Deadline has reported that Tim Miller will no longer be involved with Deadpool 2. Originally, it was being said that the split was amicable and that the reason of the departure was over “creative differences,” but several sources are now reporting that the relationship between Ryan Reynolds and Miller, hasn’t been pleasant for a while.

The Wrap is saying that tensions had been high since Deadpool was released, and without getting too gossipy, their biggest differences came to the style and feel of the second movie and casting.

Reynolds, who has creative and casting control, did not want to cast Kyle Chandler who had been rumored to be in the running for Cable, and that is who Miller wanted. It’s a shame because I side with Miller on this one, Chandler would be a great Cable.

I don’t know what this means for Deadpool 2. I do know that the first one was a perfect translation from comic to movie and whatever formula worked, has changed. That doesn’t mean good or bad, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, and there are very high standards to meet since Deadpool grossed $782 million, globally.

Who would you bring in to direct? I personally know some Twisted Twins who are diehard Deadpool fans,and would love a stab at directing Deadpool 2.

Claudia Dolph
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