With such a cliffhanger in the last episode, I can’t hit play fast enough on Titans season four, episode two, “Mother Mayhem,” to see just what the team has in store for us. 

The episode starts with another ominous dripping of blood outside the windows of a family’s home. The blood covers every window, and the hooded figure attacks the family. Back in Metropolis, the SWAT team apprehends Connor (Joshua Orpin), reading him his rights and holding him in a kryptonite cell for the murder of Lex Luthor. 

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The news is abuzz with this information, and Dick (Brenton Thwaites) and Kory (Anna Diop) rush to speak with him, assuring him they will free him. Dick tells Kory that Lex was watching her. They hatch a plan to look into what Lex was doing and also figure out how to clear Connor’s name. In the woods, Gar (Ryan Potter) scares Tim (Jay Lycurgo) as he teaches Tim how to track someone. After hearing mysterious voices, Gar runs off, nearly transforming but ultimately falling unconscious in the woods. 

While searching for information, Kory discovers one of Lex’s lairs. What she finds is a man from Lex Corp’s inner circle attempting to access Lex’s computer. In response to Kory’s demand for answers, he informs her of Lex Corp’s entire inner circle -except him- dying last night, choking on their own blood. 

Raven walking with hooded figure with a bone face mask lurking behind

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With a little brute force, Kory learns of Lex’s quest to fight death itself rather than his disease, getting caught up in the occult. After giving her this information, he dies, in the same manner Lex did, choking on his own blood. In Lex’s office, Raven (Teagan Croft) and Dick search for information. Because magic is involved, Raven can get a sense of what happened and can see where the person responsible has been.

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In the woods, Tim finally finds an unconscious Gar. Before they can investigate deeper into what happened, Dick calls, wanting to meet up. 

Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) spends time with his mother as she gives him words of encouragement about his hope of finding funding for his project.

Following Rachel’s lead, the team, minus Kory, enters the house where the hooded figure murdered the family at the start of the episode. Hearing a thumping sound upstairs, Dick and Rachel follow the sound to find a little girl, Aria (Emma Ho), trapped in her own nightmare. In the little girl’s nightmare, Raven tries to unmask the hooded figure but couldn’t see his face. She frees Aria from her nightmares, assuring her she’s safe. 

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Visiting Connor, Kory talks to him about Lex’s investigation into her. Connor offers insight into how he would think. She tries to give a doubtful Connor some hope. Sebastian gives his large-scale Tetris-like game presentation to potential investors. Although his presentation is passionate, the investors decline. With those declinations, he envisions each of them with blood dripping from their heads. This causes Sebastian to hastily retreat. 

The Titans’ search for the hooded figure leads them to a slaughterhouse. 

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There, they find people hanging from hooks. The person wearing the hood is collecting their blood. The team finds Aria’s father. Raven searches alone, using her abilities to capture the person responsible. She removes the mask with her magic, but flames engulf him. When Nightwing (Thwaites) arrives, she tells him the man set himself on fire. Arriving to visit his mother, Sebastian learns his mother has passed away. 

Mother Mayhem standing facing forward

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As Aria watches over her father in the hospital, Dick offers her words of wisdom to get through this difficult time. Now that Connor is free from murder charges, Dick informs him of the belief that Arthur Homewood killed Lex Luthor. He was the man wearing the hood and mask. The team gets back on the road, planning to leave all of Metropolis’s issues behind them. 

Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) stops the Titans on the highway, beckoning them for a fight. She effortlessly takes on and defeats each of the Titans one by one. Only Starfire’s (Diop) abilities are a match for her, causing an explosion. 

With all the Titans down, no one sees Mother Mayhem retreat. All but one of the Titans recovers. Rachel remains unconscious, her hair changing color and the glowing gem on her forehead fading away. In the closing scenes, we see Mother Mayhem rejoin her group of followers as they chant. In the taxidermy shop, Sebastian can hear the chanting as his mug shakes and overflows with blood. 

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Episode two definitely didn’t disappoint. I loved the pacing and the way the Titans went from having no clue what happened to Lex to Raven definitively feeling that Mother Mayhem was responsible. 

I enjoyed the action sequence at the end to display Mother Mayhem’s power and Starfire’s ability to match that power, saving the team. 

Next week can’t come fast enough to answer the burning question of what happened to Rachel. 

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