It’s hard to believe that this is the series finale of Titans. I do not doubt that Season 4, Episode 12, “Titans Forever,” will send me on an emotional roller coaster. 

The episode starts with the Titans trying to get to the lower levels of the building where Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) is. They find the code to the doors changed. Meanwhile, Sebastian meets his father, Trigon, as he rises. Trigon tells Sebastian they will rule together as equals, and when he agrees, Raven (Teagan Croft) interrupts. She projects herself down below while still being up there with the Titans. After urging Sebastian not to trust their father, he reveals Trigon has something he needs and attacks him. 

While Sebastian defeats Trigon, Rachel (Croft) sees an unconscious Conner (Joshua Orpin). Brother Blood (Morgan) rips his father’s heart out as he appeals to her as their only family. She refuses him, and he absorbs Trigon’s power. Rachel returns to her body upstairs to share this with the team. When it’s all clear, they retrieve Conner, believing him dead. Getting the team back to the RV, Dick (Brenton Thwaites) infuses Conner with red kryptonite, hoping for it to work. Nothing changes. As they drive, Kory (Anna Diop) and Dick reminisce, and he senses Kory saying goodbye. Dick urges her to change her mind just as Gar (Ryan Potter) finds Sebastian. 

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The team suits up, and everyone admires Tim’s (Jay Lycurgo) new Robin suit. The Titans all prepare to take on Sebastian, but he disappears. Dick believes it is an illusion and distraction. We see Sebastian arrive at S.T.A.R. Labs. When he’s recognized by one of the employees, he confronts her about the lab shutting down his game. Bernard (James Scully) wakes up, seeing the interaction on the monitors as he kills everyone in the vicinity. 

Being one of the only people alive, he calls the Titans, telling them about Sebastian heading to the Icarus lab. He explains that Project Icarus is a controllable wormhole that can send any object anywhere in the universe. Kory realizes Brother Blood wants to use the wormhole to destroy Tamaran. Because of this, Kory tells Gar to stop the RV. Dick follows her, urging her to let them help her. 

Brother Bood standing facing forward in Titans.

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After Brother Blood accesses the Icarus Gate, he learns of the power it needs to become fully operational. Because of this, he plans to use Starfire (Diop) to power the device by simply using her powers in the room. As the Titans advance on Sebastian, Kory separates from them, and they must find her. As they frantically look for her, Bernard locates her instead. They believe Sebastian lured her there with magic. The team realizes she’s his solution. 

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Sebastian confronts Kory, telling her he will destroy Earth and Tamaran. He reveals Trigon’s biggest fear is Earth and Tamaran joining forces. Brother Blood admits he will never have anyone ruling over him. He informs Kory of his plan to use her to charge the Icarus Gate. When Kory refuses to help, he restrains and drains her of her power. While trying to fight into the room, the Titans battle the six armed guards. After besting the guards, they take on Sebastian. 

On coms, Bernard guides them on disarming the system. As the wormhole continues to close in, Gar tries to disarm cables that allow the system to target Tamaran. Rachel attempts to free Kory while Tim and Dick fight Brother Blood. With Gar’s attempts to disarm the wires, he nearly gets sucked into the wormhole. With some quick thinking, Tim helps him, and Sebastian nearly bests Dick. Rachel reaches Kory through memories since she can’t remove the cables draining Kory. Once she’s awake, Rachel releases her from her bindings. Just in time, Conner arrives to help eliminate Brother Blood. 

As Nightwing decrees they won and plans to toss Brother Blood to the other side of the universe, Starfire intervenes. Sebastian wakes up, and she flies high into the skies with him. The team rushes outside just in time to see an explosion in the sky. 

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The scene changes to Christmas with the Titans decorating a tree, talking about kindness and the future yet to come. The moment switches to the Titans looking up into the sky, realizing Kory sacrificed herself to save them. As thunder rumbles, they see Starfire touch down. Starfire and Nightwing share a long-awaited kiss as the other Titans look on before she goes to them for a group hug. 

The team goes to dinner, and Gar breaks the news he’s leaving to get more answers in The Red. He promises to be there if they need him. Rachel shares that she applied for college at Bludhaven University. Tim tells the team he’s splitting time between Gotham and Metropolis, while Conner shares he will return to Metropolis to spend time with Superman. 

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Conner takes a moment away, and Dick joins him. He shares he’s not the same guy Clark wants to meet. Dick offers wisdom on the line between good and bad guys. Dick and Kory walk together after dinner, discussing the team leaving them alone, but he vows they’ll survive. The two have a very cute moment talking about a human and Tamaranean union. 

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I really enjoyed the last episode. Although my heart aches that this is the series finale, I feel it ended perfectly. We know everyone’s next steps and have the assurance that for them as a team, it wasn’t a full goodbye to each other but a goodbye for now. Gar vows to return when needed, and Rachel invited them to visit her in college. I also love that we get the sense that Dick and Kory end up together. I adored the Titans and their amazing journey on which they’ve taken us these past four seasons. 

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