Secrets don’t make friends on The Wheel of Time. In “The Flame of Tar Valon,” Moiraine’s (Rosamund Pike) journeys put her in a difficult situation when she meets with the Amyrlin Seat. 

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When we first meet Siuan Sanche (Keira Chansa), she is a young girl, going fishing with her father. She helps him untangle their fishing net by channeling the One Power. When they return, they find their house has been burned down. Siuan’s father immediately sends her to the White Tower where she will be safe.  She later becomes the Amyrlin Seat (Sophie Okonedo) 

The Amyrlin Seat presides over the Aes Sedai sisters from the camp. They bring in Logain (Álvaro Morte) for his judgement first. Logain tries to intimidate the Amyrlin Seat with more attacks, but she knows he has no power. She sentences him to a life of servitude as an example to all other would-be false dragons. He begs her to kill him as they drag him away.

Next, the Amyrlin Seat addresses the sisters from the camp. She is upset that Logain wasn’t given a fair trial. She questions Liandrin’s (Kate Fleetwood) decision to gentle Logain when she did. Alanna (Priyanka Bose) and Moiraine come to her defense, saying they would have all died with Kerene if Liandrin didn’t act quickly. Regardless, the Amyrlin Seat says their laws weren’t made to protect the Aes Sedai or keep them comfortable. They were made to protect people from the Aes Sedai. The Amyrlin Seat puts all the blame on Liandrin and she alone will be punished. 

Logain faces his judgement on The Wheel of Time

Álvaro Morte as Logain, Kate Fleetwood as Liandrin, Rosamund Pike as Moraine, Priyanka Bose as Alanna in The Wheel of Time. Image Cr: Amazon Prime

Liandrin makes a face and shifts the focus on Moiraine. She tells the Amyrlin Seat about Nynaeve and how powerful she is. She wonders how many more secrets Moiraine is hiding. Moiraine says she didn’t know how powerful Nynaeve is. The Amyrlin Seat isn’t saying anything and Liandrin accuses her of not being interested because she was once a Blue. 

The Amyrlin Seat asks Moiraine about her travel and what her purpose is. Moiraine says she visited several places. Moiraine refuses to tell the Amyrlin Seat what her purpose is though. Even when the Amyrlin Seat tells her to kneel. The Amyrlin Seat accuses Moiraine of thinking she’s better than everyone else because she was born noble. The White Tower is the Amyrlin Seat’s world. She tells Moiraine to remember that when she bows and begs for mercy. The Amyrlin Seat says she will think on Moiraine’s penance and make judgement the next day. 

Alanna tells Moiraine to apologize to the Amyrlin Seat, but Moiraine doesn’t think it would do any good. Liandrin approaches Moiraine to taunt her instead of thanking her for standing up for her. She warns Moiraine to complete her business because her reckoning is coming. 

Lan (Daniel Henney) and Loial (Hammed Animashaun)takes Moiraine to Mat (Barney Harris) and Rand (Josha Stradowski). Rand is apprehensive to talk to her. He tells her that Mat has been sick for about a month, but he hasn’t channeled. Rand pulls his sword on Moiraine and Lan restrains him. 

Mat defends himself with the shadow dagger on The Wheel of Time

Barney Harris as Mat on The Wheel of Time. Image Cr: Amazon Prime

Mat realizes that Moiraine is there and tries to pull his shadow dagger on her. She restrains him with the One Power with one hand and hovers the dagger in the other hand. She recognizes the dagger and realizes that it from Shadar Logoth. Moiraine tells Lan and Rand to hold Mat down as she pulls the darkness out of Mat’s mouth. The darkness travels up her arm, to her mouth, and then down to her other hand into the dagger. Lan secures the dagger as Mat begins to get some color back in his face. 

Rand thanks Moiraine for helping Mat. Moiraine isn’t sure if the darkness was making Mat sick. The darkness should have killed him sooner. She tells Rand to watch him. Mat and the Darkness were feeding off of each other.  If he touches it again, he may be lost forever. 

Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) arrives with Lioal. Moiraine isn’t happy that Nynaeve didn’t tell her that Mat and Rand had arrived. She’s even more upset that Nynaeve kept Mat’s condition from her. Doing so could have killed Mat. Moiraine tells her to use her wisdom if she wants to be one. 

Moiraine meets with another Blue sister, Maigan (Sandy McDade). Maigan says things are getting tense and the Amyrlin Seat needs their support. She plans to send a word of support for Moiraine. Maigan says she needs Moiraine in the tower permanently. 

Moiraine gets a sign to find a yellow sister. The Yellow Sister is housing Egwene (Madeleine Madden) and Perrin (Marcus Rutherford). Egwene gives Moiraine the rings of her dead sisters. She says Valdar won’t hurt the Aes Sedai again. Perrin is still hurt. Moiraine said she can heal his wounds, but Egwene says she can’t heal his emotional wounds. 

Egwene updates Moiraine on her adventures with Perrin on The Wheel of Time

Marcus Rutherford as Perrin, Madeleine Madden as Egwene, and Rosamund Pike as Moiraine on The Wheel of Time. Image Cr: Amazon Prime

Egwene tells Moiraine about Perrin’s eyes turning yellow and the wolves who attacked the White Cloaks. Moiraine tells Egwene to tell no one about Perrin. Right now, they both need to rest and heal. She will call for them the next day, but they can’t say where they are going. 

