Remember Willow from 1988? Or Labyrinth from 1986? Or how about 87’s Masters of the Universe or 86’s Big Trouble in Little China?

Well now imagine the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok done in that style and that’s exactly what you’ll see in this trailer, put out by Nerdist just today. Thor: Ragnarok is the third film in Marvel’s Thor franchise following the original film and then Thor: Dark World. The trailer put out by Nerdist sees the previous two Thor: Ragnarok trailers combined into a trailer perfectly in the style of one of those movies.
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This includes the obvious trope of tremendously bad tracking, as if on a VHS, but it also includes the less obvious elements of outlining the special effects ships with a black outline, as if that’s as close as they could merge the elements through green screen. Along with these elements, they are also dead on and clever in how they use fire effects destroying Asgard and the lightning effects for when Mjolnir is decimated.

Perhaps the most clever thing they do in this video is their use of footage from the Incredible Hulk TV show, with Lou Ferrigno taking on the role of the jade giant. However, they go even further than this because in that series, there was an episode where Thor, the god of thunder, fought with the Hulk. This is, of course, a gold mine for a video like this.

Really, this piece from Nerdist is incredibly well done and very deserving of your views.

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