The search for the dragon reborn continues on The Wheel of Time. In “The Dragon Reborn,” a new power is unleashed on the Aes Sedai as Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) learns more about their world. Rand (Josha Stradowski) is concerned about Mat’s (Barney Harris) changed behavior.

Previously, on The Wheel of Time Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) and Egwene (Madeleine Madden) were taken in by the Tuatha’an, the Traveling people. Mat and Rand weren’t so lucky. They met a servant of the Dark One who told them that there are five prospective Dragons. At about the same time, Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), Lan (Daniel Henney) and Nynaeve met up with the Aes Sedai who captured a man claiming to be the Dragon Reborn.

A lot happens in this episode of The Wheel of Time

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That man’s name is Logain Ablar (Álvaro Morte) and he’s been busy. Logain built an army simply by showing mercy to his would be enemies and influencing them to join him. He also hears two voices in his head; one male, one female. He tells his followers that the last dragon broke the world, but he plans to bind it.

Liandrin (Kate Fleetwood) took Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve to their camp. They put Logain in a cave and bound him with a shield. Moiraine is healed by Green Ajah Kerene (Clare Perkins).Kerene tells Moiraine all about Logain. He’s very powerful and has thousands following him. Moiraine thinks Logain is a False Dragon. If he is or not, Kerene, Liandrian and another Green Ajah Alanna (Priyanka Bose) are the only ones powerful enough to shield him. And even then, they have to work in pairs.

Kerene takes Moiraine to look at Logain. He can’t hear them. Liandrin says they took him while he slept in his camp and chased his army away. Kerene set wards around their camp to detect anyone approaching. Logain is as mad as any man who channels, but Liandrin says he’s worse. He claims to be the Dragon Reborn and marched on the Tower. She wants to carry out his punishment immediately. Kerene says the Amyrlin Seat will decide his fate. Moiraine offers to help shield Logain, taking Liandrin’s place for the time being. As soon as her shield is in place, she feels something hit her. Kerene says that’s only half of Logain’s power. 


Lan practices his sword skills with his friend Stephin (Peter Franzén). Stephin informs Lan that the Amyrlin Seat is not fond of Moiraine. She threatened to bring Moiraine and Lan home. Lan doesn’t respond and is a little distracted to see Nynaeve nearby. Stephin sees his Aes Sedai Kerene leave the cave and follows her to her tent.

Stephin wants to talk about Moiraine. Apparently she’s somewhat of an outcast because she doesn’t say much about what she’s thinking. Lan is the same way. Next they discuss the Red Sedai. Stephin says Liandrin is gaining popularity among the Sedai. Kerene says she wouldn’t cross the Amyrlin Seat, but Stephin isn’t so sure. The Amyrlin Seat isn’t with them. Their conversation ends with Kerene promising to get some rest. 


Egwene wakes up on the road with the Tuatha’an. Perrin says he doesn’t trust them. Egwene says they will leave if they need to. Aram (Daryl McCormack) interrupts them to let them know they are headed to Tar Valon, and invites them to come along. Ila (Maria Doyle Kennedy) signals that it’s time to leave and the caravan leaves. 

Thom Merrilin (Alexandre Willaume) leads Rand and Mat through the woods. Rand questions why they are following him considering the first time the met Thom, he stole their money. Mat says they settled that. He’s more interested to know who the fifth prospective dragon is. 

Thom leads the boys to barn. Mat’s horse is acting funny and he doesn’t know why. Mat is very irritable too. A man steps out of the woods with an arrow pointed at the three men. Rand talks him down and says they just wanted to rest in their barn. The man looks to his wife, who’s standing behind everyone with a bow and arrow. She agrees to let them stay if they clean the barn.


Moiraine and Alanna sit with Logain and talk about the Last Battle. Alanna says she chose to be green because she thought it was heroic. Green is destined to defend the world in the Last Battle, but Alanna didn’t think she would see the battle in her lifetime. Moiraine isn’t so sure the Last Battle is near. They’ve encountered False Dragons before. 

Alanna says Logain’s power is strongest she’s ever seen. She thinks this age is coming to an end. They can’t allow the Dragon to break the world again. Alanna wonders if the Dragon is supposed to stand with them in the Last Battle before they let the Red gentle him. Logain pushes back on their shield, causing the Aes Sedai to refocus on him.

Nynaeve watches the Aes Sedai and their warders from a top of a hill. Liandrin approaches her to chat. Nynaeve isn’t in the mood to chat so she decides to control the conversation. She ask starts by asking about Moiraine. Liandrin tells Nyaeve what she thinks of Moiraine. She says the color blue fits her well because blues are nothing more than little spies that exaggerate their own importance. Nynaeve thinks the Red Ajah are just the same, but Liandrin says they protect the world from people who would misuse the one power; including other Aes Sedai. 

