“That’s just my face penis.”

We here at Geek Girl Authority believe that you should seize every day, be thankful for what you have and always, always………laugh at short people.

Yes, I said laugh at short people. Mean? No. I’m 6 feet tall and I’m pointed at like a caged zoo animal every day. It’s my burden.

Seriously, this Funny or Die video, titled Tiny Detectives, is hilarious and kudos to Kate Mara and Ellen Page for embracing their tininess with this True Detective parody. (And kudos to GGA friend Colton Dunn who co-stars in the video!!!) If I were to do a parody, I think it would be a Game of Thrones parody where I’m one of those Giants from The North, except I would actually succeed in breaking through The Wall, then keep running and stomp all the tiny people of Westeros and eat The Iron Throne, because, you  know, I’m a giant. Once that’s done, I would become pals with Brienne of Tarth and we’d cross the Narrow Sea to give a thumbs-up to Arya and then head South to say hey to the Khaleesi but I would accidentally sit on Daenerys and squash her. For some reason, her dragons would be super thankful about that and become our best friends. Brienne and I would then do some sight-seeing while flying on the dragons’ backs. And scene.


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Audrey Kearns