabelle and Max all arrive at their meeting point. As soon as Max can see that she’s alright, Jack lets Annabelle go and she runs off. Then Jack asks Max who hired him – and all he’ll say is that everything was done electronically. Jack insists that Reyes was behind the hit on Moreno, but Max won’t confirm or deny. He just says that it would make sense if he was. Jack then asks the same question a different way, saying, “It wasn’t him?” and Max says no. So Jack asks who was behind it. Max just says he didn’t come there to “unburden” him – but seeing his anguish “is a happy accident.”

Noomi Rapace, Àine Rose Daly in TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN

And just as Max draws his weapon, he takes a shot in the head courtesy of Harry, standing behind him. Jack runs over to her and she looks like she’s in shock – probably from those two gunshot wounds she couldn’t possibly have gotten taken care of in such a short time – and Harry just says she had no choice. She tells Jack he has to go, now. He takes off and then Harry kneels down beside Max. She gives him a kiss as the cops show up and Annabelle comes running over. Nearly hysterical, Annabelle insists that Jack killed him – and that what he told her about her father wasn’t true. And Harry just comforts her, without saying anything.


As I said a couple of times in this review-cap, I am officially a Greer/Gloria shipper. I know Gloria’s all about her missing husband but I mean, how sweet are they? Such a great dynamic between them, terrific chemistry. I could totally see it working. Oh, and I also want to see a Mike November spinoff. Seriously, that scene with Ubarri just cemented it. He’s the coolest. I would totally watch that show.

I also loved all the scenes with Harry and Max. They also had great chemistry – “had” being the operative word. It’s a shame the extent of their relationship started and ended with this episode. And while I’m on the subject, I have to say I was really rolling my eyes at this whole thing with his daughter. I mean, seriously? Max was an experienced spy before he became a hitman, so what the hell’s he doing with a kid? There were any number of ways to bring Max and Jack to a meeting point – hello, wouldn’t Harry have been enough? I just don’t buy that a guy who’s as good at his job as Max would have such a glaring vulnerability that’s so easy to exploit. It just seems like a pretty weak solution to the whole Max issue. And why do we need a solution at all? Why not let Max live to fight another day? I mean, we already know that the series has a third season order, so why kill off a perfectly good villain? That just bummed me out. And I also have to wonder if this is the extent of Noomi Rapace’s involvement in the season as well, which would be another huge bummer. But I guess we’ll see.


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