With the title of Titans season four, episode six being “Brother Blood,” I can’t help my excitement in seeing just what becomes of Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) in this part one finale. 

While driving back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Kory (Anna Diop) and Rachel (Teagan Croft) talk about the vision Kory had. She tells her about Dick’s vision and how identical it was. 

Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) urges Sebastian to finish his transition by drinking from and submerging his body into the well of blood. A shivering Sebastian declines, revealing he only came back to save Kory and Rachel. 

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When they make it back, Kory explains Sebastian’s sacrifice as Conner (Joshua Orpin) joins the team. He has shaved his head and has a new attitude. He challenges the team’s view on murder, urging them to murder Sebastian.

When Gar (Ryan Potter) separates from the group, he gets an unsettling vision. He hears Conner’s voice before the interaction even happens, almost as if he can see the future. 

In response to a resistant Sebastian, Mother Mayhem takes him on a trip down memory lane through his childhood. She takes Sebastian through all the mishaps in life where others punish him for being stronger or smarter. Because of his resistance, Mother Mayhem insists she won’t force him to transition.

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Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Conner comes up with the plan to remove the illusion of the blood moon using Lex Corp satellites. As he bosses those in the lab around, his personality is eerily reminiscent of Lex’s. He even gives Bernard (James Scully) an option to call him Mr. Luthor. 

Filled with concern, Dick (Brenton Thwaites) attempts to convince Conner to take some time to adjust after all he’s been through, but he declines. Interrupting the slight tension of Conner’s newfound behavior, Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) offers an idea to disorganize and reorganize a person with magic. 

Mother Mayhem standing looking off to the side.

Photo: Steve Wilkie/HBO Max

While they prepare for both plans, Jinx helps Rachel decide whether she wants her powers back. After consideration, Rachel agrees to allow Jinx to help her regain her abilities. 

A call from Bernard results in the team reconvening as they watch Conner in disbelief of his new attitude. Connor’s plan works, and with the blood moon gone, Mother Mayhem then turns her attention to the Lex Corp satellites suspecting the Titans. 

As another vision shakes Gar, he leaves to get some fresh air. He encounters a stranger who gives him a cryptic message, speaking his full name and advising him to go to The Red when the tower splits in half. The man disappears. 

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At the Lab, Dick expresses his concerns to Conner. Because of this, Conner unabashedly belittles his teammates’ abilities. After the Titans leave him, Conner has a lab tech trace an attempted hack of Lex Corp satellites. When he finds the location of the hack, he believes this is where Mother Mayhem is. 

Because of Sebastian’s refusal to complete his transition, he’s in pain. Mother Mayhem gives him her blood to ease the pain but continues showing him his past, hoping to convince him to transition.

In light of all that Sebastian has been through, Mother Mayhem has their followers prove their devotion. By having them remove their hoods, we see that three of the followers who came forth are the three people who shaped his life, making him feel inferior in the past.

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Kory finds out that she’s more powerful than before, being warned of her strength having the power to consume her. In response to Jinx’s help, Dick rewards her with the five million dollars he promised, and the team plans to disorganize Sebastian, transporting him back to the lab with the belief they can reorganize him after all the physical matter ends up there. 

Before the team can enact their plan, Conner finds Mother Mayhem’s lair, attempting to kill her. While trying to search out Sebastian in her mind, Rachel discovers that they have Conner. This causes the Titans to switch tactics. They have to break in and face them head-on to get Conner back. 

The Titans all gathered around a table looking down at a screen.

Photo: Steve Wilkie/HBO Max

With this new plan in place, Kory expresses her concerns to Dick due to the prophecies she saw. Dick’s obstinance of visions and prophecies prompts Kory to ask about the vision of their little girl. His nonanswer of why he didn’t tell her causes Kory to breeze by quoting his words back to him – “to hell with visions.” 

All suited up, the team prepares for a “smash and grab.” They plan to get in, get Sebastian and Conner and get out. With the blood moon returning, Sebastian has five minutes to complete the ritual. As he begins, Beast Boy (Potter) bursts through the wall in gorilla form. The rest of the Titans fight as Gar smashes the jewel holding Rachel’s magic. Her powers return, and instead of black, her cloak is white. 

Jinx’s plan to freeze Mother Mayhem backfires as she stabs Jinx. This leaves Starfire (Diop) to go toe to toe with her instead. Although Rachel pleads with Sebastian to come with them, he declines, completing his transition. 

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Sebastian’s transformation causes the cave to crumble in places. This sparks Gar to heed the words of the stranger to go to the Red. Just as he disappears, so does each one of the Titans. The episode ends with Sebastian entering the well of blood. 

This show really has a knack for making me sympathize with the villain. Sebastian’s life filled with feeling lesser tugged at my heart! And then seeing Dick and Kory talk about the vision with his complete unwillingness to believe in broke me too! 

We’re left with so many questions like, where did the Titans go? Are they in The Red with Gar? And what’s in store for Brother Blood? This part one finale didn’t disappoint. 

Titans is set to return in 2023. Season 1-4 is available on HBO Max

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