I couldn’t be more excited to dive back into Titans with Season 4, Episode 7, “Caul’s Folly.” 

The episode begins in Mother Mayhem’s (Franka Potente) lair as Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) emerges from a boiling pool of blood. He then explains he feels different and questions what he’s become. She tells him his followers will do anything he asks and advises their next step is bringing back his father. 

Shortly after, the Titans awake in an empty cave, and Raven (Teagan Croft) tells them they were in the death realm, and Gar (Ryan Potter) saved them even though he’s absent from the group. As Kory (Anna Diop) expresses regret, Conner (Joshua Orpin) and Dick (Brenton Thwaites) argue over the decisions that led them to lose the fight with Mother Mayhem and Sebastian. After Raven releases Jinx’s spirit from the cave, she reflects on her powers feeling different, and Conner finds a box buried below the surface from Lex. Lex left them a book of information to take down Mother Mayhem and a letter for Conner. 

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When opening the book, they find it’s in an ancient Tamaranean dialect. Dick offers to visit someone who can read it. Just as the team leaves, Conner goes missing. Back at their base, Rachel (Croft) and Tim (Jay Lycurgo) talk about her magic and darkness, and she urges him to respond to Bernard’s (James Scully) texts. 

Dick and Kory visit a foreign dialect specialist named Roberta. They inform her of the completed ritual of Brother Blood (Morgan). She tells them of a horn only to be used by one with Trigon’s blood. Roberta also gives an ominous assignment to Kory. She’s the one to end this, but it will also end her. 

Raven dressed in all white costume, eyes closed hands out with glowing pieces floating

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Once they reconvene with Rachel and Tim, they work together to decode a portion of the book to get the location of the horn. On a separate mission from Lex, Conner encounters an old enemy, one that helped create him. She urges him to avenge Lex and take back Lexcorp. With new information on Mother Mayhem, Conner has a choice to take the information to the Titans or to stop her himself. 

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While looking for the horn, Bernard arrives. He reveals he tracked the RV. They ask him to help. The team splits up, and Barnard and Tim hash out their relationship and Tim’s non-response to his texts. They agree to be friends and colleagues only. 

As the team drives, Kory notices a spot not on the map called Caul’s Folly. Behind them, Bernard and Tim watch the RV disappear on an open road. Kory, Dick and Rachel enter a diner, and a waitress reacts oddly to Rachel. Suddenly, Kory catches the view of a sheriff ticketing the RV. Because the town does not allow RVs, Kory tries to drive it out of town, but the road elongates. She shows Dick, and they realize they can’t get out of town. 

Back at the restaurant, Rachel glimpses the waitress arguing with her father. Just as she approaches, she passes out, and the waitress drags her to a van. She wakes tied up, finding out the waitress drugged her and her friends. The drug only works on those with alien blood. When questioned, Rachel admits to being the daughter of Trigon. The pair tells her the town is a curse. The curse traps them there, and the sheriff is the keeper of the horn. 

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While stopped on the side of the road, Tim and Bernard test their surroundings for energy to help find their friends. When they can’t find them, Bernard gets them each a motel room, although Tim doesn’t want to stop looking for the rest of the team. After a few moments of second-guessing, Tim joins Bernard in the adjoining room, admitting he doesn’t want to be just friends. The two share a kiss. 

Back in Caul’s Folly, Dick meets up with the sheriff. As he snoops, the sheriff and two others find him. He then asks for the horn but has to fight the three of them instead. When they best him, they drag him out unconscious, only to be met by Sebastian, May, and their followers. 

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There is so much information in this episode to work through, and it leaves so many questions unanswered. Where is Gar? What is Conner planning to do? I’m glad we’re back with our favorite team. There’s so much I hope they wrap up for the series’ final episodes. I can’t wait for the final showdown with Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, but I know it will be an incredible ride to get to that moment. 

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