So you’re not going out on Friday night – which is totally cool by the way. My favorite kind of Friday night is binge-watching some unknown show with a snobby bottle of wine and a pan of three-quarters baked brownies. I live on the edge, my friends. THE EDGE!!!

Tonight we have a series premiere: 12 Monkeys. We have the season 2 premiere of Helix  and we have season 2 of The Fall, with Gillian Anderson, being released on Netflix.

Here’s a little synopsis and thoughts on each:



12 Monkeys on Syfy at 9pm: This is a series premiere of a show based on the movie of the same name by mastermind, Terry Gilliam. 12 Monkeys follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will eventually decimate the human race.

I’m really looking forward to this one: Time-travel: check! Dystopia-check! Thriller-check!



Helix on Syfy at 10pm: This is season 2 of this series. The first season started out strong and then nestled down into the “fair to midland” area. That being said it was still fun and has a pretty good cast especially Billy Campbell. Add Steven Weber to that mix for season two. 10pm is also around the time that I’m thinking about cracking open a second bottle of wine even though my stomach hurts from eating half a pan of brownies. So there’s that.

The second season of Helix finds the doctors of the Centers for Disease Control, still haunted by the Narvik outbreak and the events that took place in Arctic Biosystems, investigating a deadly outbreak of a new disease on a Windjammer cruise ship. Their investigation leads them to a mysterious island inhabited by a cult with the hope of creating a utopian society.

the fall

The Fall on Netflix: THIS IS A GREAT SHOW. No spaceships, no lasers, no swords or sorcery. This is a drama police procedural set in Northern Ireland and starring Gillian Anderson It is absolutely wonderful and slightly terrifying. It also has Jamie Dornan as a full-on murdering psychopath for all you 50 Shades of Gray fans.

If you haven’t watched Season 1, then binge-watch it now. There’s only five 1-hour episodes and I’m telling you, it’s well done television, storytelling, acting – you name it.

Season 1: When the Belfast police hit nothing but dead ends in their investigation of a series of murders, London-based Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson is sent to take over the case in this suspenseful and unsettling crime series. As she navigates her way through bureaucratic and personal entanglements, Gibson soon discovers that her serial killer prey is a far more complicated foe than she ever imagined — and he’s not about to give up easily.

Season 2: SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SEASON ONE! It has been ten days since Paul Spector told Detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) that she would never catch him. DSI Gibson must draw closer to identify and track down Belfast’s serial killer as he realizes that someone from his past has been helping the police with their enquiries. Spector is forced to change his plans with terrifying consequences.


So there you go. You have at your finger tips a full night of television that could even trickle into the weekend. Have a great time. I’m going to go buy my brownie mix now…

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