We were originally going to see the Teen Titans TV series on TNT, however in the year since that was announced, it’s since changed hands to the CW and they’ve put it on their brand new digital streaming service to premiere in 2018. Just a couple days ago, Pirates of the Caribbean star Brenton Thwaites was added to the cast as Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin Nightwing, joining Anna Diop as Starfire and Teagan Croft as Raven, who had been cast previously.

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Today brings us news of yet another hero cast in the series with Alan Ritchson being brought in to play Hank Hall, a.k.a. Hawk. Hawk is a super strong, super fast hero who often fights alongside another hero named Dove, a.k.a. Dawn Granger. The two heroes compliment one another in that Dove is typically a more peaceful hero, with powers of flight, strength and healing. She is described by Deadline as “strategic, defensive and lithe.” However, Hawk is the more warlike of the duo, described in the article as “an aggressive, offensive bruiser.”

As the report says, the role right now is simply recurring with an option that they could get series regular in season two.

If you’re familiar with the superhero shows on the CW, then you are already familiar with Ritchson as he was Arthur Curry, yes, Aquaman, on Smallville.

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