There were some creepy moments again, but it still felt like The Mist was spinning its wheels a bit this week. 


We pick up right where we left off, with Kevin, Bryan, Mia, and Adrian trying to get into the psych ward. Tyler (formerly known as Jerk Football Player Who’s Still In The Closet) joins them in the chaos. They bang on the door and the nurse is at first refusing to let them in. But Mia shouts that her mom used to be in the ward, and apparently that’s kosher enough to open the door.

The group gets in, and takes a rest, with the nurse offering rooms and food. He also offers condolences for Mia’s mom, saying she was one of the good ones. Mia and Bryan are suspicious of each other and catch up in the hallway. She tries to explain why she took off, but Bryan closes the door in her face. 


Alex and Jay are sitting next to each other, much to Eve’s disapproval. Kimmy’s been keeping an eye and tells her there’s been no touching. Eve has the idea to sneak a baby monitor into the main group to see if they’re really going as nutty as Jay claims.

Meanwhile, Redman (who is sneaking snacks in his office), is called to the main area where a fight has broken out over food. As they’re bickering, Eve shows up to leave the baby monitor under the pretense of borrowing some board games. Shelley, Lilah’s mom, screams at her to get out, and Eve shrugs it off, leaving the baby monitor as she goes.


Natalie is being tended to by a nice lady for the humungous bruise on her face. Father Romanov is sitting off by himself when Connor starts speechifying about being a cop, and one of the lowest things a man can do is hit a woman. Connor notices that Father Romanov has barely eaten, and adds that the only thing lower than a man beating a woman is sending someone else to do the dirty work. Then, Connor sucker punches Father Romanov and starts to beat the crap out of him.


Mia goes through drug storage and takes some pills with her. She goes to Bryan’s room and confronts him, informing him that he is Jonah Dixon and he beat up a soldier named Bryan hunt, who she met in the hospital. So, he’s either crazy or really doesn’t have a memory. JonahBryan admits he didn’t know his own name before, and that he met the Real Bryan, who tried to kill him.

He asks where Mia ran off to, and Mia explains the craziness at her mom’s house, including almost committing suicide before she realized she has something to live for. She says she believes Jonah, and wants to be someone he can believe in too. (I ship it!)

She shows him the pills she took, explaining that they are opiate blockers and she’s going to do a rapid detox. Usually it’s done under anesthesia, so Jonah is going to need to strap her down and not let her go no matter how much she begs and screams. He agrees to help, and they go to an out of the way room where her screaming won’t be too disruptive. 


Alex and Jay are lightly eye-flirting, and Eve is not having it. She insists Alex can’t trust Jay, but Alex turns on Eve and says how would she know how to judge who to trust (I almost yelled, “SHE’S YOUR MOM, but Eve did it for me). Eve threatens to kick Jay out, but Alex says she’ll just follow him, so Jay gets to stay for now.


Adrian and Tyler are in separate beds, wide awake, unable to rest. Adrian asks what’s the worst thing Tyler’s ever done. Tyler tells a story about a gay kid everyone hated in the school, who smiled at him one day in the hall, so he beat him up so badly he broke his arm, pulled out his penis, and peed on him. The kid never told anyone that, and Tyler respected it. Then he apologizes to Adrian (who was the kid in the story), and he forgives Tyler. Tyler crawls into Adrian’s bed and they spoon. 

Outside the door, the nurse appears to be eavesdropping.

And still elsewhere in the psych ward, Jonah is tying Mia down as tight as he can, and she’s already sweating and writhing.


Father Romanov is upstairs, thanking dead Link through the door for his sacrifice, and that it will not be in vain. He says he know what he must do, thanks him again and says goodbye. Link does not respond, as he is a charred pile of goo. 

He's talking to doors The Mist

He’s talking to doors

The priest approaches Natalie as she reads the Bible. She says she never read it before and there are a lot of loose ends, then asks Father Romanov if he really believes everything in it. He says he does and she asks, “And you think I’m crazy?” Father Romanov tells Natalie he understands she’s trying to help, but still thinks she is leading everyone astray and that their souls are in her hands. Natalie says, “If I believed in souls, I’d worry about yours.” (ZING! Points to Natalie).

“I deserve that,” admits Romanov. He also admits that he knew Link’s plan and allowed it, and has prayed for forgiveness. But he did it to save the people at the church, and feels if he doesn’t continue to try to do so, he has no reason to live. 

Then he proposes a trial by ordeal. They will both go out in the mist, and whoever survives will provide the answers the group seeks. He thinks God will save him and she thinks Nature will save her. He’s willing to risk it, is she?


Tyler wakes up to an empty bed, and tells Kevin that Adrian is gone. The nurse, named Nash, appears and says Adrian is a bad person and not to waste time looking for him. Nash can “see” people and knows whether they or good or bad, and that he saw Adrian was evil. 

Kevin and Tyler race through the ward looking for Adrian, and find a door with blood coming from it. They open the door and several dead bodies pour out. Nash follows and says he can’t “see” people when the doctor gives him meds, but he can see clearly now, and he’s not done with Adrian. He darts away, chased by Kevin and Adrian, where he locks himself in a room with the bound and gag, but alive, Adrian. 

In the detox room, Mia is howling and begging to be let out, but Jonah is doing his best to stay firm. She says Real Bryan told her everything, but Jonah says she’s lying. Mia says if he releases her, she’ll tell him everything, but shoots back that if she really knew something, she’d just tell him. As she screams, it triggers a flashback in Jonah’s mind to him receiving some kind of electroshock therapy.

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Kimmy hears the large group on the baby monitor accusing their group of hoarding food. Shelley says if Eve only wanted board games, they must be ok on food and are keeping it secret, and is just generally accusatory. Redman snaps that he’s sorry she lost her kid, but if she can’t behave she should shut up. She stalks off, and Kyle the security guard offers her a comforting hug.