Later that night Moiraine gets a visit from Lan. She masked their bond and Lan is concerned because the tower isn’t safe. She says she thought he needed a break. He can’t protect her if he can’t feel her. She asks him to protect their friends from the Two Rivers. Moiraine bids him goodnight and he orders her to be back before dawn. Lan says he will stand watch outside her room until she returns. 

Moiraine channels the One Power to open a secret door in her room. The door leads to Siuan’s room. Siuan scolds her for her display earlier that day. It puts their plans in danger. Siuan suggests that Moiraine is one of her favorites. She also suggests that she is lonely. Moiraine says they never have followed the rules. Siuan kisses Moiraine. They haven’t seen each other in two years. Moiraine takes control of the situation and orders Siuan to get on her knees. 

Later the two women talk about Moiraine’s quest to find the Dragon. Moiraine found five young people who could possibly be the Dragon Reborn. But every culture has a story about the Dragon Reborn and how he or she will appear. It’s hard to know which prophecy is right. 

Moiraine wants to bring in other sisters, but Siuan says no. No one can know they are working together. Siuan says no matter who the dragon is, the prophecy says he or she will either defeat the Dark One or join him. Moiraine promises to kill the dragon before he or she joins the Dark One.

Moiraine contemplates her fate on The Wheel of Time

Rosamund Pike as Moiraine on The Wheel of Time. Image Cr: Amazon Prime

Siuan had a recurring dream about the Dark One at the Eye of the World. He’s weak, barely clinging to his power but getting stronger everyday. They can destroy him if they strike now. She tells Moiraine to take all of her potential dragons. Moiraine reminds her that whoever stands between the dark one and the dragon will die. That’s a risk they have to take. 

Moiraine tells Siuan to sentence her to exile. Maigan ordered her to stay in the tower. Siuan is sad, thinking they’d have more time, but they always think that. Siuan says one day they will. In this life or the next. 

The next morning, Lan takes Moiraine stroll through the halls of the White Tower when Liandrin stops them. She’s been spying on Moiraine and knows about the young people from the Two Rivers. Liandrin threatens to tell the Amyrlin Seat about them. Moiraine says she knows about the man Liandrin meets secretly. She tells Liandrin to walk away or she will tell the Red sisters about that man. 

Moiraine and Lan make plans with Loial on The Wheel of Time.

Rosamund Pike as Moiraine, Hammed Animashaun as Loial, Daniel Henney as Lan on The Wheel of Time. Image Cr: Amazon Prime

Moiraine meets with Loial. She says the Wheel has presented them with a crisis and she needs his help. Afterward she takes Egwene to the Hall of the Tower. Lan walks in with Nynaeve, reuniting the wisdom with her apprentice. Moiraine takes them to the Amyrlin Seat.

When they go to the Amyrlin Seat’s room, Nynaeve doesn’t bow. Nynaeve wants to know what Siuan wants so she can leave. Siuan says she knows what it feels like to want something different than what this life gives you. They have been called to greatness. Their fate relies on Nynaeve and Egwene. Nynaeve says she wants no part of it. But the Wheel does not care what Nynaeve wants. The last battle is coming. What they want is meaningless. The only thing that matters is what they do. Egwene asks what they need to do

The time comes for Moiraine to face her judgment. Lan offers to wait outside of the Hall doors, but she tells him to make sure their friends are ready. When the Amyrlin Seat enters the Hall, Moiraine is kneeling in the middle of the Tower. Moiraine approaches the Amyrlin Seat and kisses her ring. 

The Amyrlin sentences Moiraine to exile for being disobedient and intractable. She makes Moiraine swear fealty on a sacred oath rod. As Moiraine recites her oath, Siuan tries not to cry. Once it is done, the Amyrlin Seat instructs Moiraine to face her sisters and leave. As Moiraine walks past them, her sisters turn their backs on her. Alanna gives Moiraine a look of sadness before turning her back. 

Moiraine prepares for a great journey on The Wheel of Time.

Rosamund Pike on The Wheel of Time. Image Cr: Amazon Prime

Moiraine leaves the city and rides to a structure that looks like a doorway. Loial arrives with Perrin and Egwene. Lan brings Nynaeve, Rand and Mat. The friends are reunited and happy to see each other. Moiraine and Lan say goodbye to their horses before letting all of the horses go. Loial says they will not survive the Ways. 

Nynaeve told the others what the Amyrlin Seat said to her and Egwene. She says they won’t follow Moiraine until they get some answers though. They all heard of the Ways, but aren’t sure what it is. Loial says it’s an ancient pathway out of time and space. And it’s the fastest road to the Eye of the World. The Dark One is imprisoned at the Eye of the World. Of the five people from Twin Rivers, one of them will finish what they started in a previous life.

Moiraine didn’t trust them when they left the Two Rivers. Now, if they turn back and don’t try to stop the Dark One, the world will turn to darkness. When a new age comes, it will be built on the ashes of the people they love. Egwene asks what happens to those who are not the dragon. Moiraine hesitates and then says they don’t know for certain until that moment comes. 

Moiraine opens the door to the Ways. The path is dark so they need torches to see where they are going. Moiraine says there’s no turning back now. What happens won’t be under their control. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Everyone but Mat enters the doorway. As the door closes, the others yell for Mat to join them, but he won’t move.

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