We’re strapping in for another week with Titans, Season 4, Epsiode 3, “Jinx.” The group takes us on another adventure of blood, mystery and crime fighting. After the first two episodes of the premiere, I can’t wait to see where episode three leads us next. 

“Jinx” begins with the Titans in a mad dash to get Rachel (Teagan Croft) to safety. She wakes, delivering devastating news of not being able to feel Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites). 

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Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) vows to take back what’s theirs as she transfers Rachel’s powers from the staff. Because of the loss of her magic, Rachel believes she’s lost her soul. Trying to be proactive and get more information on their new foe, Dick (Thwaites) gives the Titans orders. Most notably, sending Tim (Jay Lycurgo) to S.T.A.R. Labs to start his training officially. 

Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) gets a call, believing it to be the investors he met with offering to buy his game. We later find it is Mother Mayhem impersonating one of them. After splitting up, Kory (Anna Diop) and Dick travel to Bludhaven Penitentiary to get some insight from Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar). When the guards bring her out, they make a grave mistake, allowing her to escape. This leaves the pair without the answers they are looking for. They make a plan to find Jinx at an auction. 

Gar and Rachel standing in the woods facing forward

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Back in the RV, Rachel tells Gar (Ryan Potter) she may like not having powers and having a normal life. Gar reveals all that has been going on with the voices he’s been hearing. He cites hearing them call him a skinwalker and ask for him to join them. He hopes they can help him take down Mother Mayhem. 

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At S.T.A.R. Labs, Conner (Joshua Orpin) helps Tim train. Breaking up their verbal jabs at one another, Bernard alerts them to a break-in at a warehouse, with the only thing stolen being 40 gallons of blood. Just as Dick predicted, Jinx returns to the scene of her previous crime to steal a heart. Dick and Kory intercepted her, but Kory opens the box containing the heart, which turns Kory to stone. 

When Sebastian arrives to speak about the game deal, one of the investors reveals they never called him. The sound of chanting begins, and the investor gouges his eyes out with scissors, leaving Sebastian red-handed. 

In the forest, Gar sees the sky glow orangish red. To help Rachel see it, he takes her hand, and they agree to investigate together. 

Tim’s virtual simulation training isn’t going as well as he’d like, and Conner finds an occult symbol in CCTV footage, believing the recent murders are linked. In the car in search of a dark elf, Dick and Jinx bicker over their sordid history and his inability to trust her. 

Sebastian standing looking forward

Photo:Steve Wilkie/HBO Max

While stuck inside her own mind inside the statue, she gets a cryptic message about her destiny from a familiar face from home. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Conner finds a common genetic mutation link between victims, and they suspect Sebastian could be the next victim. 

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Back at a nightclub with Jinx, Dick attempts to make a trade of the heart for Kory’s stone spell to be lifted. When denied, Dick must fight for his life, physically and against magical forces. He realizes Jinx used him as a distraction to get to what she really came for. When he confronts her, he suspects she has a death mark, which she confirms is true.  

Seeing an opportunity, Dick helps Jinx with her money problems in exchange for Jinx lifting the spell and helping the Titans with their magic problems. Once released, an angry Kory threatens Jinx. Tim and Conner inform Dick of their findings and Sebastian’s arrest. After getting the news, Dick deduces that this has to be the work of Mother Mayhem. 

While in holding, Sebastian gets a visitor with the promise of making all of this go away and making his dreams come true. Before he can fall into Mother Mayhem’s clutches, Superboy (Orpin) bursts through the wall of his holding cell, snagging Sebastian and escaping to the car Dick has waiting. 

Still, on their quest, Gar and Rachel find the tree he’s been seeing in his visions. Gar deciphers the message he’s been hearing. He tells Rachel the world will fall to evil when the blood moon is full. 

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This episode really pulled me in even more! Mother Mayhem effectively pulls the strings, but the team is a few steps ahead in getting Sebastian out of there. I only wonder if it’s too late. I’m intrigued by Gar’s story and want to see his abilities continue to develop, and I also want to see Rachel come to terms with her abilities and find a happy balance when or if her abilities return to her. I can’t wait to see all the growth of the Titans individually and watch their growth as a team. I definitely want to see Jinx integrate into the team dynamic. 

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