Lan interrupts their conversation and Liandrin leaves. She invites Nynaeve to join the Red for dinner. After she leaves, Nynaeve calls Liandrin a snake and says all Aes Sedai are just like her. Lan says she will find out soon enough. The Aes Sedai will get Logain to the White Tower as quickly as they can. And if Nynaeve’s friends aren’t there, he will get the resources they need to find them. He invites her to join the Warder fire as long as she promises not to shove anyone into the fire.


While they walk, Perrin and Egwene find out more about the Tuatha’an. The Tuatha’an don’t carry weapons because the follow the way of the leaf. They have sworn off violence and all instruments of violence. If they are attacked, they run or endure whatever comes. And if they die, they die. Ila says a leaf, in its time to the dirt that nourishes a tree that in its time grows the leaf again. Nothing is ever lasting and the Wheel returns all. Ila asks Perrin if he ever picked up a weapon and if so, was his life better or worse for picking it up.

Mat get sick while cleaning the barn. He leaves the barn to rest and encounters their host’s young daughter. She reminds him of his sisters and asks her name. She can’t say because he’s a stranger. The little girl gives Mat her doll to give to his sisters. She says the doll watches over her while everyone sleeps. Mat refuses but she says the doll always wanted to see the world. 

Thom and Rand are worried about Mat. Thom says he has all of the signs of channeling. He is knowledge about how the One Power works. He tells Rand about his nephew. He was once a sweet boy. Then his attitude changed and horses were afraid of him. They knew for sure he could channel when he threw a rock with his mind. Thom says the Aes Sedai found his nephew and gentled him. They cut him off from the One Power. After they did that, his nephew was different, almost depressed. He ended up killing himself.

Thom says he will stay with them for as long as he can to keep them safe, but they have to keep Mat away from the Aes Sedai. Rand observes that Thom knows a lot about the Dragon for begin a gleeman. Thom says he uses a silly name to make himself sound less frightening. Nothing is more dangerous than a man who knows the past and how the Wheel of Time works.

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Daniel Henney as Lan in The Wheel of Time. Image Credit: Amazon Prime

Nynaeve joins the warders for dinner. She doesn’t quite understand their relationship with the Aes Sedai. She sees the warders as servants. Stephin says they can’t explain it. It’s a closer bond than husband and wife or parent and child. He tells her that Aes Sedai means ‘servants of all’ in the old tongue. They serve the world and the warders are proud to serve them. And tired. Alanna comes to the fire to collect her warders. Lan leaves to tend to Moiraine. 

Lan can tell that Moiraine is concerned about the False Dragon. Logain is 10 years older than the Dragon is supposed to be, but he is powerful. Lan says the signs all point to the kids from the Two Rivers. He doesn’t think the Dark One is after Logain. Moiraine says she’s not sure the Dark One knows who the Dragon is any better than they do. She’s a little upset that they lost the kids. Lan takes the blame for losing them but Moiraine says his losses are her losses too. 


Tuatha’an stop for the night. They eat, drink and dance. Egwene joins them while Perrin watches. As she is dancing, she notices that Perrin disappears but she keeps dancing with Aram. She asks him about a song that the Tuatha’an keep mentioning. He says in the last age his people supposedly knew a song that brought harmony to the world. It was lost in the breaking. If they find it again, people will live in peace. He doesn’t really believe in the song though. Egwene asks if he’s sure that he hasn’t already found it. Aram looks around at his people as they dance. They are happy and peaceful.

Perrin left to help secure a wheel on one of the wagons. Ila watches him and thanks him for honoring them with his skills. They talk about the way of the leaf again. Ila says those who know violence know it too well. There’s only one way to end violence and it will only happen if everyone, everywhere stops. It will take time, but Ila believes it’s possible. Perrin says she won’t see it happen in her life time, but Ila doesn’t do this for herself or her people.

Ila tells him about her daughter, Aram’s mother. One day she came across some bandits. She didn’t have anything of value except her life. When Ila found her, she could tell that the bandits killed her for sport. Ila wanted to hunt down the men but she didn’t. It was her revenge. Perrin doesn’t understand. Ila says peace is the best revenge against violence and life is the best revenge against death. She couldn’t protect her daughter in this turn of the wheel, but one day the Wheel of Time will turn out her daughter’s soul. Ila wants to forge a better world, so when her daughter returns so she can enjoy her life. 

