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With the role of Doctor Strange now cast as none other than master thespian Benedict Cumberbatch, we’re all done speculating on anything else with the movie, right?

Oh, right. There’s more roles to fill.

Latino Review is reporting that “multiple sources” are claiming

Morgan Freeman,


Bill Nighy


and Ken Watanabe


are all up to play Strange’s mentor, The Ancient One.

The Ancient One is an impossibly old man who has acted as the Sorcerer Surpreme of this reality and is powerfully magical and mystical. When Dr. Stephen Strange arrives in his temple begging for some miracle cure of his shattered hands, the Ancient One instead senses great power and potential in the broken physician and takes him in, becomes his mentor and trains him to someday take his place as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Now, will they go with the more classic approach of a calm man on a mountain with a quiet power, like in most of his comic book appearances?


Or will they side more with J. Michael Straczynski’s  work in Strange: Beginnings and Endings?


Brace yourselves for more rumors too because we still have Clea and Wong and Baron Mordo and Dormammu to consider.

Doctor Strange is currently slated to come out in November of 2016.

Also, check out this awesome fan art someone did of Benedict as Doctor Strange. That’s based more on the costume from Straczynski’s run, which could work better than a giant cloak with devil horns.


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