We’ve finally made it to the first major event of the 2017 HGC season! The Western Clash will be March 3-5 in Katowice, Poland.

A Little Information about Katowice and IEM

Katowice is the fourth and final location to close out Season 11 of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), an international sports tournament organized by the Electronic Sports League (ESL). All the major eSports Championships are played during IEM, including the StarCraft II World Championship, Counter Strike: Global Offensive World Championship, League of Legends World Championship, and for the first time at IEM the Crossfire Invitational.

Back to the Western Clash

The Western Clash pits 3 teams from Europe, 3 teams from North America, 1 team from Latin America, and 1 team from Australia/New Zealand in a best-of-5, double elimination interregional tournament for cash prizes:

  • 1st place $30,000
  • 2nd place $20,000
  • 3rd place $15,000
  • 4th place $10,000
  • 5th and 6th place $7,500
  • 7th and 8th place $5,500

North America

  • Tempo Storm
  • Team 8
  • Gale Force eSports


  • Misfits
  • Team Dignitas

Latin America

  • Infamous

Australia/New Zealand

  • Nomia


While Tempo Storm and Team 8 had a strong showing in the North America games, it’s the European team Misfits that have the undefeated record going into the Western Clash. With a 7-0 start.  You could consider Misfits to be the favorites to take the Western Clash. However fellow European teams FNATIC and Team Dignitas are also strong contenders. In fact, FNATICs only loss was to Misfits, 3-2 in the first week of play and Team Dignitas two losses were courtesy of Misfits and FNATIC.

In North America, Tempo Storm and Team 8 shared the same record 6-1, but Gale Force eSports isn’t far behind with 5-2 record.  By week 3 these teams started to pull away from the rest of the pack, posting up decent game win-loss numbers. Team 8 at 6-1 only lost to Tempo Storm, Tempo Storm’s one loss was to Gale Force eSports in Week 4, and Gale Force eSports loss to Team 8 and Team Freedom so if any of these teams meet each other in the Clash, you can expect some close games.

The Latin American team Infamous and Australia/New Zealand team Nomia have perhaps a difficult road ahead of them, but they shouldn’t be discounted.

1. Misfits (EU)

  • Record: 7-0
  • W-L Record: 21-5

2. Tempo Storm (NA)

  • Record: 6-1
  • W-L Record: 18-9


  • Record: 6-1
  • W-L Record: 20-9

4. Team 8 (NA)

  • Record: 6-1
  • W-L Record: 20-6

5. Team Dignitas (EU)

  • Record: 5-2
  • W-L Record: 17-8

6. Gale Force eSports (NA)

  • Record: 5-2
  • W-L Record: 19-8

7. Infamous (LatAm)

  • Record: 7-1
  • W-L Record: 18-7

8. Nomia (ANZ)

  • Record: 3-0 (ANZ Championship record)
  • W-L Record: 7-0

You can also check out the HGC stack rankings, which differ slightly than the official rankings.

  1. Misfits
  2. Fnatic
  3. Team Dignitas
  4. Tempo Storm
  5. Team 8
  6. Gale Force eSports
  7. Infamous
  8. Nomia


Friday, March 3rd (3:00am PST)

Round of Eight

  • (1) Misfits vs (8) Nomia
  • (4) Team 8 vs (5) Team Dignitas
  • (2) Tempo Storm vs (7) Infamous
  • (3) FNATIC vs (6) Gale Force eSports
  • Lower Bracket Match 1
  • Lower Bracket Match 2
Saturday, March 4th (3:00am PST)
  • Winners Bracket Round 2 Match 1
  • Winners Bracket Round 2 Match 2
  • Lower Bracket Round 2 Match 1
  • Lower Bracket Round 2 Match 2
Sunday, March 5th (2:40am PST)
  • Winners Bracket Final
  • Lower Bracket Round 3
  • Lower Bracket Final
  • Grand Finals


For the Western Clash, there will be nine casters calling the plays:

  • Paul “Redeye” Chaloner
  • Jaycie “Gillyweed” Gluck
  • Wade “Dreadnaught” Penfold
  • Tim “Trikslyr” Frazier
  • Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian
  • Jacob “SolidJake” Kulinski
  • John “JHow” Howard
  • Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen
  • Christopher “Tetcher” Ivermee

This coming weekend should be full of expertly placed Mosh Pits, well-executed harassments, and exciting 5v5 skirmishes as we watch the best Heroes teams battle it out for some decent money and bragging rights of being the first champions of the Western Clash. Personally I’m rooting for the underdogs.

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