Well, things are picking up and mysteries are being built, as The Mist keeps on settling over the town. Since we jump back and forth between a few locations so much, I’m going to start breaking the recaps up that way to help with clarity.

Police Station /Church

We pick up back at the police station, with Mia (formerly referred to as Junkie Girl) and Brian on door duty. Brian continues to mention the fact that he tried to warn everyone, but he’s still unsure what the mist is, suggesting maybe it’s chemical warfare. Mia questions why he wouldn’t know since he’s in the military (if you’ll recall, Brian has amnesia). Kevin wants to get to his family at the mall, and says they’ll be safer there because there’s food and supplies, and everyone agrees to go. 

Outside, Connor the sheriff (formerly known as Jay’s Dad), drives through the mist after abandoning his post at the station. Out of nowhere, he runs into a moose. And yes, I laughed at that for like five minutes because it was pretty ridiculous. Anyway, he heads to the church, where poor Natalie is still in shock over the death of her husband. The priest, Father Romanov (Dan Butler), catches Connor up on what happened and does his best to comfort Natalie.

Natalie receives little comfort The Mist

Natalie receives little comfort

The Mall

The mall manager Gus Redman (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) comes to where everyone has gathered and asks for an explanation. Eve fills him in, and he decides they should lock the doors for safety, asking for volunteers to go around the mall. Alex is still being stared down by Jay, so she and Eve go help so she can catch a break. 

Police Station/Car

In the police station, Mia is going through the evidence locker looking for drugs. Brian catches her, and she begs him not to tell, fearing she’ll be left behind for being an addict. She tries to convince him that she needs the pills she finds to stay steady for whatever’s coming. He agrees to not tell her secret, but also refuses to let her bring the drugs. They go out to the police car, and Mia notes the fog is getting thicker.

Eve leads the way. The Mist

Eve leads the way.

The Mall

At the mall, Eve, Alex, and nice lady who had been on the periphery Kimmy (Irene Bedard), go to one of the doors and lock it (after some tension). They spots something, and see a dead mall employee just inside an administrative hallway. But worse, the mist is in the hallway too. The group gets to the main area, and inform Redman. A guy (later to be revealed as Clint), pipes up that there must be a radio in the mall, as the government put emergency radios in major public spaces after 9/11. Redman acknowledges there is one, but it is sadly in the mist filled admin area. As everyone stares at the hall wondering what to do to get to the radio. Alex suggests using the drone she saw in the electronics store to inspect the hallway.

Jay ends up flying the drone through the misty hallways. He finds that a window was left open, which is how the mist got in. But they also discover another dead body, but this is a guy none of the mall employees know. He’s written some mystery letters in blood (they look like ANN, ANC, ARR, OR AMMO, no one is sure). The drone gets stuck, and refuses to lift for no particular reason, so they ditch it and gather up in the entrance again. Redman breaks it down: they know the mist itself is not bad, whatever killed the two people in that hallway is gone, and that someone needs to get to the radio. He decides a drawing names in a lottery is the smartest way to have someone get to the radio, instead of volunteering himself.

Learn to drive, lady! The Mist

Learn to drive, lady!

Police Car/Church

On the road in the police car, Mia is driving, but shaky and sweaty. She almost hits a guy, but slams the breaks. He approaches and stars pleading for help before pulling a gun and trying to steal the car. Mia speeds away and ends up flipping the car. Everyone is ok, but one of the windows mysteriously starts to crack and shatters. Team Police Station makes it out of the car, and heads for the church. Mia pauses and realizes they forgot all the guns in the car and runs back for them. But then she spots a hallucination of her dead mom in the mist, calling her “baby doll,” and Mia insists to herself it’s not real, it’s just a side effect of the withdrawal. Brian finds her and they all make it inside. 

Kevin confronts Connor for abandoning everyone (including a teenager) at the station, saying it was his job to protect people. Connor accuses Kevin of a jail break, and claims he doesn’t have to explain himself. Mia pounces on him in anger, and Connor handcuffs her to a pew. Connor explains he was attacked in the mist and that’s why he fled. Father Romanov is mad that Connor lied about what he saw, and Connor claims he didn’t want to start a panic.

Like our hero WASN'T going to have her name picked The Mist

Like our hero WASN’T going to have her name picked

The Mall

As the plot 100% dictates, Eve’s name is drawn to go find the radio. Clint steps up and says he’ll go with her. Eve comforts Alex, assures her she loves her, and tells her to stay with Kimmy. 


Kevin comforts Natalie about her dead husband, and she talks about not knowing how to go forward. Then she mentions how if all the bees die, humans would only have four years left on the planet. Unsure of how to respond to that tidbit, Kevin says maybe he husband is here in spirit. She scoffs and says he’s smarter than that (yeah, no), and adds that there is no spirit, just nature, and here and not here.

