It’s a straightforward mission for the Time Team in the penultimate episode of Timeless‘s second season, “The General,” but the question of whether or not Jessica (Tonya Glanz) is Rittenhouse hangs over everyone like a cloud. 

Agent Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey) and Connor (Paterson Joseph) finally reveal to Wyatt (Matt Lanter), Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) that they’ve now found hundreds of photos of Jessica on the computer debris they salvaged from Rittenhouse HQ. The images go back to her early childhood, and although there’s no clear explanation for why Rittenhouse was watching her, it’s unlikely to be good. 

Agent Christopher wants Jessica to leave the bunker for everyone’s safety, but a defensive Wyatt shares that she’s pregnant and declares that if Jessica leaves, he’s going with her. He doesn’t get very far in his dramatic storming off before the alarm sounds to let them know that the Mothership has jumped to the Civil War. 

Rittenhouse’s Confederate sleeper, using a modern military history book provided by Emma (Annie Wersching), has stopped Harriet Tubman’s (Christine Horn) critical Combahee Ferry Raid in South Carolina, killing numerous black soldiers and initiating a ripple effect that should cripple the Union and ultimately win the Civil War for the South. Wyatt, Rufus, Lucy and Flynn (Goran Visnjic) arrive too late to stop the Confederates from gutting Tubman’s forces and convincing Colonel James Montgomery (Ben Bowen) to withdraw his troops and move on. 

Lucy decides she and Flynn should go after Montgomery and convince him to come back while Rufus and Wyatt stay with Tubman to prevent her from attempting to stage the raid without a large enough army. Rufus and Wyatt also plan to sneak into a celebration party at one of the plantations to uncover the Rittenhouse sleeper. 

Although Tubman is reluctant to delay, she recognizes Wyatt and Rufus from a vision she had and believes they’ve been sent by God. She tells them she’ll hold off on burning all the plantation fields as long as she can, but that they don’t have much time. 

The bros gain access to the party as a plantation owner and house slave, and it doesn’t take long for them to learn that one Confederate officer has uncanny fore-knowledge of Union activities. Before they can form a real plan for taking him out, he spots them talking together in an unnatural way for the place/time, figures out they’re after him and shouts that there are Union spies in the house. 

A gunfight breaks out between Wyatt, who has his 21st century pistol, and the outgunned sleeper. The desperate man takes the lady of the house hostage, demanding that Rufus and Wyatt let him get his bag and get out, but Rufus grabs the bag, empties it of its insider info and tosses the history book into the fire. 

The Confederate makes a run for it, but he’s gunned down by Harriet Tubman outside. She’s standing strong with Lucy, Flynn and Montgomery’s men behind her. (Lucy yelled at Montgomery for one minute, and he agreed to come.)

When the Time Team gets home, they see that the raid has a new name and date, but that its effects held firm and the North won the Civil War. 

While they were away, Jiya (Claudia Doumit) hacked Connor’s laptop and learned that he had another pilot he never told them about– a man who has been locked in an institution because he was having visions. She demands to be taken to him, and although he does seem pretty crazy, he tells her that the visions are a form of time travel and that she can stay in them longer if she stops resisting them. 

Before she gets a chance to show us how this works for her, she inadvertently finds the answer to whether Jessica is Rittenhouse. 

When Wyatt returned from the Civil War, he told Jessica he thinks she might want to leave the bunker for the health of the baby. She fought him on it, insisting that he’s not telling her something. The next morning he wakes up alone and goes in search of his wife only to find her forcing Jiya at gunpoint to pilot her away in the Lifeboat. Rittenhouse all the way, baby. 

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Elsewhere during this episode, Carol (Susanna Thompson) takes Nicholas Keynes (Michael Rady) to see his daughter’s (her mother’s) grave. The macabre field trip is intended to remind him that blood is thicker than whatever fluids he’s exchanging with Emma and that she isn’t to be trusted. 


Leona Laurie