Egwene sits with Aram thinking about Rand. Aram asks if she lost him, but she knows Rand is still alive. Aram tells her about their life. They get to leave the wagons when they turn 20 to live in the world for a while. Most of them come home. The leaf doesn’t fight the wind. Sometimes the wind blows away from the tree. They continue to star gaze together. 


Rand and Mat turn in for the night. Rand tells Mat that no matter what happens, he will be there for him. Mat pretends to be asleep but he hears Rand. Rand has a dream about his friends. Perrin is killing someone with his blacksmith hammer. Mat is walking around with blood in his hand. Rand tries calling out to them but neither of them can hear him. Egwene calls out to Rand and he runs to her. Just before he reaches Egwene, a Fade with glowing eyes grabs her. 

Thom wakes up Rand from his nightmare. Mat is missing, so they go to the family’s cabin. They find the family dead. Mat is in the cabin and pulls out the shadow sword. Something dark crawls inside his mouth before he raises his sword in the air. He looks at the darkness and says that he sees someone. A Fade emerges from the darkness.

Thom tells Rand to run. He throws a dagger at the Fade, but the Fade moves too fast. Thom takes out more dangers and fights off the Fade while Rand grabs Mat and runs. They stumble over the body of the little girl before grabbing their horses and riding away. Mat drops the doll on the way out. 


The next morning, Kerene sits with Liandrin shielding Logain. She tells Liandrin that she knows about her latest campaign. Liandrin wants to gentle Logain now instead of waiting for to get to the White Tower. They still have miles to go and she’s not sure that they can hold Logain. If he were to break out, the Reds would have to gentle him anyway. Kerene says the White Tower stood for 3000 years because they don’t do anything expedient; they do what is right. Their law applies to the Aes Sedai as much as it applies to others.

Nynaeve follows Lan into the woods. He is praying and she apologizes for interrupting. Lan is okay with the interruption, saying he only prays when he needs to. Nynaeve joins him with a prayer of her own. Lan is surprised that she knows the prayer in the old tongue. Nynaeve says she doesn’t even know what it means. Its the last thing her parents said to her before they died. Lan says the prayer is the last thing the king of Monetheren said to his queen. He said, “we shall go into the land so our children can always hold us and we’ll never be alone.” 

Nynaeve warms up to Lan saying he’s not what she though he was. She calls him a lap dog on two legs. Lan laughs and says she’s exactly what he thought she was. He starts to answer, but they hear men yelling in the distance. Something is wrong. In the cave, Kerene can feel her wards come down. Logain’s army has arrived. 

Lan and Nynaeve run back to the capsite. The Warders all come out to fight. The Aes Sedai stand with them. They hear arrows and Alanna stops them with her magic. In the cave, Liandrin is confident the men can’t get through seven sets of wards. Logain pushes back harder than ever before, sending Liandrin and Kerene into the air. His army gets through all of the wards. Alanna turns the arrows on them so the Aes Sedai and the warders can get away. They run into the woods and Logain’s army follows.

The Wheel of Time Wills

Logain burns his cage down. Moiraine walks in to talk to him. She asks why she should believe he is the Dragon Reborn. He says he can hear the whispers of a thousand dragons when he channels. They teach him how to do things better this time. He says the wheel spits out spirits again and again because it wants them to learn. Moiraine doesn’t think the Wheel wants anything; its people who want things. Logain asks what Moiraine wants. She wants him to know that the voices in his head are the whispers of madness. And his power is trickle compared to the real Dragon Reborn.

Kerene and Liandrin wake up and the three of them try to shield Logain once more. He throws daggers of darkness at them. Kerene throws her shield to protect Moiraine and Liandrin, but the third dagger hits her in the chest. Kerene dies and Stephin can feel it.

Alanna sends everyone to the cave, while she and her warders hold off the army. She pulls all of her power from the earth and hits Logain’s men, killing most of them. The others arrive at the cave. Stephin rushes at Logain and tries to hit him with two axes. Logain pushes back at full power, sending parts of the ax flying into the air and at the Aes Sedai.

One of the pieces of the axe slices Lan’s throat as it flies past him. Others are hit with pieces of the ax, but Lan is the only one fatally hurt. Nynaeve runs to Lan. She gets really upset by his death and screams. At the same time she touches the source with her power. A light takes over the entire cave. Nynaeve heals Lan’s cut and bringing him back to life. 

Logain is in awe of Nynaeve’s power and lets his guard down. Liandrin yells for the Aes Sedai to link up with her. Everyone uses as much power as they can to raise Logain in the air. Liandrin gentles him, pulling the One Power out of him. When it’s all over, Logain lays on the ground crying. The others look at Nynaeve in shock of her power. 

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