Eve tells her group about the theory that we’re all nine meals from chaos, meaning when food and water runs low, all it takes is nine meals (or three days really) for society to start breaking down. 


Connor asks Natalie not go through with the ordeal, but she’s serene about it as usual. Father Romanov dons his full vestments and prays before they go. Natalie goes behind a door and comes out stark naked. The two walk down the aisle like some kind of messed up wedding ceremony and out the doors into the mist. 

They walk into the churchyard a ways and stop. Natalie closes her eyes and Father Romanov folds his hands in prayer. There’s a horse whinny and the sounds of hooves. Then the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse arrive, and Father Romanov prays out loud, Natalie remains still eyes closed. One of the horseman (Death probably?) shoots an arrow through the priest and drags him away into the mist. Natalie opens her eyes and returns to the church.


Nash (who is definitely a former patient and not an actual nurse) won’t unlock the door no matter how much Kevin is begging and insisting that Adrian is just a kid. But Nash insists Adrian has to die.

Nash is losing it The Mist

Nash is losing it

Jonah’s memories keep coming, and it seems like he’s being Winter-Soldiered, because he remembers a woman reading off random words while he’s being shocked. But he may not be, because he says that the words distracted him from the pain, and he holds Mia’s hand, telling her to listen to his voice to distract her. 


Natalie is back inside and Connor wraps a blanket around her. She initially says nothing happened, and that she stood there with her eyes closed. But then she admits she could her Father Romanov die and he was in so much pain, but that the mist makes things sound different, and he sounded like nature to her. Natalie felt nature (or Nature, I suppose) take him away like the others, and that she knows Natalie is not a threat, but a messenger.


Kevin continues negotiating with Nash, asking how his sight works. Nash says a nun in school told him she had evil in her and he had to beat it out of her, but unfortunately that released it into the world, and he has to stop it. Kevin tries to convince Nash that he can prove Adrian isn’t evil, and that he is in fact the evil one. The nutty Nash says he’s lying and he’s being tricked, but Kevin demands that Nash look him in the eye and say he doesn’t see evil. 

Still not convincing Nash, Kevin switches tactics and tells Nash to go ahead and beat Adrian. He also wants to find the boy who raped his daughter and do horrible, violent things to him, and look him in the eye and realize there is no salvation. That speech convinces Nash to open the door.

Adrian awaits his fate. The Mist

Adrian awaits his fate.

Quick Detox break: Jonah unties Mia, who has come through okay. They hug and he says she needs a shower (THANK YOU, HER HAIR IS LOOKING NASTY).

Nash lets Adrian out of the room, and Kevin tries to convince Nash he doesn’t have to do this, but he says what else does he have to do but fight the evil. They get in a knock down, drag out fight, with Kevin finally pummeling Nash. Before Kevin bashes his head in, Nash says, “it’s in you. It’s really in you.” Adrian and Tyler watch in horror. 

Kevin exits the room and tells the boys he’s going to find Mia and Bryan (aka Jonah).


Redman and Kyle try to talk, but Kyle insists they’re all going to die in the mall. Shelley is also on the edge, saying that the mist must be there for a reason because everyone, except Alex, who has gone into it has died. And, she adds, all this started when Alex “lied” about being raped (jeez Shelley). Redman tries to calm her, but she is adamant that they need to find a solution unless they all want to die there. 

We should all just stab CAESAR! The Mist

We should all just stab CAESAR!


Adrian and Tyler sit in the hallway, and Adrian tells Tyler that he was worried he would die in there. He promised himself if he lived, he would hold a guy’s hand and walk down the street, and not care what anyone thinks. Adrian puts his hand in Tyler’s, but he pulls away.

Kevin comes back with JonahBryan and Mia, and offers for Tyler to come with them. He shakes his head and says he’d rather stay at the hospital, it’s close to his house and he can get back there and get back to normal when everything is normal. Adrian leaves with the group, and Tyler sits on the floor with tears rolling down his face.

Soooo, Tyler’s probably a goner right? This episode had some interesting developments (Trial by Ordeal!) but also felt redundant (didn’t Mia already detox way back in the church?). There’s three episodes left and more questions to go. 

Questions for Next Week

  • What was the point of Jonah/Bryan’s brainwashing? One of the words the woman said was “mist” so that’s going to come back at some point. 
  • What is everyone going to do when they run out of food?
  • Is Kevin really letting out a secret dark side?
  • What kind of leader is Natalie going to be? She seems benevolent enough, but it’s hard to say.
  • Still need to find out who tried to kill Alex, AND who raped her. Poor Alex.

Points of Interest

  • New Mist Powers: I don’t want to say it summoned the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse because it seems to tailor the threats to the person’s fears, but it did kind of summon a temporary Four Horseman. Otherwise, nothing special this week. 
  • Hey, Jonah! Mission Report: December 16, 1991
  • That Four Horseman moment was something else. Also, glad to see it was real horses and not coconuts. 
  • All the props to Frances Conroy for going bare butt on national television. 
  • The “nine meals from chaos” idea is apparently based on a real quote, and a fair point about society breaking down. Hanger is deadly, folks.
  • I’m glad Jonah said something about Mia needing a shower, because I had the same thought. Also made me think of this scene from Bridesmaids.
  • I feel bad for Tyler still being so conflicted about his sexuality. Society’s breaking down kid, feel free to be you!
  • That said, I feel they’re giving Adrian too pushy a tendency in his interactions with Tyler.
  • That speech about Kevin wanting to inflict severe pain on Alex’s rapist and Adrian asking what the worst thing Tyler’s ever done are all building to my original theory that Adrian is the guilty party. 

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