The Mall

Clint and Eve head into the misty hallway, and make it safely to the radio. 


Mia has the shakes from the withdrawal, and Brian tries to comfort her by asking what it’s like. She describes the pain, and mentions her hallucination (without outright calling the woman her mom).

Breaker, breaker, this is Big Rig Sally on the one nine... The Mist

Breaker, breaker, this is Big Rig Sally on the one nine…

The Mall

Clint and Eve are going through channels on the radio, trying to find anyone to respond. He starts using specific, more military-esque call signs and codewords, asking for a report. She tries to ask what’s going on when she spots a gun on him. Eve demands to know who he is and why he has a gun, and ends up shoving the radio at him and running away when he pulls the gun on her. Clint chases her through the hallway, and they fight back and forth, as Clint loses his gun. She ends up taking him out with his own gun and leaves the hallway. 


Father Romanov is pulling out supplies when a young guy asks if he’ll be holding a service. He replies he won’t be, and the kid insists that his voice would calm people because he speaks for God. Father Romanov assures him there are two ways to feed people, and hands out food to the group. Adrian begins to chow down, and the priest asks for him to wait for grace. He asks if he really has to because he doesn’t believe in God, and the eager young guy snaps, “His house, His rules” at him. Meanwhile, Natalie is quietly looking around the priest’s office and spots something.

The Mall

Eve makes it back to the group. A woman asks about Clint, and she lies about what happened, telling the group they were attacked and that the radio isn’t working. She pulls aside the manager and asks if he’d ever seen Clint or his group before in town, and he says he hadn’t until today. 

Natalie finds the stash The Mist

Natalie finds the stash


Kevin reassures Adrian about Alex and his own family being safe. Also, Natalie has found the wine, and is ready to paaaaaartaaaaaay. Or at least eulogize her husband with a toast. At first, Father Romanov is hesitant, but a church member named Mikayl backs her up, and says God is pretty likely to forgive this. She gives a lovely speech about their time together, and the wine is passed around. Brian takes some back to Mia, who chugs it to help with her pain. Adrian foes for sip, but Connor snatches the bottle and says there’s to be no underage drinking. When Kevin protests, Connor says, “You of all people should know what it leads to.” Ouch. 

The Mall

Clint’s mystery group give each other significant looks as everyone beds down for the night. Eve quietly hides the gun next to her. Jay gets up with a flashlight and starts walking through the mall. 

The Church

Brian lays down to sleep beside Mia, and mutters “Baby doll.” She’s confused, but then he tells her he heard the woman she saw in the mist say it, and that he saw her too.

The Mall

Jay is wandering to the bathroom for some water, where the automatic faucets aren’t working. But then he spots something in the mirror behind him. He whirls around and shines his light on the people from Clint’s group, who have hung themselves.

And that’s where we leave our Mist-y folks for the week. R.I.P. Moose.

Questions For Next Week

  • Who were the people in Clint’s crew? They seem vaguely affiliated with the military, but killing themselves indicates they’re abandoning their mission.
  • When will someone discover that Eve has a gun?
  • What did that guy try to write in blood before he died?
  • Did Mia actually ditch the pills? She side eyed them right at the end of her scene with Brian, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to pop up again.
  • Natalie is going to snap right? She’s still just coming out of shock, but they’ve teased she’s going to turn against the priest and preach about nature at some point.
  • What about that poor moose?!

Points of Interest

  • New Mist Power: Making the dead appear. 
  • The mall manager’s last name, Redman, has to be a nod to Stu Redman from Stephen King’s The Stand
  • Alex thinking of using the drone indicates she is NOT her father’s daughter.
  • However, Kevin was marginally less dumb this episode. Sick burn from Jay’s dad, Connor, though. But he also let his son go to a party with underage drinking, sooooo, glass houses and all.
  • That moose effect was….okay? It’s no deer from The Walking Dead, that’s for sure. 
  • Between Father Romanov and the guy named Mikayl, this town seems to have a sizable Russian population.
  • Irene Bedard, who plays Kimmy, was the speaking voice of Disney’s Pocahontas! Also, Kimmy, as a nice lady who had been on the periphery, is totally doomed.
  • This show is bad with doling out names in a convenient fashion. This was the first time Mia was addressed as Mia, and maybe Jay’s dad was called Connor in the first episode, but it flew by real fast.
  • The mystery writing in blood raises soooo many questions, but it’s probably just going to be CROATOAN (something King used before in Storm of the Century, and also popularly used in American Horror Story).
  • I totally blew my Airplane reference in the first recap, because this is the episode where someone actually said “the fog is getting thicker.”

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