Our favorite team is back in action, and the countdown is on to keeping Sebastian safe this week with another exciting episode of Titans. Season four, episode five, “Inside Man,” starts off with Rachel (Teagan Croft) helping Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) process all he has learned about his life and parentage. 

The two bond over being children of Trigon and being half-siblings. On the monitors, Bernard (James Scully) and Tim (Jay Lycurgo) watch the pair, hoping to keep Sebastian safe. In the hall, Conner (Joshua Orpin) lifts his shirt to show he’s still bleeding. 

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Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) learns that her flock feels their work has been in vain. Even with the doubt, she ensures she will bring Sebastian home. We see what she means by this when a large snake slithers from a toilet in S.T.A.R. Labs. 

While spinning in his chair from boredom, Tim admits to Bernard that he thinks they’re keeping him out of the action. Bernard gives him some words of wisdom. During their stalk, Tim spots the snake. Despite being dissuaded, he rushes into action. 

The snake chases after the two, and they barely make it to safety, with Tim saving Bernard. After Tim shares this news with the rest of the team, they speculate about how the snake got there. To my surprise, Conner remains silent. Although Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) makes an ill-timed joke about Snakes on a Plane, the team comes up with a plan to catch it. After it’s caught, she will use her magic to kill it. 

Kory facing forward

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As the team splits off, Gar (Ryan Potter) learns about The Red from Jinx. It’s the place he normally sees with the red sky. As they talk, they find a dead body with its face ripped off. He radios back to the team as Conner experiences excruciating pain. 

In a complete 180 turn, Conner offers to take over watching Sebastian so Rachel can have a break. He says Dick instructed him to. Dick (Brenton Thwaites) and Kory (Anna Diop) disagree about how to handle the situation with Sebastian. Encountering the two, Rachel learns they have no clue about Conner watching Sebastian. 

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Mother Mayhem speaks through Conner to give Sebastian a message, sowing the seeds of distrust of the Titans. When Dick and Kory arrive, Conner attacks. Just in the nick of time, Jinx stops Conner with her magic. 

This buys them enough time for Rachel and Kory to escape with Sebastian. Dick talks to a kryptonite-cuffed Conner, who has something moving in his abdomen. 

Kory takes Sebastian and Rachel to the physical diner similar to the one she visited in her mind. When she uses the jukebox, it makes the patrons disappear and brings forth a familiar face from home. She gives Kory a warning for their safety, Sebastian’s destiny and Kory’s inability to keep them safe. 

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With Sebastian lost, Mother Mayhem gets news of his whereabouts. Because they can’t retrieve him, she prays to Trigon for help. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Conner gets an 80 percent probability of organ failure and plays mind games with Dick. He advises Gar to put Conner under. 

As Jinx is their last hope of saving Conner, they must magically expel the snake from his body. The trio hatch a plan of Gar turning into a virus to attack the snake inside Conner. He must turn into a carrier agent to carry Jinx’s blue ash, which can expel the snake. The only downside is if Conner dies, so does Gar. With no exit strategy, he also risks getting stuck. 

Desperate to retrieve Sebastian, Mother Mayhem makes a sacrifice in the name of Trigon. Back at the lab, Dick asks Gar to consider what he’s planning. Gar assures Dick of his decision. 

Mother Mayhem staring into red glowing water

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After Gar enters Conner’s body and attempts to infect the snake, Conner’s heart gives out. They give him a shot of adrenalin, and when all is calm, and then the snake exits Conner’s body. Tim saves the day and Bernard once more, using his quick reflexes to kill it. 

Still, at the diner, Rachel and Sebastian continue to bond as Kory gets a glimpse of the same vision Dick had last season with their future daughter. The happy moment of a birthday party surrounded by friends dies away as everyone disappears. This vision was to show how Sebastian will cause the end of days. Kory has to decide whether to stop Sebastian before he can hurt anyone. 

When Kory decides against it as if on queue, Mother Mayhem arrives in the diner. As much as Kory tries to fight her, Sebastian jumps in the way to stop her from hurting them. He finishes the phrase she gave him at the jail and leaves with her after thanking Rachel for being kind to him. 

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Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Tim and Bernard share a kiss before they join Dick to successfully bring Gar back from virus form. The episode ends with Mother Mayhem welcoming Sebastian home as her followers chant, “Brother Blood.”

This episode sent me through so many emotions. I absolutely adored the shared sibling moments between Rachel and Sebastian. The scenes of him being grateful for her being kind to him truly made my heart ache. 

I also enjoyed the scene of Kory seeing the future of her and Dick having a daughter. The happiness on their faces with their little girl had me smiling, too. It’s definitely safe to say I want this future for them. But I did have moments where I held my breath, wanting to make sure Conner was okay and Gar came out of the virus form safely. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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