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Oh MAN! Is this a rumor we hope is true!

According to The Wrap, it’s looking like Kurt Russell is James Gunn’s pic to play Star-Lord’s father in Marvel’s big follow-up to their hyper-successful space opera, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

There is nothing official to report just yet. As the site says, “Marvel has not officially offered Russell the coveted part yet, nor has Russell read the script, but meetings are expected to take place soon.”

So let’s all put this on the back-burner for a while. For all we know, Kurt Russell will take a look at the project and decide it’s not for him. However, if this ends up being true, it gives us a good idea of just what they are looking for in terms of the character, who is completely and totally shrouded in mystery.

That being said, who do we think Kurt Russell could play? 

Well, first off, he would be an amazing J’son, who is Star-Lord’s father in the comics. However, director James Gunn has gone on record saying that J’son is not Peter Quill’s father.

Who else could it be though?


Our first thought was that Russell would make an epic portrayal of the Cosmic Elder known only as The Stranger. He was first introduced in the X-Men comics, so it’s possible that Marvel actually doesn’t have the rights to him, but if they do, he would fit right in with what we know so far about the character — mainly that he’s something Xandar hasn’t seen in a long time and his mother thought of him as an angel. Quill having some Cosmic Elder blood in him would also go a long way in explaining how he could hold the Power Stone.

Also, bonus, The Stranger is responsible for the creation of the planet known as Ego the Living Planet and having a gigantic self-aware planet with a face on it would be just about the wackiest, most awesome thing they could do in Guardians!


If he’s not the Stranger, however, who else could he be?

He seems a little too old to be Adam Warlock, Starhawk or Mar-Vell, who have all been rumored at one time or another.


However, it’s possible that he could also be one of the Eternals, either Kronos or Mentor, which would make him either the grandfather or father to Thanos, respectfully. Or maybe he’s Thanos’s brother, Eros, a.k.a. Starfox, who’s also been rumored to be his father. 

This could be an interesting development, making Star-Lord somehow related to the Mad Titan himself. And, just like with The Stranger, making Star-Lord’s dad into any of the Eternals fits the parameters the MCU has already established for Quill’s father.


Another possibility, and this one is a longshot, could be Michael Korvac. In the comics, he’s a man that traveled through time, stumbled upon Galactus’s ship, and in analyzing all of the information, found himself imbued with the Power Cosmic. He came to Earth to make it a utopia, but it would have been lorded over by him, so despite his best intentions, the Avengers were forced to stop him.

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