Well this is quite unfortunate for fans who fought so hard this first time around. Timeless has not been picked up for a third season. EW reported that even after the major cliffhanger that was left at the end of season 2, the show has been canned again. But, not all hope is lost!

According to the article, the network and studio have been discussing on ending the show with a two hour film. It would not only give fans a conclusion on one of the their favorite shows, but give the characters some closure as well. Though, to be fair, it’s been a trend (or more specifically a joke) in television that the series would end in a film – so they may never get anything off the ground. But it would be a nice send off to the fans, known lovingly as clockblockers, who passionately saved it from cancellation the first time around. Bring on the movie!

Understandably, showrunner Shawn Ryan spoke about how upsetting it was to be cancelled again. Not only for himself but everyone a part of the production team, the actors and the viewers. In a series of tweets, he not only expressed his sadness but his thanks as well. 

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This is a sad day for the writers, actors, crew and especially the viewers of Timeless. We are all extremely proud of what we made and know that it was more than just a show for so many of our fans. It became a passion and a cause for many of them. We’re proud of the impact Timeless had on so many people – the students who embraced history as a result of our show, the people who were inspired by our stories of inclusion and acceptance. We saw your tweets and were inspired by you. If NBC is sincere in wanting a 2 hour movie to give much needed closure to our amazing fans, we are ready to make it. We don’t want the journeys of Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus and the others to end yet. #ClockBlockers

The other half of the showrunner team, Eric Kripke, also chimed in with a few tweets. Instead of just thanking fans though, Kripke went the extra mile, trying to rally fans into having their voices heard once more. This time for a film.

Gutted by this, guys, I know you are too. Behind the scenes, Sony has been trying hard to set it up elsewhere, but no luck so far. I think this 2 hour movie is our best shot. We’re ready to make it if NBC really wants it. Let ’em know how you feel. #clockblockers. THANK YOU cast, writers, crew and most all all, the #clockblockers for your brilliance & passion. I love you all. I was proud to bring a little positivity & inclusion into this f-d up world. I will keep my personal thoughts about network TV private until we get this movie made.

Are you disappointed by Timeless‘s cancellation? How badly do you want a film? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more TV news. Timeless may be back.



Erin Lynch