It was just yesterday that Behaviour updated their PTB (player test build) with the latest chapter coming to Dead by Daylight. Using clues shared to Twitter, we spent hours leading up to the release trying to figure out who would be making their way to the Entity’s realm. We knew that they would be Korean and have something to do with music. What we didn’t expect was to be so enthralled with this new killer that it would disrupt our entire days. We didn’t expect to fall in love. But then Ji-Woon walked into our lives and our hearts stopped.

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And I’m not alone! Dead by Daylight players have been sharing their love for Ji-Woon with the world. But there was one that has me playing the video on repeat. That has me sharing it with absolutely everyone who would pay attention to me for even the briefest of moments. Milady Confetti, a Fog Whisper and Partnered Twitch streamer, has made a fan cam for our beloved Ji-Woon. We get to see him in all his glory posing with his bat, brushing his hair back, preparing to throw his knives, tossing a card into the air and then turning to wink at the camera just before the video loops back to the beginning. Thank you, Twitter, for allowing looping videos. Thank you.

Now I know what you are going to say, that Ji-Woon is a killer and was so ruthless that the Entity pulled him into his realm to do his bidding. He is on par with terrifying murderers like the Hillybilly and Spirit. Wields knives at record speed while stalking his prey. Ready to sacrifice your body to the Entity and then do it all over again until the end of time. But I mean, have you watched the video? Have you seen him wink? Go watch the video again and join us! I would let him chase me down any day and then pray he performs a mori on me in the end.

Thank you, Milady Confetti, for making this. You are truly doing the Entity’s work out there. You can follow this beautiful soul on Twitter (@MiladyConfetti) and Twitch (@MiladyConfetti).

This article was originally posted on3/3/21.


Julia Roth
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