Titans season four, episode eleven, “Project Starfire,” is the last episode before the series finale. I can’t wait to see what action-filled moments this episode gives us tonight. 

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The episode begins with Starfire (Anna Diop) dreaming. She wakes up in S.T.A.R. Labs, after facial recognition finds no matches on Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) spottings. She finds Dick (Brenton Thwaites) telling him about their search and the two share a brief moment together before heading back to the lab. Tim (Jay Lycurgo) checks in on Bernard (James Scully) who has been having continuous seizures.  Dick tells Tim he needs him back in Gotham to get information on Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) from a guy named Venta. Although the errand seems easy, Dick warns him to keep his eyes open and come back in one piece. He gifts Tim a super suit as the new Robin. 

As Sebastian watches the news and demands Conner  (Joshua Orpin) tell the Titans to give his powers back. Conner denies that’s the case and blames Mother Mayhem and suggests they kill her. Mother Mayhem returns to her lair and her followers. She asks one of her followers for her heart because it’s filled with unwavering devotion. When she consents, Mother Mayhem rips it from her body crushing it and turning it into a glowing jewel. 

Back in Gotham, clad in his new suit, Tim fights two criminals in search of Venta. The criminals nearly shoot him just as Jason Todd (Curran Walters) saves the day. After being apart for so long, Gar (Ryan Potter) and Rachel (Teagan Croft) talk about the changes they are going through. A S.T.A.R Labs employee shows Kory an alert, and she leaves without telling the rest of the team. Dick and the team then make a plan to search for her. 

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With Conner missing from the office, May makes her move to convince Sebastian to bring back Trigon. She promises him the act will give him everything he’s ever wanted. She hands him the jewel and takes the horn setting a time to meet up. The Titans question S.T.A.R Labs employees about Kory’s whereabouts. They find out Kory left in search of Conner after an advanced tracker locked onto his heat vision signature. In Gotham, Tim helps Jason with an equation he’s working on. 

Conner returns and Sebastian shares his plan to summon his father which will get his powers back. Even though Conner expresses the belief that May is lying to him, Sebastian protests. Conner brings him proof in the form of May’s right-hand man, The Confessor. While in Gotham, Jason and Tim spar. When he sufficiently defends himself, Jason tells him to suit up. In search of answers, Kory finds Lex’s old associate who corresponds with Conner. She tells Kory and the Titans who belatedly join her Conner stopped corresponding with her. 

Sebastian standing facing forward and Conner standing next to him.

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Conner tortures The Confessor until he shares what will happen when Trigon returns. He tells Sebastian Trigon will reduce him and everyone else to ash as he cleanses the earth. This news angers Sebastian.  Even though Dick and the other Titans came to back her up, Kory asks to let her do this alone. She tells Dick this is supposed to end with her. Interrupting them, Gar shows the team Lex’s files called Project Starfire. It was a plan to replicate her blue-light powers. They take all his files to find Lex’s Lab and the weapon. Conner also has a copy of these files. This information sends the team into a race to get to the weapon before Conner can destroy it.  

Tim looks for Jason downstairs after suiting up, only to find trouble and an attack waiting for him. Shimmer’s gang nearly bests him, but he defeats them all. A timely entrance from Jason reveals he watched the entire fight without offering to help. After The Confessor reveals his truths, Conner tells Sebastian the blood running through the man’s veins is infused with Mother Mayhem’s magic. He wants to transfer that power to Sebastian. He advises the man to drink from The Confessor after he stabs him. Once the deed is done, Sebastian feels her power within himself. 

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Although his time in Gotham was eventful, Tim didn’t find Venta. Jason gives him keys to a motorcycle for his trip back to Metropolis. We find out Dick sent Tim to Gotham so Jason could train Tim without Tim’s knowledge. He assures Dick that Tim will be a better Robin than him. While trying to find the weapon and the lab, the Titans encounter Conner. He raises his hands in surrender and tells them he’s on their side. Conner explains his plan to Dick and apologizes. Dick trusts Conner to continue the trek with them through Lex’s lab. 

They find the orb, but it doesn’t have a power source. The orb needs Kory’s blue light in order to stop Brother Blood. While the hope is to stop Brother Blood, there is a small chance the orb could kill them all. The heat index climbs as Kory infuses the orb and Conner stabilizes it. When Dick sees the instability of the orb, he urges them to retreat. She and Conner remain throughout the dangerous levels. Dick cuts the power to the lab to save them. 

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With the orb partially charged, they hand it over to Conner to get it close to Sebastian. He dashes away with the promise not to let them down. Sebastian goes back to Mother Mayhem’s lair, this time in the company of Conner. He threatens to destroy the horn even though Mother Mayhem protests. He stabs her with the horn as Conner looks on, transferring her power to himself. 

Conner launches the orb at Sebastian, but it doesn’t work effectively. He catches Conner by surprise and incapacitates him. The Titans realize they shut the orb off too soon. It wasn’t powerful enough. With Conner knocked out, Sebastian uses the horn and Kory tells the Titans her way is the only way to end this. 

This episode left me on the edge of my seat so many times. The moments between Jason and Tim were amazing. Finding out at the end that it was all Dick’s plan to get him ready for the Robin suit made it even better! I’m also relieved that Conner is very much still a Titan. My worry for the last episode is who survives this battle against Brother Blood! 

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