During the Tokyo Game Show 2019 this week, we got our first real look at Capcom‘s upcoming Resident Evil installment, Project ResistanceThe first trailer that dropped a few days ago had everyone questioning what kind of co-op game we are going to be getting. The four characters were making their way through a newly abandoned Umbrella Corp facility as they battle against iconic Resident Evil baddies. We also got a peak at the man who seems to be running the show, a secret mastermind who is controlling the ever changing environment are heroes are traversing. The trailer closes as the mastermind takes control of one of the biggest bad guys in Resident Evil history, Mr. X. A lot of speculation occurred over the last couple days, but we finally have our answers.

Project Resistance is a 4 vs 1 style game that includes horror experience similar to Dead by Daylight. What we know is that there are currently four playable survivors, two male fighting, a female healer and female tech type player. They each have their own special abilities that will become useful as the group makes their way through the facility. The other half of this 4 vs 1 is the mastermind. They use security cameras to follow the survivors and change up the game by dropping in traps, letting loose enemies, looking doors and much more. We also know that they survivors have five minutes to make their way through the facility and safely exit. We aren’t quite sure if they are going to need to accomplish any other tasks along the way, but I am sure no matter what it is it won’t be easy. 

Personally I am a fan of 4 vs 1 games like Dead by Daylight and the upcoming Gold Express, so Project Resistance looks to be right up my alley. I am a bit worried if we are only going to be getting four survivors to pick from. A few mechanics that tend to work really well in these games and adds to replayability is the ability to level your survivors and killers, play on different maps and use different abilities. Of course this is a first look for us so things can change vastly from now until the eventual release. The idea of controlling to mastermind seems extremely fun and I can’t wait to see how people plan to play him. I am sure over time, we will get additional add ons in game to help spice things up. Not to mention it is a game set in the Resident Evil world, that alone has me interested.

We have no release date just yet for Project Resistance, but they have announced a closed beta set to start on Friday October 4th at 12 am PST to Monday October 7th at 12am PST on Xbox One and PS4. Players interested and meet the qualifications can sign up on their website here. Check back with us over the next couple months for updates!


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Julia Roth
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