With the last episode ending the way it did, I could not wait for Titans Season 4, Episode 8, “Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory.”

The episode opens with Dick (Brenton Thwaites) and Kory (Anna Diop) waking up in bed together. Neither of them remembers how they got there nor how they got into the pajamas they have on. Next, we see May (Franka Potente) and Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) speaking to the congregation in a church. After each saying a few words on their journeys, Sebastian retrieves the horn spurring cheers from said congregation. Just before ending, May and the congregation agree to find and kill Rachel (Teagan Croft). 

Upon seeing ravens in the sky, the sheriff plans to follow them in hopes of finding Rachel. Back at the mysterious house, Dick and Kory inspect it. Looking around, Kory finds photos of the two of them, showing they live there. The pair discover they’re supposed to be a couple named Ted and Carol. 

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When May wants to leave, Sebastian requests to see Rachel. He desires to kill her himself. Because May doesn’t trust his resolve, they disagree. After storming off, Sebastian finds Rachel tied up, and he discovers the wounds he inflicts on her reflects on him. He can’t hurt her without hurting himself. She insists that May knew this information and that there are consequences for blowing the horn. Angering Sebastian, Rachel explains that their father and his mother are using him. 

Once May sees Sebastian’s inability to kill Rachel, she advises the sheriff to do so. Sebastian and May leave the town. When Dick and Kory enter the diner, they play along in the guise of Ted and Carol. They learn of the town’s plan to kill Rachel. The waitress offers to tell them where Rachel is. They explain that in a couple of hours, Dick and Kory will forget who they were, and it won’t return. 

The Sheriff talking to Dick as Kory walks up

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In speaking with the waitress and her father, they reveal they’re deaf, which helps them remember their lives. Someone in town installed a receiver behind Dick’s and Kory’s ears like others in town. This causes them to forget who they are. It doesn’t work on the pair who are deaf, as the rest of the town doesn’t know this information. They blend in because they are lipreaders. Back at the motel, Bernard (James Scully) tells Tim (Jay Lycurgo) he located Starfire’s (Diop) spectral signature. They set a plan to find Caul’s Folly. As they follow the signature, they find a radio tower. There, Tim hears the faint sounds of music from a stranger listening to a radio, claiming to be waiting for his dad. 

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In Caul’s Folly, Dick has an idea to record painful memories to help them find their way if they forget. Kory disagrees with this idea but offers to try. The pair go to separate rooms and record painful memories of their lives. When they reunite, Kory has already lost her memory. While Bernard continues looking for signatures, the stranger, William, tells Tim he can feel his dad and sister there. The pair disagree on their next steps. Bernard wants to leave to gather data at the lab, and Tim wants to stay and trust William’s feelings. Even though it will strand Tim, Bernard leaves. 

When Dick attempts to play Kory’s painful memories, it doesn’t work. She remains as Carol. Just as Dick sees the ravens outside, he follows them to the church and encounters the sheriff, demanding he returns Kory. At the church, police officers surround Dick as others arrive to kill Rachel. Before they attempt, Rachel tells them of her mark and Trigon’s return. She spreads doubt between the two offices while Dick fights off the other officers in a separate part of the church. When the officers shoot each other, Dick arrives to save Rachel just in time. Dick and Rachel set out to stop the music at the radio station. 

At the radio station, Bernard returns with an idea. He figures the team is in a different dimension and creates a plan to get a signal through. William plays a song for his father and sister, Megan, the waitress. His father can hear the song in his head and realizes William is out there. Dick, Kory and Rachel arrive at the station, but Dick fades in and out who he is. Kory stays in the car, picking up Dick’s recording. She hears his regret for not expressing his feelings to her, causing a flash of memory. Just as Dick fades into Ted, he gets attacked, and Rachel must remind him of who he is. 

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He then fights back, and they find someone hooked into the radio system. Dick destroys the tubes filled with blood connecting the person to the system and then bashes the system itself, stopping the music. In the neighboring dimension, sparks fly, causing Bernard, Tim and William to retreat. William finds his dad and Megan, and when Dick goes back for Kory, he finds her missing from the car and the sheriff there with a gun. Before he can fire, Kory punches him. The team reunites, and we see Sebastian out for a drink when Conner (Joshua Orpin) unexpectedly sends him a beverage. The pair to the future. 

Bernard driving and Tim on the passengers' side in a car

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This episode had me on the edge of my seat! There were so many moments that left me speechless. Kory losing herself and becoming Carol, only to eventually listen to Dick’s recording instead of her own to bring herself back was amazing. I love the subtlety of their relationship and the little nuggets we get. I’m still wondering where Gar is, and I hope next episode we at least get some insight into what Conner has up his sleeve.

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