Tim Rozon will soon be trading in his pistols for a real estate license! The Wynonna Earp actor is heading for The Surrealtor, a new series from Syfy. But that’s not all! This project will also reunite him with Schitt’s Creek‘s Sarah Levy and Wynonna Earp newbie Savannah Basley.

Now, the series focuses on Nick Roman (Rozon), who owns The Roman Agency. Said agency specializes in “metaphysically engaged” properties. Roman can sell haunted houses unlike anybody else — and he’s got a team of experts at his behest. The Surrealtor will find our titular characters exorcising demons and eradicating ghosts that plague the haunted houses that nobody wants. All while grappling with their own personal demons. 

Levy will portray Susan Ireland, a successful real estate agent who doesn’t believe in the supernatural. Basley will play Zooey L’Enfant, office manager extraordinaire at The Roman Agency. 

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The Surrealtor will begin filming September 15th in Newfoundland, Canada. It’s a joint Syfy and Blue Ice Pictures production. Thankfully, this won’t interfere with Rozon’s commitment to Wynonna Earp, as the latter is currently in production on the final two episodes for Season Four. The midseason finale is set to air on August 30th. 

My humble opinion? I’m stoked for The Surrealtor. I would watch Rozon act opposite a brick wall. He’s just that talented. Additionally, I harbor an avid love for Schitt’s Creek and Levy’s character on that show. Basley is also an intriguing new addition to Wynonna Earp, so I’m curious to see her perform in a different capacity. The premise for The Surrealtor sounds fascinating and unlike anything I’ve heard before. Plus — demons! Bring it on!

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