The Wheel of Time has chosen the Dragon Reborn, but we don’t know who it is. In “The Dark Along The Ways,” Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) leads the group to the Eye of the World and many discoveries are uncovered … for everyone.

Nynaeve (Zoë Robins), Egwene (Madeleine Madden), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), and Rand (Josha Stradowski) chose to follow Moiraine to the Eye of the World. Mat (Barney Harris) chose not to follow her. They went to the Ways to get to the Eye of the World but much is uncertain about what they will find and who will survive the journey.

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This episode starts out with the birth of a child, but it’s not an easy birth. The mother is literally fighting in a battle while in labor. She easily fights off several soldiers, but one stabs her in her side. After she kills them all, she sits by a rock to give birth, only to find another sword in her face.

After the door to the Ways close, Rand and Nynaeve want to go back for Mat. Moiraine won’t do it for two reasons. One, they can’t channel the One Power in the Ways or they will call forth Machin Shin. And two, Mat made his choice. Nynaeve says they will go back and find him when it’s over. Lan (Daniel Henney) wonders if Mat is the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine says if he is, she doesn’t want him anywhere near the Dark One. The darkness within Mat is too dangerous.

Loial (Hammed Animashaun) knows the history of the Ways. Perrin finds a guiding stone, but someone tried to destroy it. There’s enough writing for Loial to read it, but it will take some time. The others rest while he studies the stone. Lan informs Moiraine that something is following them.

Later that night, while everyone rests, Egwene hears someone whistle. She wakes up Rand and a flash of light reveals a trolloc in the Ways. Egwene puts up her hands in defense and accidentally channels the One Power top push the trolloc off the edge. Loial says she summoned Machin Shin, the black wind. Now that the One Power has been used, Machin Shin will speak to whoever is there. Moiraine tells them not to listen.

The Fal Dara is the closest gate. Loial leads them there, but they all start to hear Machin Shin speaking. Something attacks them, causing their torches to go out. They hear someone tell them that they are not who they think they are and that they are not as strong as they think. Nynaeve channels the One Power to ward off the darkness attacking them. Moiraine steps forward and opens a door to Fal Dara.

When they safely cross out of the Ways, Moiraine can see that they are shook up by what Machin Shin said to them. She tells them to put it out of their minds. The group walks to the city of Fal Dara. They are greeted by royal guards and address Lan as Dai Shan.

They take the group to Lord Agelwar (Thomas Chaanhing). He thinks his sister called for the Aes Sedai, but Moiraine tells him the Dark One is moving his army through the Ways. She suggests Lord Agelwar to wall up the Fal Daran Way gate to protect his lands. Lord Agelwar invites Moiraine and her group to stay as long as they wish. Meanwhile, someone else walks through the Way gate. 

Lord Agelwar’s sister, Lady Amalisa(Sandra Yi Sencindiver) leads Moiraine to her chambers. Amalisa trained with the Aes Sedai, but wasn’t strong enough to become one of them. Amalisa wonders why she was in the Ways. Moiraine asks her to send a message to the White Tower. She wants them to find Mat. She instructs Amalisa to give the message specifically to the Red Ajah.

As they walk around Fal Dara, Rand is bothered by what Machin Shin said to him. Egwene tells him to forget about it. Perrin sees the traveller walk past him and recognizes him as Padan Fain (Johann Myers), a peddler that was in the Twin Rivers when the trullocs attacked. Nynaeve tells him that Padan was killed by the trullocs, so Perrin lets it go.

They all go to a local tavern, the three friends talk while Nynaeve watches Moiraine closely. Moiraine is talking to a bartender known as Min Farshaw (Kae Alexander). Min sees visions when she looks at people. She sees Perrin’s fangs and he has blood dripping from his mouth. She also sees Rand holding a baby. And she sees a white flame and a ring of gold around Nynaeve and Egwene. Min says all four are connected.  And for Moiraine, Min sees the Amyrlin Seat dressed in full regalia. She tells Moiraine that the Amrylin Seat will be her downfall.

Moiraine comes clean about what to expect at the Eye of the World. She tried to figure out who the Dragon Reborn is before they made it there. Now she has to take all four, knowing three of them will die. Perrin suggests that Mat could be the Dragon Reborn. Nynaeve says Moiraine can’t drag them to the Eye of the World against their will. Moiraine says she can’t escape the fate of the Wheel. Moiraine tells them to decide and leaves with Lan.

