Good news for all of you Deadpool/X-Force fans — it appears that we might be getting some of the team members a little earlier than originally anticipated. Deadpool 2 hits theatres next June, with X-Force following sometime after, presumably 2019 as Fox already has three X-Men films out next year. However, we still might get that X-Force itch scratched for you. According to the intrepid reporters at Comicbook.com, we’ll be getting three new X-Force characters each introduced in a post-credits scene.


As the site says, Sunspot, Feral and Shatterstar will all be making an appearance at the end of the film to set up the X-Force movie. We should offer you all this caveat — just because a reputable site reports on a thing does not make it so. This is all still very much in the realm of rumor and by no means confirmed by the studio. However, it is fun to speculate on it and play with it, so let’s do that by addressing who these characters are.


Sunspot is an interesting choice because, by all accounts, he’ll already be in the New Mutants film, which comes out April 13th of next year. Sunspot, a.k.a. Roberto Da Costa, absorbs the energy of the sun and convert it to superhuman strength and energy blasts. Whenever he does this, his entire body turns completely black and burns with flames, absorbing all of the light around him.


Feral’s real name is Maria Callasantos. She has a feline appearance and is, in a lot of ways, similar to Wolverine in terms of her power set — enhanced senses, mutant healing factor, and sharp claws. However, much like Nightcrawler, she has a prehensile tail that can work as a third arm. She has, at various points in the comics, worked with X-Force, but also worked against them, on teams like The Mutant Liberation Front.

Shatterstar_004 (1)

Finally, there’s Shatterstar. This is the most exciting inclusion, not for who he is but more for where he comes from. Shatterstar is an all-star athlete and celebrity gladiator from Mojoworld, a planet a hundred years in earth’s future in an alternate dimension. It’s ruled by a despot obsessed with television and ruling his subjects through mindless televised entertainment. Think of him as a tremendously demented Mark Burnett mixed with Caligula and you have an idea of this villain. Shatterstar fought in his gladiator games. His real name is Gaveedra-Seven. He has enhanced strength, speed and intelligence and the ability to slice through space/time with his swords to create teleportation portals.



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