We have so much mystery to unfold and so much more to learn about in Titans episode four of season four, titled “Super Super Mart.”

The episode opens by taking us back to 1996. We follow May (Franka Potente) at work, using her magic to bring dead flowers back to life but having a hard time with her boss. Shortly after, her boss jumps out a window off-screen. 

During a solo after-work drink, May meets a man who gives her a card with the words “The Organization” on the front. He prompts her to say the three magic words on the back of the card before he disappears. These are the same words she tried to get Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) to repeat in the present day. 

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Returning to the present, Kory (Anna Diop) and Dick (Brenton Thwaites) discuss Sebastian and the cryptic song she heard on the jukebox when she was stuck in her vision. Dick brushes it off. While in the RV, Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) teases Conner (Joshua Orpin) about Superman’s aversion to magic. 

Leaving the group to Jinx’s teasing, Rachel (Teagan Croft) joins Sebastian. They bond over their bad dreams and the connection they have. Sebastian reveals the words May prompted him to recite. These words resonate with Rachel. Because of this, she worries it could be the work of The Organization and the return of those from the asylum the Titans rescued her from. 

Rachel and Kory standing facing forward with Kory holding a book.

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Because of Rachel’s worries, Dick decides to check out the asylum. On the way, the group fills Jinx and Sebastian in on Rachel’s past. When they arrive, they discover a Super Super Mart where the Asylum once was. With a clue from circling crows, they go around back to around back. 

Mother Mayhem (Potente) and Gina watch on from their lair as she calls on the Hounds of Hell to eventually attack the Titans. 

In a flashback, we see a young May and Gina falling blindly into a pit to prove their faith. After they wake, they must climb their way out, but Gina betrays them. To her surprise, May climbed her way out as well. Of the two, May becomes the one to be their mystery leader’s Queen. 

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While beneath the Super Super Mart, the Titans find remnants of the old asylum perfectly intact. They believe the space was sealed off before. As they explored, Sebastian finds an old picture. He recognizes May as the woman from the police department. He then recognizes Gina as his neighbor. 

Kory finds a children’s book, identifying all of them as a part of the story, but Dick reasons with logic rather than buying into it. Dick and Kory realize their fire at the asylum was the reason May escaped the sealed-off holding cell. 

Tim (Jay Lycurgo) discovers old tapes as Jinx continues to challenge Conner about Superman. The team listens to the tapes to find that May has a son, but they take him away as the prophecy of the Chosen One is for a girl. Rachel realizes they were waiting for her and her mother all that time. The last thing they hear on the tapes is May calling Sebastian’s name. 

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They find that Sebastian and Rachel share the same mark on their shoulders. The weight of this sends Sebastian into a panicked appeal to the Titans to stop the prophecy from the children’s book, which shows the Titans dying. Jinx chimes in, advising they kill Sebastian. 

Cutting through the tension, Gar (Ryan Potter) informs them they just have to wait out the blood moon’s expiration. They agree to keep Sebastian safe until the moon expires. 

Dick standing alone facing forward

Photo: Steve Wilkie/HBO Max

As they strategize, an army of undead attacks the Titans. Just as the zombies are getting the best of the team, Jinx freezes them for a few seconds to buy time to escape. A zombie Death Stroke ruins their escape plan. They realize the zombies won’t hurt Sebastian. 

After Conner beheads Death Stroke, he reassembles his head, stabbing Conner. The knife actually penetrates his skin while Mother Mayhem looks on. They split up, planning to get Sebastian to safety. They use Jinx as a decoy allowing the zombie to believe they captured Sebastian, but it was Jinx. Instead, she freezes time again, killing the zombie and escaping with Dick. 

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, they plan to hold Sebastian there until the Red Moon expires.  Instead of leaving Sebastian, Rachel opts to stay with him. Heading to the bathroom, Conner vomits blood that turns into a serpent in the toilet. When asked if he’s okay, Conner lies, saying he’s fine. 

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I cannot believe the episode ended, and Conner didn’t tell the team about what happened to him! It definitely compromises the safety of everyone in the building. 

I really loved this episode and how it tied into season one. The way they pieced together the information left suspense until the very end. I feel bad for how terrified Sebastian must be at the moment learning of his mother and being the “chosen one.” As always, I can’t wait for next week’s episode. 

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