Our last episode of Titans took us on a wild ride, and I can’t wait to see where Season 4 Episode 10, “Game Over,” takes us. 

The episode opens with Cliff (Brendan Fraser) from the Doom Patrol greeting Gar (Ryan Potter) as he wakes up. Much to Gar’s dismay, after inquiring about what happened, Cliff, Larry (Matt Bomer) and Vic (Joivan Wade) explain they don’t know where they are. The house isn’t theirs, and plants are blooming throughout it without a way out. 

At a bar, Conner (Joshua Orpin) tells Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) he’s taking over Lex Corp and tries to convince him to sever ties with May (Franka Potente). When he asks Sebastian about his dream, Sebastian tells him he wants to make games. This prompts Conner to ask him to join him at Lex Corp. He offers to make his dreams a reality. 

After his encounter with Conner, Sebastian meets up with May. When she mentions her visions for Metropolis and Trigon, Sebastian disagrees with her plans to summon Trigon. With his reservations, May hurls insults, calling Sebastian weak and sparking his tears. She continues to chide him, pushing him to use his abilities to set her on fire before retreating. 

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As Conner’s plans move forward, he gives a press conference, officially claiming his birthright of Lex Corp. We also see Sebastian sitting on the panel behind him. While the conference goes on, the Titans watch on from S.T.A.R Labs. Rachel (Teagan Croft) proposes a plan to go to Lex Corp and confront Conner. Kory (Anna Diop) and Dick (Brenton Thwaites) have reservations about the plan and want to sideline Rachel until they can sever her tie with Sebastian. Just as Kory exits the room, she ends up in the mysterious home with Gar and the Doom Patrol. Catching her by surprise, she punches Vic. Gar and Kory reunite, and they all reveal to Kory they’re trapped there. 

At Lex Corp, Conner shares the business plan for Sebatian’s game. When Sebastian has reservations about the potential of the game failing, Conner offers words of wisdom. Back at S.T.A.R Labs, Dick gives Rachel the choice of using black magic to break her tie with Sebastian. Left alone with his code, Sebastian hears his mother’s voice, which drives him to alter the code with his own abilities. While in Sebastian’s office, Conner finds the horn. He realizes he can’t lift it or destroy it. When he hears Sebastian coming, he quickly moves away from the horn. Sebastian thanks Conner for giving him a choice and assures him that May will no longer be a problem. 

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Kory questions Gar about why The Red stuck them in Doom Patrol’s house. He admits he doesn’t have the answers as The Red has a will of its own. Gar shares all he has been through and the balance he found. When she urges him to get them out of there, he assumes The Red brought her there to find her balance. 

Sebastian standing with Conner looking over his shoulder in Titans Season 4 Episode 10, "Game Over."

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With Dick, Rachel agrees to go through with the dark magic, and he finds someone who will do the spell. When Rachel expresses reservations, Dick assures her she has nothing to fear. Dick’s task is to kill the bond between Rachel and Sebastian when it takes physical form. If he neglects to kill it, Rachel dies. At Lex Corp, Sebastian launches his game. It becomes a viral hit nearly instantly. Through a text message conversation with Lex’s old colleague, Mercy, Conner finds out the horn is indestructible. When she warns him about Sebastian, he insists he has Sebastian’s trust and tasks her with finding a solution to ending Sebastian. 

At S.T.A.R Labs, Tim (Jay Lycurgo) finds Bernard (James Scully) unconscious and bleeding after he has played Sebastian’s game. Sebastian reveals to Conner that he’s feeding on the players as they are all connected to him. He tells the players will die and requests he and Conner chat about their future. 

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When Rachel’s bond to Sebastian takes form, Dick must fight it. She reveals it’s connected to her and feeding from her. Back at the Doom Patrol house, Gar and Kory beat the Doom Patrol at a game of tennis. The game gives Kory some balance, and she tells Gar she realizes she doesn’t need to hate Sebastian to stop him. This helps her realize she is returning because she loves what Sebastian is trying to destroy. 

Tim discovers Bernard and others worldwide are in a coma, but they don’t know what’s happening to him or why. The Doom Patrol team finds a back door sign, and they get trapped in a room that starts closing in on them. The team works together to blast the roof off the place and escape. This gets Gar and Kory back to S.T.A.R. Labs. 

After reuniting with Gar, Tim shares that Sebastian has created a game that’s also a spell that kills its players. Although the game only went out to players over eighteen, Sebastian finds the database of children. He insists he won’t leave children out of playing. 

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Tim must break the law and hack into Lex Corp servers to save them. Sebastian adds a magical boost to block the hack. The trio brainstorms, trying a backdoor into the servers instead. Conner helps the team by quickly opening a backdoor without Sebastian’s knowledge. 

Rachel rests her head on Tim's shoulder in Titans Season 4 Episode 10, "Game Over."

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Just as things look bleak for Rachel, Dick manages to finish the job, killing the connection. The Titans successfully delete the game, and Sebastian realizes he can’t feel Rachel anymore. When Dick and Rachel reunite with the team, he tells the Titans he looked at the hack and realizes that someone let them in rather than them breaking protocol. The team believes Conner is on their side. 

In the last scene, we see Mother Mayhem (Potente) rising from the dead. 

This episode had me on the edge of my seat! I appreciated the moment of reflection The Red provided Kory. I also enjoyed seeing that Conner is still a Titan at heart, but I can’t wait to find out if Bernard pulls through and what Mother Mayhem has in store next. 

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