The four friends discuss their options and it turns into an argument fast. Egwene believes they are protecting their home, but Nynaeve says she’s being naive. The only reason Egwene believes the prophecy is because Moiraine told her about it. She said one of them is the Dragon Reborn. And Moiraine can’t lie. But she can mislead. Rand and Nyneave don’t trust anything Moiraine has to say. 

Egwene says she isn’t doing this because Moiraine said it. She wants to go to the Eye of the world because if there’s a chance that Moiraine is right, it’s worth it. Nynaeve is a wisdom. Egwene tells her to stop letting her pride keep her from doing what’s right. Rand doesn’t want to lose anyone else.

Perrin still wonders if none of them are the dragon. Egwene thinks it’s absurd that Mat could be the Dragon Reborn. Rand accuses her of never thinking much of Mat. Egwene reminds him that Mat left them. Rand turns things around on Egwene because she left him. Perrin defends Egwene and the two men start arguing. Nynaeve yells at them to stop fighting over Egwene. She gets an awkward reaction from everyone. Rand thinks that Perrin is in love with Egwene. Perrin insists he only loved his wife. Nynaeve tries to apologize as Rand leaves the room.

Moiraine stands at the balcony as Lan reassures her that the four friends will join her. He can sense she’s worried about more, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She feels like she took too much from Lan. He says before he met her, he had nothing to live or die for. She sends him into the city to say his goodbyes. Before he leaves, Moiraine says she likes Nynaeve.

Lan is followed to his home in Fal Dara on The Wheel of Time

Daniel Henney as Lan in The Wheel of Time. Image Cr: Jan Thijs/Amazon

Lan walks alone in the village and Nynaeve follows him. He stops a small home and is warmly greeted by everyone inside. Nynaeve watches from outside and smiles. She decides to leave but runs into Lan. He invites her in and introduces her to everyone. She sits down to eat while Lan talks to a young girl. An older man thanks her for keeping Lan safe and bringing him home. Later, Lan walks Nynaeve to her room and quickly says goodnight.  He retreats to his room and she follows him. They finally give into their attraction to one another. 

Rand is blowing off at a shooting range. Egwene finds him and wants him to apologize for saying she didn’t care about Mat. Rand says he’s scared that he will lose her. She promises that he won’t. She believes they will all return. Rand tells her to go to the White Tower and become an Aes Sedai. And he will be her warder. 

Nynaeve gets dressed and prepares to leave. First she asks Lan why the old man called him Dai Shan. Lan says it’s a title for future kings of Malkier. The old man was one of his father’s arms men. The night the blight destroyed his kingdom, the old man smuggled Lan out of Malkier and took him to Fal Dara. Lan is the only surviving member of the royal family from Malkier. 

Nynaeve says she understands why Lan bonded hinself to Moiraine. He is a king without a kingdom and a boy without a family. Now he belongs to Moiraine. Lan says Moiraine doesn’t own him. He compares it to how the kids from the Two Rivers own her. A wisdom never weds. Nynaeve starts to cry and Lan asks her to stay with him.

Rand lies awake with Egwene next to him. he thinks a lot about the night the trullocs attacked their home. His father Tam al’Thor was hurt badley. he started talking about finding a baby and taking it to safety. Rand goes back to the shooting range and thinks about his journey. In the Ways, it was Rand who channeled the One Power when he swung his arms around Egwene to protect her from the trulloc.  And then Machin Sin told him that he is the Dragon Reborn.

Rand goes to see Min. He asks her to tell him that he’s not the Dragon Reborn.  She says it, but doesn’t need it.  Min isn’t sure Rand is ready hear what she sees. She says the first vision she had was a man in an armor carrying Rand’s blade.  That man was Tam al’Thor. She saw Rand’s mother give birth to him and the mother died. Tam took the child to the Two Rivers to raise him. She says the baby was something impossible. Rand asks what she sees now. She sees rainbows, carnivals, and three beautiful women. He asks if she sees the Eye of the world and if he makes it back. She gets up and walks away.

The next morning, Egwene, Perrin, and Nynaeve meet up in the wisdom’s room. They question why Rand isn’t there.  Lan arrives to let them know that Mereine’ is gone.  Earlier, Rand went to Moiraine’s room to let her know that he is the Dragon Reborn.  By the time the others realize it, Rand and Moiraine are already at the blight. 

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